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Snapchat Marketing Guide to Grow your SAAS Startup

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Today, the whole world is going crazy with the Snapchat. Every next smartphone user has a Snap chat installed on his phone. Until now, what we know is that the Snapchat is primarily a multi-media creating an application. Let us penetrate deeper into the world of the Snapchat.

 Snapchat Company Information:

The Snapchat came into existence in September 2011. Since its birth, the Snapchat platform is bagging the precious stars of massive success. It has its headquarters at the San Francisco in California. As of August 2015, the company has three hundred and thirty employees. Evan Spiegel is the current Chief Executive Officer of the Snapchat platform.

 Some Vital Statistics of the Snapchat:


  • Total No. of the Monthly Active Users: Snapchat has above 300 million monthly active users.
  • Total No. of the Daily Active Users: Snapchat has 187 million daily active users.
  • Percentage of the US Social Media Users: There are 18% of the US social media users currently, which resort to the Snapchat as an excellent online social platform.
  • of the Snaps Generated: 1 million of the snaps are being generated from every nook and corners of the globe.
  • Average Time Spent per User: A daily Snapchat user spends above 30 minutes per day once he/she logs in the Snapchat window.
  • % of the Reach: The Snapchat bags in the reach percent of about 41%
  • Fund Raised by the Snapchat:8 billion dollars is the amount raised by the Snapchat
  • of the Daily Videos: Above 10 billion videos are being generated daily on the Snapchat platform.
  • of the photo uploaders: 65% of the Snapchat users daily upload their one or the other images.


What are the demographics of the Snapchat?


Some of the demographics of the Snapchat users are as follows:


  • Snapchat users below 34 years: 71% of the Snapchat users are below the age of thirty-four years. It means that the platform is more prominent amongst the youngsters.
  • Female users: 70% of the Snapchat users belong to the female community.
  • US Millennial Internet Users: 30% of the US Millennial internet users benefit from the platform of the Snapchat.
  • Male Selfie Sharers: 50% of the selfies raised daily on the Snapchat are from the Male Selfieholics
  • Female Selfie Sharers: the Female Selfieholics contribute 77% of the selfies raised daily on the Snapchat.
  • Snapchat users between 18-24 years: 45percent of the Snapchat users are in the age ratio of eighteen to twenty-four years of age.
  • US Digital Population: 11% of the United States population is active digital population.
  • UK Snapchat Users: 25% of the US digital population is the active Snapchat users.
  • Norway Snapchat Users: 50% of Norway’s digital population is the active Snapchat users.


The graph above indicates the demographic of the Snapchat users. Every sector is highlighted with a different color to distinguish between two different segments. The percent labels on the pie-diagram compliments the corresponding featured title on the right side.


Financial View of the Snapchat:

  • North America contributes to 81% of the Snapchat’s second-quarter
  • Snapchat is valued at 20 billion dollars; still, it generated about 3.1 million dollars income in the last few months of 2014.
  • Out of the most substantial expenses, 47 million dollars is bagged from the products and about 13.7 million dollars from the outside services.
  • Last time the Snapchat was valued at 15 billion dollars.
  • The IPO filed by the Snapchat can value the company with 25 billion dollars in future if it gets the approval.

An Insight into some fun facts about the Snapchat:

Daily records:

  • Active Snap chatters open App 18+ per day as per the inputs from the Statistical analysis of the Snapchat.
  • 400 million stories are being shared per day by diverse users
  • 20 messages or snaps are being uploaded per user on a per day basis. The no keeps on fluctuating day by day.
  • Above 20,000 photos per second are being generated on the Snapchat platform or the storyline.

Until now, we had familiarized ourselves with the background and the popularity of the Snapchat, when it evolved, how it continues to prosper with time, per day user statistics and so on. Now let us take a 360-degree revolution through the Snapchat Marketing Guide to grow your SAAS Startup.


Snapchat Marketing Guide to Grow your SAAS Startup


Today, every social media platform is in some way or the other being utilized for the marketing strategy of the SAAS by the startups. In this era of the global competition, Snapchat to has something to offer to its millions and billions of the users. Let us have an insight into the Snapchat Marketing Strategy one-by-one.


