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50 On Page SEO strategies to elevate your SaaS organic ranking:

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Ever since the beginning of websites, the one question that has been perplexing the owners of these website is how to improve the ranking of their websites and get them listed on the first page of any search engine. Now the same question is giving willies to the SaaS providers as well. SaaS (Software as a Service) has got many service providers scratching their hands in order to find some infallible strategies to improve their SaaS organic ranking. Though there are a hatful of tips and tricks to achieve considerable ranking but not all of them are legitimate because there are some black hat methods as well which are not recommended at all. Following such techniques can put your services in jeopardy and might lead to total disaster. Here, we are focusing on legitimate methods only. There are myriad factors that influence ranking of SaaS. Among the most decisive factors, one is keywords. Keywords are an indispensable part of improving ranking of your services. Keywords can be utilized in many ways. We will discuss all these ways in this article. Another important aspect is the quality and authenticity of your content. If you search for SEO strategies to improve your SaaS organic ranking, you will come across only 30 techniques at the most on any particular website, but here we provide you an exhaustive list of such techniques so that you have all the relevant and imperative information available under one roof.

Following are the 50 On Page SEO strategies to improve your SaaS organic ranking and search traffic:

  1. Quality of the Content: To get highlighted and be recognised, it is of utmost importance that you create relevant and compelling content. Only by creating such content, you will stand good chances to attract handsome traffic. Create your own content; use simple language so that any normal visitor can comprehend you and your message aptly and adequately. Moreover, if the content has probability of going viral then you are likely to be rewarded by Google because the company considers and takes care of such content in its ranking algorithm.
  • Focus on Relevant Keywords: Don’t act like an amateur who would add every keyword associated with their industry in the content created by them. Employ your grey cells and think what keywords are mostly searched for by the users that are germane to your business and create content based upon these keywords. Make a list of the keywords that suit your domain and explore Google Keyword Planner to understand the trend of searches following on Google and generate content based upon the highly ranked keywords.


  1. Keywords Management: It often happens that we intend to create multiple pages with a variety of keywords so that we can maximize our chances of getting enough traffic, but this practice is out and out wrong. Any attempt at such working will make things difficult for Google and it won’t be able to decide aptly which particular page bears correct and pertinent information and ultimately, it will affect your results. Instead of going after many pages, focus on just one page where all the germane keywords are used. Having a dedicated page to keywords will enhance your traffic.
  2. Keyword Repetition: This is another method where keywords can provide you leverage to improve the ranking of your platform. Repetition of keywords must not overshadow your writing style and the quality of your content. Keywords must be used in a proper manner. For short page content, use keywords 2-3 times and for long page content, use keywords 5-6 times. Moreover, make sure that relevant keyword has been used in the first 50 words of the content to increase the probability of your content being listed among the search results.
  3. Variation in Keywords: You must have realized by now that keywords are of vital importance in taking the ranking of your website to the next level. In addition to the keyword repetition and relevance, variation in keywords can also play a decisive role. Along with placing the keywords together, you should place them by splitting as well. It will add to the content quality and help in improving your ranking.
  4. Content Title Optimization: The title of your content matters a lot. It is not about the description of your content only; it also has a role in adding to your ranking. While displaying organic search results, Google picks up the first line of the hyperlinked text of content. As per Google, this is the second most important facet of improving SaaS organic ranking. Any content targeted towards better ranking must have a title with characters not more than 70. Also, ensure that you utilize your important keywords in the title for your content and if possible, try to add the name of your company as well at the end.
  5. Grossing Meta Description: The meta description of your content must be captivating and concise. Google shows the meta description of your content beneath the page title while coming up with organic results. Meta descriptions are not as significant as the title of your content but it matters a lot when it comes to attracting users to generate clicks.
  • Variation in Keywords for Anchor Text: The visible characters and words displayed by hyper-linking while connecting to another page is called anchor text. Utilizing pertinent and aptly described anchor text makes the job of Google easier to decide what the page is linked to. Internal linking is hyper linking of some text called anchor text, clicking on which takes you to another page on the same website. In internal linking, anchor text used should be relevant to the variation in keywords created. Make sure that excessive use of similar keywords does not occur.


