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25 Quora Marketing Strategies to skyrocket your SAAS Marketing efforts

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Today, the era is all about the struggle for existence. In the initial budding phase, every SAAS B2B has to face hustles to establish its presence in the market. It is indeed a ‘Do or Die’ situation to compete in the market. Every B2B wants to gain supremacy in the global competition and be the King of the Jungle. However, is your firm employing the right tactics to face the global competition fiercely? Do you have a guiding angel to clinch in the marketing amenities that your business needs?

The major problem with the startups is that they lack a proper approach that imparts them the competitive edge to take the lead. After a thorough research analysis, we have come up with something that might guide you to drive your SAAS Business towards the next horizons of massive success.  Here we will be focusing on the how to explore and utilize the enormous platform of the Quora. To begin with, let us get acquainted with the Quora and some of its statistics.

What is Quora?

Like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others, Quora to are a social media platform wherein you can ask about anything. So basically, Quora is a question and answer platform. The Quora platform gives you the liberty to ask anything. It can be related to the hypothesis, business-related queries, story requests or in case of students; it can be questionnaires about their field of interest. With the assistance of the Quora platform, you always have knowledge supremacy.

One can say the platform of the quora resembles that of the Reddit. The platform provides you with an upvoting system. The funda is simple; the higher your answer ranks, the more the traffic it gets. More or less a platform keeps you vibrant within your circle.

Quora is the website of the Quora Inc. The Quora Inc. has its headquarters in Mount View at California. 2009 marks the birth of the Quora Inc., and it gave rise to the specific Quora platform in the year 2010 in the month of June. The prominent faces behind the multi-dollar platform are Adam D’Angelo and Charlie Cheever. Both are the former employees of the Facebook platform.


What can you do with your Quora profiles?

Besides just being a question and answer platform, Quora is something, which assists you with the following:

Quora has now simplified its platform to facilitate you wish to direct your question to specific users on the Quora platform anywhere and anytime. In addition to the targeted user, your question remains viable for others as well. It means that anyone can answer your question and at your end, you will have a similar answer from different faces. It will also help in raising your social presence. At the same, the multiple answers will enable you to rationalize your query from different perspectives and views.

Similar to the LinkedIn’s Publishing platform, the Quora imparts you the supremacy to publish any content you want. It will impart allure to your Quora profile and will make you live, energetic and vibrant on the massive Quora platform.

Additionally, if you are a B2B, and if you are new to the Quora platform, you may follow questions related to your business and get the notifications of similar issues. If you support it wholeheartedly, you may clinch the in-depth knowledge of your field, and soon your B2B might become a brand on the Quora platform too.


Do you know about the current statistics of the Quora platform?   

If not, let us throw some light on Quora from the point of its statistics.

Some of the interesting facts about the Quora platform:

  • It has more than one hundred and ninety million monthly users.
  • About forty million people from the United States are active users of the Quora Platform.
  • The number of the monthly unique Quora platform visitors is above two hundred million.
  • About fifteen million Quora users hail in India.
  • There are more than four lakh topics discussed on the platform of the Quora.
  • Out of the total Quora traffic, nearly forty percent comes login the platform through their smartphones.
  • The reports estimated Quora valuation to be about 1.8 billion as of 04/21/2017.


Figure 1: Quora Platform at work

The above image signifies, how the platform of the Quora works. When a question is raised on the Quora platform, it goes through the lurkers, commenter’s, answerers, askers, flaggers or admin, editors, curators, reviewers. It may not be necessarily through the same mode. Instead of this, many times the answerers go ahead with a private answering to the question by direct communication with the question-raiser.

What gives the twinkling edge to the Quora as a robust Marketing tool?

  • It a bridging medium, which interconnects the fresher’s with the robust professionals from the industries.
  • It is a perfect platform to unveil your proficiency in your chosen sphere.
  • A platform wherein you can interact with millions to promote your product and address the questions raised about your services.

Thus, in a nutshell, you can say Quora platform is easy to navigate platform. The site has millions of quality followers and users inclusive of the high-level executives, robust journalists, insiders from the industries and the business entrepreneurs. It is indeed a hub of crowd-sourced queries, comprehensive listings, and social incentives for connectivity.

