How I Deliver 52254 Social Shares and 12520 Emails to media site

The Problem

Bulletin Daily News was getting more than 3 Million users per month. But It was not receiving enough revenue, social shares & traffic, email signups, etc.

I helped Bulletin Daily News as a consultant and grow their revenue, social traffic, email sign-ups with in one and half month. Check out the results

The Results

  • $100,000 in Profit

  • 52,250 Social Shares

  • $12000 Email SignUps

  • 20Million Monthly PageViews

Do you want to increase your revenue right now?

Our Strategies Starts with Analyzing User Behavior

Heatmap Analysis

Scrollmap Analysis

#1 Social Share Buttons Below Post Title

Using Heatmap Tool, I found that social share bars used by Bulletindailynews weren’t generating any results. So I replaced them with SUMOME social share bar below post title. That worked very well and generated awesome results.

#2 Floating Social Share Buttons

I added the floating social share button, It caught the eyes of the visitors scrolling down to read the article and which results in an amazing number of social shares and traffic.

#3 Image Social Share Buttons

Image social share buttons provided exceptionally awesome results and provided traffic from image sharing sites like Pinterest

#4 Facebook Comments Plugin

By adding Facebook comment plugin, it generated tons of traffic from facebook.

Overall Social Media Optimization Results

Total Social Media Shares

Total Image Shares

Improving Email Subscribers by Optimizing 3 email opt-in forms


List Builder Pop-Up


Smart Bar Header PopUp


Scroll Box Pop-Up

#8 Reducing Drop Offs and Bounce rate by analyzing visitors behavior flow

I analysed the visitors’ behavior flow for each and every articles. Then I found the articles which have huge drop offs and bounce rate, optimized those articles to reduce drop offs and bounce rates..


Overall Results

I have optimized more than 15,000,000, visitors to my clients’ websites, and I’d like to see if I can do the same for you

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