  1. Utilize ALT Tags: ALT tags are used to look for and generate alternative text to turn up the elements which can’t be rendered otherwise such as images or any other file. There is a strong association of ALT tags with Google SEO rankings that lets you use targeted keywords with descriptive ALT tags in case you have images and other elements on your web pages.
  2. URL Names: URL names matter a lot in improving SaaS organic ranking. URLs must be kept short and must bear relevant keywords close to the domain name. If there are multiple keywords, separate them with hyphens. It has been seen that long URLs affect the search results generated by Google. That is why we are recommending to keep URLs short and simple.
  3. No Unethical Practice: Unethical practice to improve the ranking of your website by playing tricks on the search engine is termed as black hat. By applying any cheat codes or tricks, you might succeed in getting traffic but that will only be ephemeral. Google is working incessantly to improve its working and tackle such tricks so that only genuine and deserving content get listed in the search results. Commit it to your memory that if you resort to dirty tricks to boost the ranking of your website and if Google finds it which it will for sure in due course, algorithm update will not only wipe out the progress you have made, but if things want to get worse, your site might be removed from the index as well.
  4. Explore Social Media Platforms: It has already been established that every business seeking progress and prosperity will have to turn to the social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, sooner or later. These platforms can furnish you with tremendous response in the form of traffic. If you have not explored this aspect of improving your SaaS ranking, this is about the time when you give it a serious thought.
  1. Track down Your Community: Just like you do in your normal life that if you feel like socializing, you hang out with the people with whom you share common interests. Similarly, explore the internet and go to various websites and get in touch with the relevant groups. It is by resorting to such methods that you will end up meeting the people who bear the same interest as you and it will help you in your SaaS ranking when they reach you for your services on your platform.
  2. Genuine Content: The most which is of paramount importance is the genuineness and authenticity of the content posted on a website. You should work upon creating your own unique content, in your own style to lure traffic. Any amount of copied or edited work of someone else on your website will not only compromise the SaaS organic ranking of your website on but the owner of the original content can dispute it as well which can put you through legal processes and result in the removal of your progress form the index.
  3. Self-created Content: Most of the visitors go to a particular website only because they fall for the writing style of the writer of that website and the enthralling manner in which a piece of writing progresses. It is the peculiar writing style of authors that keep their readers loyal towards them. That is why the focus should always be on creating content on your own. Develop your own writing style and enrich it with beautiful and impressive quotes, and figures to make it all the more attractive. To prove the legitimacy of your content, you can add your name as well towards the end of your content.
  4. SEO Friendly Internal Links: We have already discussed the vitality of keywords in creating a good content. Other than a piece of writing comprising your keywords, you will also be making your visitors jump to different pages on your website with the application of internal links, but it is quite important that the choice of words for internal links be germane. For any internal link, it must contain the necessary keyword in it and it must allude to the nature of the content that the following link carries. You can opt for multiple internal links on a single page, but it must be ensured that it is not putting in jeopardy the ranking of your website.
  5. Short and Precise: We have seen that many content providers produce unnecessarily elongated content just to make it look more impressive which, in reality, does the opposite job. No reader likes irrelevant stories weaved in the piece of writing they are interested in reading. Your target should be on creating a short and alluring content so that they your visitors can grab as much as knowledge from your content as possible without struggling with unnecessary information in your content. Moreover, the information in your content must be precise and reliable so that your readers can invest faith in your services, If possible, try to back your content with facts and figures based upon surveys and polls.
  6. Mobile Friendly Content: People do not have enough time these days to open their laptops or go to computers to search for anything online. We all want instant results and that too without having much to do. In such a case, we turn to our smart phones to perform such functions. Almost everything is available on smart phones these days. Hence, it becomes a necessity that your content be mobile friendly so that internet users who use smart phones mostly can access your website and thus your content without any inconvenience. Keeping your website mobile friendly will help you go a long way with your desired traffic count and it will ultimately lead to improving your SaaS organic ranking.
  1. Keep it updated: Internet users will only stay with a particular website of they are getting all the required information with indispensable updates. In order to keep getting a good amount of traffic and giving your visitors a fresh feel from time to time, it is essential that you keep updating the content on your website over a suitable duration. It will not only provide your visitors with latest information about your services but also give you a positive feeling that you are serving your customers in an apt manner.
  2. Analytics Assistance: Experts’ assistance and guidance is essential in running any business whether it is online or offline. Website owners must seek services of analytics to comprehend and boost the ranking of their websites. If you are perplexed about such services then you resort to Google analytics strategies to analyse the working and results of your website, Google analytics will help you in the following ways
  • People tend to fidget when they see that their traffic is decreasing. But they do not realise most of the time that their organic traffic is has increased while other sources of traffic have decreased. Google analytics assist you in viewing your organic search traffic. This report will help you in getting the better of the situation and work upon the aspects where you are lacking.
  • Google analytics will assign dollar values to your organic traffic. To generate reports this way, you must have access to a Google Adwords account and you will need to have your Google analytics synced with Search Console account.
  1. Get Experts’ Assistance: If you are new to this whole SaaS marketing and improving SaaS organic ranking then you should seek assistance of some professionals. Professional link builders can help you with setting things up in a proper manner by acquiring white hat links. Professionals for SEOs can help you make through the glitches so that you succeed in attracting the traffic you seek and deserve. On the application of such techniques, you will definitely see positive result. Moreover, if you have been in this business for a while and have left no stone unturned to generate traffic but nothing worked out positive, even in that case you can turn to professionals.
  • Transforming the Website Design: It happens most of the time that people find a website’s landing page or home page attractive and alluring which makes them turn them to a particular website for their concerned needs. Hence, website design and display play a vital role. If you find that your website lacks the details it needs to have to take the fancy of the internet users then must mull over this aspect and take necessary steps. Ensure that the design of your website is optimized to lure search engines and traffic.