  1. Snapchat Marketing Tips for the F&B Brands:


The Snapchat is genuinely a mesmerizing platform to promote your F&B Brand and the F&B products. What the Snapchat was until known to its millions of the customers is it is for is the platform to share your photos and videos. Now, many B2B, B2C, and the F&B brands are exploiting the best out of the Snapchat to build a robust platform for promoting their businesses. The pop-culture moment is the exciting feature of the Snapchat that facilitates the companies with the platform, where the story shared is visual for a limited period and then disappears after the timeframe has been completed. It raises the zest of the users to view the newbie story forecasting the new arrivals within their businesses. It is one of the favorite marketing tools of the Snapchat to connect its client businesses with their targeted audience.


In the global competition, the F&B brands like the fast-food businesses to have realized the importance of the platform to promote and gear up their business. The broad reach facilitates it and the immense popularity of the platform to target millions of the audience in one go. It is no longer a whammy situation for the big names in the F&B sectors to come up with their customized business marketing platforms on Snapchats. The big names in the F&B industry such as that of the McDonald’s and Starbucks have also switched over to the Snapchat for marketing their quick-serve business. It all depends on how well you understand and exploit the Snapchat features and make the best use of it. Recently, with the use of the Snapchat filters, the McDonald’s and Starbucks are dragging in quantity of customers with their stellar business marketing strategies. One more big name to be highlighted and attributed to the business success of the company of the Snapchat is that of the Taco Bell. A couple of years back, the Taco Bell utilized the Snapchat platform to deliver their first snap to raise the audience voice for the return of its old product Beefy Crunch Burrito coupled with more rich taste to soothe the appetite of their customers. One of their campaigns gained immense popularity. It was meant to feature how to turn consumer heads into huge tacos. The Taco Bell here resorted to the use of the Snapchat lens for increasing the allure and authenticity of its campaign. The whole campaigning was customized so beautifully, that it was able to bag in massive popularity. With this, the Snapchat filters too grasp demand. It clinched a record of about two hundred and twenty-four million views per day. Moreover, the number of the views is still increasing every day.


As per a recent survey, it is expected that by 2020, Snapchat will be able to clinch in twenty-six thousand and nine hundred millions of the users. The figure is estimated to be double of what is being generated by the Twitter and the Pinterest. In addition, seventy-six percent of the Snapchat users are those who believe and rely majorly on shopping things online. Each daily user of the Snapchat spends more than thirty minutes per day once he logs in the Snapchat application. It is this increasing popularity of the Snapchat that is pulling the dire attention of the businesses to invest and explore the Snapchat platform for expanding their client circle.


Likewise, we present to you, some of the Snapchat marketing strategies for your F&B brands to promulgate its business and clinch the success they deserve with the Marketing tinge proffered by the Snapchat platform. All you need to do is, read the marketing strategies below, open your business channel on Snapchat, customize your content with the right Snapchat features, post it to your channel, add fun contents, enter in a partnership with an influencer and let the Snapchat platform do the rest for you.


  • Snap and share the food and drinks picture for your brand promotion:


What Snapchat has seen around until today, is that most of the active Snapchat users, love to share what they eat and drink. When you peep into the statistical reports, it can be acclaimed that about ninety-three percent of the Snapchat users share the pictures of what they eat within their connections. It can prove to be a boon for the F&B brands to have load and loads of their foodstuffs snap-worthy pictures on the Snapchat. It will drag in quantity of the quality food-savvy people. As an add-on flavor, you may even add links to your snap-pictures. However, be cautious. Your snap-worthy pictures should not appear to be over promotional. It can drag out even your existing customers.


  • Exhibit your new delicacies and cuisines


We have seen that Snapchat proves to be a boon to the F&B Brands to carry ahead with their snap-worthy pictures marketing. If you are an F&B Brand holder, then you may even use the platform to exhibit new delicacies and the cuisines, which adds-on, to your recipe booklet. You may start your delicacy promotion with imparting a sneak-peak of your product. It should b eye-catch for your online audience. Here, you need to switch from the regular practice of adding the snaps to your stories. What you may do is, you may just directly forward your snaps to your audience. It will look elegant and make them feel more worthy of being your customer.