Figure 2: Elements of Quora

Advantages of the Quora Marketing Strategies

When you want a rejoinder to the Quora Marketing Strategies, one thing you will need to follow strictly is that rule out the hustles and selling your products from your mind. You can call Quora as a platform where the business professionals collaborate to share their views and raise each other.

All you need to do is be live on the Quora once a day and explore the following:

 Inputs from the prominent experts related to your business domain.

  • Target the specific pool of the audience.
  • Frequent repurpose whatever contents you post on your Quora profiles.

Well, we are now clear about the Quora platform and its background. However, though Quora is easy to navigate platform, still it needs tactics for your B2B to breath in the air of success on the Quora platform. Until now, you may have explored various social media platforms for as a part of your Marketing Strategy. However, do you know that the platform of Quora can be a silent promoter of your SAAS B2B? Shocked?

Though Quora is a simple questionnaire platform, it has got enough caliber to raise your business standards if you make the best use of it. We have thoroughly researched on the Quora to be clinched in as a robust marketing platform for your SAAS, and have come up with a guide of 25 Quora Marketing Strategies to skyrocket your SAAS Marketing efforts. We are quite sure that after going through the write-up, you will understand the importance of the Quora platform and Quora will add the additional flavor to impart your business with a new recipe to skyrocket your SAAS marketing efforts

Let us start our journey through the 25 Quora Marketing Strategies to skyrocket your SAAS Marketing efforts.


  1. Quora Profile:

The first thing that attracts the visitor is how robust your Quora profile is. It follows that your Quora is your reflection (in case of the B2B, your Quora profile reflects your company’s hygiene). So design it accordingly as if you are wearing your daily moisturizer. If you are new to Quora, you must learn the basic to increase the allure of your Quora profile. It is the first and the foremost step to be worthy of consideration when you step into the fantastic world of Quora. The same applies to the existing Quora users. Also, do make a note of updating your Quora profile frequently. Afterall, no one likes to visit a dull and sluggish profile!

Make sure that you mention every minute detail about your B2B on your Quora platform. It is just like the Facebook profile. If you want to know about the person, in particular, you visit their profile and read about them. Similar is the case with the Quora. Design your Quora profile at your best. It is the place where the people will come to know about your B2B.

Some of the companies having their Quora accounts are as follows:


Once you are done with your B2B Quora profile, it should appear as follows:

  1. Search and Follow the Relevant Topics:

Once you are done with Quora profiling, every day dedicate few hours for the searching and following topics which are relevant to your business. It is as simple as you Google on the search engine. The Quora has a search bar too. Just enter your topic of interest in this search box and press enter. It will be great if you are familiar with the keyword search. Once you enter the keyword, the Quora will scrutinize and present the best recommendations for you. Then you can browse on through the pages, and you even opt to follow the ones that are of your interest. All you need to do is to click the green button inscribed with the text ‘FOLLOW.’

The image above indicates the search zone of the Quora platform. For example, if you are willing to search something related to the video analytics, type ‘video analytics’ in the search zone and click either the magnifying glass on to the search zone towards your left. Alternatively, you may shoot the enter button. Quora displays all the related pages to your search term. You may follow them by just clicking the green FOLLOW button to your right.


  1. Quora’s Client Service and Managing Status Feature:

You should be crystal clear that the subject can also be brand focused. Watch out for someone talking about either your business or the products and service your business proffers. For this, you will need to Quora-savvy. You will have to be alert on Quora to know when and who is talking about your business or the products. If you are a startup, and fresh to the social media platform including the Quora, you might not find immediate conversations about your business or the products. In such circumstances, you may timely ignore this section. On the other hand, if you are a budding or an established B2B, then definitely Quora will have users discussing your business, products, services, work ethics, customer support and so on. It is the time, to come out and actively participate in the discussion over the Quora platform. Let the users ask you questions. Be prepared to address their problems. Here, your active participation and query resolution might get your business some sales prospects. It is the time for you to outshine others with your active participation. The users may ask differences about the quality of your product or services and that of your rivals. You must have the cutting-edge to define your product or the service at your best. If everything falls in proper place, you may now showcase your products USP’s. Here all you need to do is first be alert on the Quora platform. Listen what the people are saying about your products or the services. Take it as a feedback and be a query solver for your business to generate a lead on Quora.