  1. Consult with Digital Marketing Experts: Many businesses have improved their SaaS ranking following the guidance of marketing professionals. There can be many methods to provide your business an edge over the others such as creating new landing pages with effective and powerful call to actions (CTAs) marketing strategies. Landing pages must be created based upon the types of content such as music, videos, eBooks, info graphics, etc. Keeping in mind your business and its needs, consult with pertinent marketing experts and boost your ranking.
  2. Customer Understanding: For any business, it is vital that you understand your customers because only this way you will be able to quench their thirst for your services. Analyse your business and ask yourself that what information about you and your business must be known to your customers so that they put faith in you and your services. All this information must available on your website in order to provide them access to this information all the time. Moreover, keep your website updated with your future products and services so that it keep people tuned to your website for your next big announcement.
  3. Captivating Headline: The one thing that incites us to read a piece of writing is its catchy headline or topic. More than half of the population of the readers follows this trend. Hence, keeping a captivating headline is must. The topic or the headline of your content, along with being attractive and alluring to the mind, must give an idea about the information in your content as well. You should not forge any irrelevant topic headlines just to lure the internet users. It must be authentic so that your visitors get what they seek.
  4. SE0 Friendly Landing Page: In spite of many search engines including Google giving considerable preference and credit to quality, SEO is still of paramount importance when it comes to increasing ranking. You must resort to some best SEO practices to enable target audience find your landing page such as including keywords in the url of the landing page. You can involve alt tags to link your images.
  5. Share your page and content: It is a basic practice to gather as much audience as you can that you share your content and link to your landing page as much as you can. Moreover, search engines prefer such pages that are shared a lot. So, to improve your SaaS organic ranking, make sure that you add sharing button to your page so that interested visitors can share page and generate traffic for your platform.
  6. Above-the-fold Strategy: Above the fold strategy is referred to the scenario when all the necessary information is available on the page that gets loaded first on your website. LL the information that a visitor seeks such as copy of the landing page, form for capturing lead and call to action button must all be displayed on the portion of the page that is located towards the beginning of the page. People are unlikely to scroll down unless they see valuable information and plausible information. Hence, it is vital to keep all the vital particulars above the fold.
  1. Aptly Designed Lead Capturing Form: It is essential that instead of elongating your lead capturing form with irrelevant information, you keep it short and simple with required and necessary information only as most of the time, first time visitors do not feel comfortable with sharing their details. You can ask for more and personal information about your visitors depending upon the value of your offer, what sort of business and services you are providing. Consult with other departments of your business and get to know what information you need to grab from the visitors. Even if necessary, try to avoid asking for sensitive and extremely personal information. If possible, try to make and provide a privacy policy on your website so that visitors do not get any uneasiness while providing their details.