  • Add-on with the Leverage Influencer Marketing


Leverage Influencer Marketing aids your business, to drag in more quality customers. Your online traffic will be dependent on your content, and the influencer is a marketing strategy. Neither should it appear dull and sluggish, nor should it look overly stuffed. Majority of the F&B Brands enter into a coalition with the influencers available on the Snapchat. The influencer does the rest on behalf of the F&B Brands. Another way to move ahead with your leverage influencer marketing is by asking the influencer to take charge of your Snapchat account and post your snap-worth delicacies pictures on your behalf. Give the command of promoting your F&B Brand to these influencers and witness something never experienced before.



  • Avail and share exciting promotional discounts:

When it comes to promotional discounts, naturally it has the tendency to drag in a pool of the customers. Add a twist to your promotional discounts. Here, you can use the Snapchat users actively to share your videos or pictures on their Snapchat stories. Offer promotional discounts to the first five users who do so. Additional incentives may prove to be a cherry on the cake.


  1. Snapchat Marketing Tips for the B2B Businesses:

 Until now, we have analyzed what the Snapchat, some of its specific and outstanding features, and how the Snapchat platforms aid the F&B brands to promote their businesses is. Now let us move ahead on to the next strata of the Business field, i.e., the B2B companies. To discuss the marketing strategies for the B2B companies, let us first have an insight into whether the Snapchat can be beneficiary to the B2B or not.


Can Snapchat provide the competitive edge to the B2B Firms?


To get an insight into the question, let us penetrate deeper and deeper. The growing use and the popularity of the Snapchat platform give rise to an implication. It is as follows:

If your products or the services rendered are not that appealing, and then the use of Snapchat will not affect your business to a great extent.

The above seems to be a whammy situation when you lack the proper marketing strategy. It is you whom to use the Snapchat platform to its best so that it can serve you at its best. Mutual co-operation and mutual understanding are what plays a significant role here.

Some people lack a proper guiding trackon how the social media develops through its life stages and reaches its millions of the audience. All you must generate an indulged content for your business. The underlying growth flow of the Snapchat or any other social media platform consists of the following:

  • The platforms start off at a young and tender stage
  • During the course of its evolution, it acquires the consumer-based strategies to raise its business platform.
  • Later it focuses on a particular niche; like the one, we have within the frontiers of the content market.
  • Finally, its lands into the mainstream.


It is a general and prevalent belief that when an application hits a figure of the ten crores of the active users on a particular social media platform, it enters the stage of the mainstream. Now, henceforth, it will only climb the mountains of success. Herein, it will begin the mature phase of its life cycle.


What does the mature lifecycle of any social media platform mean?


When a business enters into the mature phase of its life cycle, the market supplies the company with more business opportunities to penetrate in and impart it to be used for the business expansion. First, the application drags the attention of the youth and then moves on to those aged between 35-65 years.


Snapchat is a perfect platform for those B2B businesses that thrive in hard to bring value to their content for the end-user clients. It is furnishing both the B2B and the B2C companies with a robust platform to raise their brand affinity and make it engaging for their audience.  Being hitched with the B2B brands requires minimal or precisely no significant investments. Just a perfect content for the story with the right tone pitched at the right audience. However, in comparison to the B2C brands, the counterfeits B2B are absorbing the Snapchat features at a slower pace, which is not favorable when you are in the business field.  

Big brands like the Hubspot, IBM and the Cisco Systems Inc. are all into the Snapchat to provide an insight into their actual business. All these big brands have their self-operated business channels on the Snapchat. It makes their customers more reliable on their respective brands and increases their clientele. Let us have a look at how these B2B businesses make the most out of their Snapchat promos.

 What are the marketing strategies of the three B2B firms Hubspot, IBM and the CISCO in exploring the Snapchat features for their business?


  1. Hubspot:

With a realm that the B2B and B2C businesses are getting an edge in the global competition, the big Hubspot has entered the world of the Snapchat to experience the same challenge and prosper.

In a Snapchat blog post, the Hubspot appraised the Snapchat’s contribution. It says, “To make our Snapchat channel valuable, we are using it to serve as both a marketing and a recruiting channel — a place where we can showcase our unique culture and perks, our awesome employees, and the inbound philosophy.”


How did the Hubspot grow more prominent with the help of the Snapchat?