  1. Submitting Questions and Answers:

Isn’t it amazing that now you can raise your voice over a question raised? Yes! Quora gives its users the liberty of raising and answering the questions over their topic of interest. If you intend to ask a question, all you need to do is to click the button which says ‘Add Question.’ It is displayed towards your right-hand side. However, here you need to follow some basic rules. Like Quora gives its users the suggestion to frame the ‘Why’ type of questions. It receives more amount of the search traffic. People generally search for the detailed answers to the ‘Why’ questions. To be more specific, whatever query you raise, it must seek some clarification rather than giving in the straightforward answers. For instance, you may have a question such as ‘Are there any platforms available for digital marketing?’ Instead of asking a question in this manner, reframe it as ‘What are the platforms available for digital marketing?’

On the other hand, someday you might find a question worthy to be answered. It is as simple as you ask a Question. Here you do not need to use any professional language and correct grammar usage.

If you want to add an answer to the any of the related questions, click a particular query and open the page. You may find a zone to answer the question as you scroll down the answer box. The answer box looks similar to the image shown below.


  1. Content sharing with the followers:

It is by far the best marketing strategy. It somewhat resembles the blog. Here you need to create a robust content about your business, product, services and put it on your Quora wall. However, make sure you do not club the entire information in one material. It will make the reader feel dull and lethargic. Bifurcate your content into company’s overview, products and so on. For this, you can use the ‘Write Post’ feature of the Quora platform. Once you are done with content creation on the ‘Write Post’ you may then share your content by posting it. Quora will do the rest for you. The Quora is specialized in the gaining plenty of the recognition amid the small business community. It is this feature that enables simple communication among its users. The more you try to broaden the sphere of your content distribution, the more your business gains popularity among the Quora users.

The image above shows how your post will look like after you generate the content and post it on your wall.


  1. The best platform to investigate your competitors:

Yes! Quora is a platform where you can study about the other competitors of your product in the market. However, here the mind game comes into play. You will have to be alert to your competitors. Now, once you trace your competitors on the Quora platform, try to get close to them and simultaneously keep a track on each of their movement. You can attribute it as a business spy. However, it is the foremost requirement to hold your business on the right track. Here your time investment matters. You may do this in your leisure time. It helps you in understanding what your competitors are doing, how they are performing in the market as well as how are they on the social platforms. Also, you need to keep a track about the people’s view on their services. Here the role of the Quora members comes into play. Many times, the  Quora members may be directly the ex-customers of your competitors. To get information about the competitive product they used, you need to develop a robust communication with the users. It is not all going to conclude in a day. You will have to bear patience and give some time to time.


  1. Link your business with the press reporters:

If you need a PR for your business products, link yourself with a press reporter. PR stands for the press release. In today’s era, the PR plays a prime role in the expansion of the B2B. It gives your business the viability edge that it craves for. Adding a PR post on the Quora highlights you and your company and its products in the crowd. It will indeed broaden your client circle and give your business a platform of more significant and broader exposure.

  1. Network Creation:

Like you do on the other social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and so on, similarly, try to create a secure network on the Quora platform too. A system of like-minded people is the essential Quora marketing strategy for any B2B. It has been followed for many years and has proved to be a success mantra for the B2B in the long run. Building in the network connection is not all that you want to do. If you’re going to raise the revenue of your business with the help of your Quora network, thrive in hard. Wander for the tactics to boost your social connections and make them vibrant within your circle. Try to put your idle hands to work. Search in for those individuals who like to have the same coffee flavor as you do. It means to find people of common interest related to your business. Also, do take care that the crowd you are searching for should be obsessive about your subject as well as your business. If you use it right, Quora is the best place to increase your social and professional connectivity. Moreover, it is straightforward to accomplish. Just hit the ‘follow topic option.’


  1. Extend your dialogues:

We all are familiar with the short message service features of the Facebook and the Twitter where people rarely pot something long and engaging. Instead of this, Quora asks its users to generate long and healthy communications. The more you communicate, the more users will get acquainted with your products. The profound information is stored at the central core of the robust conversation. However, be smart enough to choose your words. In the excitement of generating a lengthy discussion, do not make use of unnecessary and complicated sentences. Instead be specific with your word selection. Also, the tone of your discussion plays an active role whether the interface has a fate or it will end then and there. Once you nail the perfect selection of the words and clinch in the right communication tone, you are now the master to carry ahead with any long and healthy communication.


  1. Treat yourself as a Subject Matter Expert:

Now once you start building in your circle on the Quora, you must know how to nurture your association. If you want to cultivate your Quora circle, add some worth to your association. You may make use of the concepts of acquaintance and proficiency. As said earlier, the more the communication, the more the awareness about your product. Similarly, the more you communicate and explode your knowledge treasure, the more the people will start believing in you and your product. You may soon become an expert communicator of your B2B. Likewise, when you give more, people demand more. You will be responsible for a regular conversation. It thus follows, when expectations for you raise, raise your standards.


  1. Energetic Participation:

It is the next important step in the Quora marketing strategy. Be an active and a vibrant participator in your Business related topics. Here you can make use of the questions and answers. Think about some provoking queries about your product as if you were a user or a potent future user, And simultaneously address your query as if you were the genius behind the product. Here you must have the ability and the caliber to think and discover your product from both the client and innovator perspective. Be so crystal clear about the product that anytime any query shoots towards you; you are ready to answer it within a fraction of seconds. Do not be a Google-savvy if you want to generate more form your circle. Also, the moment you feel that your over-stuffing your answer with abundant information, you may edit some and post a backlink to your relevant product content posted on your wall.


  1. Expert Pool Usage:

It is something worthy of reading! Make the best use of your expert pool on the Quora. If you have a zest for to explore a particular topic but have limited knowledge about it, do not worry now. Quora is right at your fingertips. It has abundant storage of information for one and all. It has got a deep expert pool. The expert pool is for guiding you. It assists you with the right guidance and knowledge on the topic you are enthusiastic about.


  1. Explore the subject of innovation on the Quora:

Once you become Quora-savvy, you will automatically resort to surfing many things. Many times you may come across different yet engaging queries asked by the Quora users. It may be related to your business, your product or services. It may even be connected to your keyword search. When you come across such questions, you may acquire the concepts about novice topics. Sometimes they may play the role of a content source for your next masterpiece content to go online the Quora platform. It can, in turn, become a part of your next newsletters, blog post ideas, press releases or your product descriptions. It may also give you the necessary feedback for your product.


  1. Foster your relationship with your new and old Quora circle:

One of the most exciting features of the Quora platform is that it allows you to communicate with any Quora user within your circle via the email mode. The most straightforward way of email communication is a touch base email. A touch base email includes some interesting facts which you regularly come across on the Quora platform. It makes the other person feel his worth in the relationship. It fosters a feeling of deep trust and mutual respect for one another. The positive output of your touch base email will be that the other user will highly appreciate it. It is an indisputable fact that the user will applaud you for your initiative as he might not be aware of the events that you email him.


  1. Open the lines of the communication at your end:

It is not so that you should answer every question that displays on your screen. However, at least try to explain the ones for which you have been tagged off, and you receive the notification for the same. If you get a similar hit on your answer or any comment from the questioner then only move a step ahead for a direct message. In this way, you might take the lead to open the communication at your end. One thing you have to keep a thorough account of is about your answer tone. When a question is thrown at you, generate your answer in a soft and respectful tone. You may call it as a gentleman’s tone. Also, maintain the same sound when you communicate with them on a regular direct message basis.


  1. Avoid Self-Promotion:

If you want to build up your reputation as a white collar answerer, try not gush at every question thrown at you. Instead of this, wait a minute and think whether you have sufficient and in-depth information about the issue. Then only move forward to raise your answer. It is called a gentleman game of play. For example, your own company is your area of expertise. You can start ahead with answering the question about your company and company related products. After this, you should be aware of the field on which your company focuses on and then master that is by acquiring sound knowledge. Once you assure yourself that you have the ample of experience with you, then go ahead with your answers on the topics within the interest area of your company. It should not look like you are promoting your knowledge on the Quora platform. Instead be a smart person in the dress of a gentleman.


  1. Mark Your Presence:

Quora is not a platform for the fake people. Make the use of your real name, business and generate an active profile. It is not a platform similar to the Facebook or Twitter. What the people usually follow on the Facebook or the Twitter platform is that they have a close and unofficial circle. It is what you should refrain from doing on the Quora. Quora is a place where you have to drag in the professionals from your area of expertise. For example, your Quora profile should consist of the thought-full leaders. It can be anyone from your industry, college, friends circle competitors but the one who shares a common motive as of yours. Every person is an expert on some of the other topic. If it is relevant, then communicate about it within your Quora circle.