The Hubspot made the best use of the human voice for featuring its story on the Snapchat’s storyline. It leads the people to peep into the Hub spot’s business and their company culture, work ethics, and services. With the growing contribution of the Snapchat, Hubspot no wants to align whatever they upload as their snaps on their Snapchat business channel with their marketing aims, objectives and the strategies.


  1. IBM:


With the growing fan following of the Hubspot, the IT Big name too entered into the world of the Snapchat users. It is none other than the IBM.

What is the newly created feature of the IBM?

IBM uses the Snapchat platform to furnish its online customers to penetrate and peep into the facilities proffered by the IBM Company. In addition, it provides the onlookers with an insight into the various platforms where the IBM products or the technology is being used.


  1. CISCO:

The third is the name of the CISCO. CISCO is the prominent name in the Information and Technology sector. It has recently stepped into the world of the Snapchat. It marked its presence on the Snapchat platform with the official blog announcement of the “We are the CISCO tribe.” Since the Snapchat platform is all about the fun features and entertaining your audience with your crazy creativity, CISCO promises a robust background. It will facilitate its audience to peep into the behind scene access to every little step of the CISCO. Right from the Crawfish Boil in Texas and up to the CISCO’s Tour of their Raleigh Office everything will be showcased by the CISCO.

This was all about the three big B2B businesses that made their way into the clientele circle of the Snapchat. Let us now concentrate on how to raise the marketing strategy for the other companies to expand their activities over their Snapchat platform.


  • What you provide your customers on Snapchat should be worthy of sharing

Whatever marketing content you raise for your B2B business, it should be authentic and ethical. It must possess the caliber of driving your business to the next horizons. As an add-on tinge, whatever you quote about your company should carry the complimentary snaps. The snaps must reflect your original creativity. Thrive in hard to master your content with the taste of inspiration and education. Later blend it with an engaging tone to raise the traffic on your Snapchat platform. It broadens the diameter of encircling your clients. It will help in fostering the healthy long-term relationships between the clients and the businesses. The more engaging and lucrative your content will be, the more it will encourage your loyalty towards your customers. It will boost a sense of security within your customers about your brand and safeguard them about your products or the services.


  • Prepare a blueprint of your content to be published on the Snapchat platform:

Are you new to the Snapchat? Signed in and added the company logo? Now what to do next is the most teething query in the brains of the business people. Here we have simplified ion how to go ahead with your ideas on the content customization. Have a look at the following:


  • You may promote demos for your new product launch.
  • Adding tutorials in addition to your product demonstration ease the task of your new customers.
  • Announce the newbie products that have recently upgraded your product catalog.
  • Feature the faces behind the whole business right from the small-scale staff to the big names of your firm.
  • Whatever you produce, upload its informatory videos on your business Snapchat’s platform.
  • In addition to just promoting your products, let your customer know you care for them. Add industrial tips zone and update it on a regular basis.
  • To drag in quantity of customers, prepare flashes and pop-ups for the discounts/ sales you intend to proffer your customers with.
  • You may also display the history and background of the blooming period of your business.
  • Also, exhibit recent legal changes which affect your business either to a small or a more considerable


All the above reflect the blueprint of the business platform, what an ideal B2B business should focus on while generating a platform for itself.


  • Soothe your audience by garnishing your content with the Snapchat exclusive features:

Here, Snapchat has introduced a hub of the new emojis, filters, texts and drawing element to enhance the allure of your marketing content. Blending your content with these add-on features, you may keep your customers engaged in your promotional strategy. It will add flavors to your content to make it sizzling so that it might drag in quantity of the quality customers. The youth are attracted towards the exciting emoticons and similar things. If you furnish them with the same, it will help you boost the customer attraction.


  • Link Snapchat to Other Channels

Promote your Snapchat presence on the other social media platforms. Exhibit your best Snap-on other social platforms to stun your customers what they are missing being out of the Snapchat community. If you are a company that has recently stepped into the world of the Snapchat, build a robust background for its promotion on the other social media platforms. You may make the use of the Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube and additional social media platforms for the same. You may accompany them with the mixture of humor and wit. It will add liveliness to your generated story. In addition, it will give your Snapchat story viewers an idea of what to expect out of your Snapchats. In short, it will, in turn, boost you are bonding with your clientele and will even widen your business reach.