  1. Monitor and Engage yourself:

Here, you can make use of the Google alerts platform. Using Google alerts platform in conjunction with the ‘Quora Jess 3’, you may start email threads within your area of expertise. It is a potent formula to raise your business reputation on the Quora platform. In addition, you may also add a Google alert for your industry. You can consider the Quora platform as an active version of the Wikipedia.    Whatever is mentioned about any brand, or whatever question is thrown at it, it is the responsibility of the concerned brand to answer them.


  1. Prove your worth:

Quora has individual icons for you such as The Scobelizer. Learn how to recognize and disregard the worthy fewer neighbors on the Quora. In lieu of this, build meaningful connections with the right and deserving newbie. Do not lower your worth for someone who is not worthy of your time. Identify the people who post their offers on low ROI and distance yourself from them. Quora has got in store much right newbies to stay in connection with the interesting people.


  1. Optimize your profile:

To optimize your profile, you need to keep a check on the following:

  • Add links to your description: The description holds importance from the SEO and dragging in the traffic at your Quora page.
  • Keyword Optimization: Make use of the organic keyword to generate a headline which is fifty characters long. Do not add unnecessary ellipses to your headline.


  1. Choose your topic relevant to your brand name:

It will ease the search for the users who are ready to invest their time to know about your products. Have a look at the image below.

As seen from the picture, since HubSpot is a brand name, it has got the users who can directly review, ask questions, give feedback on to the HubSpot page directly. The term ‘HubSpot’ indeed becomes the organic keyword for the users to browse and ease their search on the Quora platform.


  1. Look for the Questions which have more than a thousand views:

The reason for this strategy is that, when you search a question which has already got a thousand vies, naturally all the answerers might be eager to explore other answers as well. It is the place to showcase your in-depth knowledge about the particular question. With a thousand views, you now have an assurance that the eyes of those thousands of viewers will scan your answer. It will raise your popularity and will in turn increase in your social circle.


  1. Review your Quora Statistics frequently:

This Quora marketing strategy resembles the King of the Jungle. As for every business entity, you need to analyze and review your Quora statistics customarily. It will give you an insight into how your applied marketing strategies are performing. You can view the analytics for each of your answered questions. It is the distinctive feature which distinguishes the Quora from other social platforms. Also, the Quora gives you the liberty to know how many times your answer has been viewed by other Quora users. In short, you can trace your popularity. Also, it might give an insight into what are the questions which are receiving the urgent attention of the onlookers and which other issues need to be optimized.


  1. Set up bios which are topic specific:

The Quora platform gives you the liberty to modify your bios as per the questions you answer. To accomplish this, once you are done answering a particular problem, a dialogue box is displayed with the text ‘Edit Credentials.’ Select the option, and then you can see another popup with a menu of the credentials you wish to make an edit into. Select the desired credential and click edit. Now you will be redirected to another box where you can enter in your new bio and click the SAVE option. The default option allows you to change your bio everywhere.


  1. Research about a particular topic:

  • To research over a specific issue, you may do the following:
  • Check for the threads of the questions raised on your blog posts.
  • Check the number of the upvotes that your blog post question receives.
  • Check whether there is a long conversation on a particular question raised on your topic.

All the above itself contributes towards your next blog post. Create content with these research and post it the next day.


To have quick recall of the Quora marketing strategy, have a look at the following:

  • Built a strong profile
  • Customize your profile with appropriate keywords
  • Generate a bio focused on a relevant topic
  • Start following the issues related to your business
  • Invest time in the generation of healthy relations with other Quora users.
  • Connect with the experts in your business sphere.
  • Nurture your connections with touch-base emails
  • Answer the questions about your business, products, and
  • Raise query-response type feedback about your products
  • Participate actively in healthy discussions about your company or the products.
  • Post contents indicating the company’s overview and the product descriptions.
  • Be vibrant and energetic on the Quora platform.

In the end, we hope the content would prove beneficiary to the SAAS startups. Exploit all the above 25 Quora Marketing Strategies to Skyrocket your SAAS Marketing Efforts.



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