  • Follow B2C Brands

B2C brands are already on the social media platforms, which brings the best marketing strategy for them. Throughout its evolutionary stages, the B2C businesses have harnessed the Snapchat for bagging in the profits for their business. You may explore the marketing strategies adopted by the B2C brands for their business promotions. It may help you develop a similar platform for you.


Snapchat had already established itself as a prosperous marketing tool as in case of the B2C firms. Many of the B2C firms have invested a lot to market their content on the Snapchat platforms. Analyze their marketing platforms and compliment one for your own business based on your analysis, and witness your business bagging in enormous success. Some of the most opted brands include Amazon, Grub hub, and General Electic.


It is statistically highlighted that about 22% of the ad executives both of the B2B and the B2C explored the Snapchat as a marketing factor for their businesses throughout this year. In addition, the ads as a group are viewed for about one million times per day. However, the growing concern is that the B2C businesses are leading in the use of the Snapchat whereas the B2B is still lagging behind in this context.


  • Snapchat’s Limited Story Timeline:

Snapchat users are more attracted to those stories that will wither off after 24 hours of appearing on the story timeline. So use the timeframe of 24 hours at its best to explicit all your promotional offers. Whatever your creative mind has got in store for your business, gush it out and jot it down on a paper as a blueprint to raise your promotional offers. However, be careful of overstuffing the story. It can give rise to a whammy situation to the viewers. Adding overstuffed content to your business channel’s storyline may pull the customers out of your business. Whatever you promote within 24 hours should have an awe-winning allure to keep the audience engaging in your content. It should be short, crisp, and engaging all together.


  • Augment your content as per the targeted platform’s audience:

If you are using multiple platforms to market your content, copy pasting the same material may affect your marketing strategy with a negative impact. Do not just copy and paste your content and make it uniquely available on all platforms. In lieu of this, create a unique material with the base idea remaining the same for all the same platforms. Neither should you replace the entire one. Just replenish the tone of your content as per the platform audience you intend to target. Everything else will be done at the end of the Snapchat’s backend team.


  • Your content should be Location-based:

Snapchat facilitates you with the feature of the on-demand geo filters. With the use of the appropriate on-demand geo filters, you may dominate the nearby areas. All you need to do is design, map and buy the geo filters as per the framed guidelines. You may try ahead with the conferencing content to boost your business awareness. Adding location-based content increases the traffic of the viewers visiting it.


  • Fun Brand:

Your marketing content should b engaging as well as loaded with fun to raise the zest of your viewers. Customize your Snapchat channel in such way that you are existing, and the future customers might entertain themselves a bit. You can always see that the younger generation is more towards the fun approach and visualization magic than merely reading great stuff. Drive your customers crazy with increasing the fun and entertainment contents over your Snapchat platforms. You may create animated videos and gigs for the same. Additionally, you may refer the other B2B and B2C brands for their brand promotional skills.


  • Nurture and Foster your Relationship with your Customers:

The foremost thing of any relationship is the trust and mutual understanding between the two individuals. In this case, it is the relationship between the client and the B2B businesses. It will be the current and the future of the marketing strategy to succeed your business and elevate it in the competition with competitive supremacy.

You can promote your micro-campaign videos with the help of your employees and post it to the Snapchat’s storyline. Additionally, to make your business humanize, greet your customers with the holiday and special occasion animated messages.

With this, we conclude our research on the Snapchat Marketing Guide to Grow your SAAS Startup and flick the ball in the court of the B2B business. The entire thing mentioned above is due on a thorough analysis of the Snapchat platform. In addition, we have analyzed the B2C business Snapchat platform. It provided us with little insight into its adoption of the marketing strategies to promulgate their business via the platform of the Snapchat. We have collaborated the information from diverse research sources and now present you the same in a concise form. Now the ball lands up in the court of the B2B business, how to make the best use of the above Snapchat Marketing Guide to Grow their SAAS Startup and prosper in their respective domains. We just raised a ray of hope that our small initiative of collaborating the Snapchat marketing strategies of the B2C companies proves to be a boon to the B2B companies in their long run.



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