  1. Test and Analyse your Landing Page: Based upon a survey, it has been found that over 60% of companies put their landing pages through sufficient number of tests. Your old and existing website design and landing page might have been giving you enough traffic but things won’t remain the same in nearby future because other players in the field are incessantly working to improve their design and working. Running pertinent test on your landing page is the best method to keep your landing page optimized and generate a handsome amount of traffic. During the test, you must analyse your layout design, colour scheme for the landing page, compelling headline, and size and text for CTA button.


  1. Finding Relevant Clients and Businesses: It is inevitable that if you are running a website, you will look for relevant clients to take assistance and utilize their expertise to boost your business. Similarly, website owners also hunt for relevant parties. So, explore the internet and track down the business entities and you find their links relevant to your business, you can ask them to link those links to yours so that you and the involved parties can gain from this mutual agreement.


  1. Acquiring an Existing Website: Of all the SEO techniques harnessed to improve SaaS organic ranking, this one is the most ignored and least utilized. People think that buying an existing website is going to make them shell out extra which is not the case. You can buy a website for an affordable price and spending a modest amount on SEO campaign can result in handsome traffic. When such a venture is carried out in a proper manner, such website can generate good long-term investment. Among the many benefits that acquiring an existing website and maintaining it offers, some are:
  • You will get to absorb the existing traffic of this website
  • You will have control over all the links of the existing website.
  • The keyword ranking of the existing website will enhance the ranking of your keywords.
  • You might also get to acquire the mailing list of existing subscribers and its social media accounts.
  1. Work on the underperforming Content: While generating more and big content for your platform you must not ignore the existing and underperforming content. Track such underperforming content, modify them accordingly based upon necessary keywords and put them back on the website so that they start generating results. It is only by working on and fixing the weak links that the whole chain system can be rendered with more strength. Hence, work upon the content which is lying useless, republish it and make the most of it.
  2. Analysing the Links of Your Competitors: To provide your business an edge over your competitors, it is essential that you know their working methods and techniques. Compile a list of all the competitors falling in your domain, analyse their websites and relevant pages that are linked to them. Now, explore and track down similar kinds of links and link them to your website legitimately to escalate your ranking.
  1. Special Attention to Video Content: Video content must be rendered with special attention. Such a type of content is very crucial in making your visitors understand your written content. If you are not providing your video content on Youtube and your website is the sole source of viewing your website then it becomes quite important that you keep these videos interesting with the applications of graphics techniques. Also, in the description of your video content, always try to provide some extra information which is not present in the video.
  2. Go for Co-marketing Techniques: Running marketing campaigns with another business entities that suit your interest and domain can be of great assistance, It will not only help you save your resources but also render you with more suitable working minds for your job which will generate leads for the parties involved in co-marketing campaigns.
  3. Consolidate Your Content: It is a common practice that we keep all of our similar things or the things that are used for similar purposes together. The same way all the content that is interconnected must be linked with each other either by using internal links or suitable templates. All the information that pertains to common domain must be made available so that the users can access them easily without any unnecessary confusion.
  4. Work on the Format: The format of your content must be tempting to the eyes and minds of your readers. All the information on your website must be presented in a well manner so that the readers know what lies where and do not get confused while going through your website. If the information is scattered all over your website and there is no place dedicated to any particular content, it will only cause inconvenience for your visitors and affect the ranking of your SaaS.
  5. Expert Roundup Role: Among the various assistance sources to boost the ranking of your, one is expert roundup. SaaS Expert roundups are shared quite heavily on social media websites. You can use them for driving social management, generating leads and links, relationship building, etc. Based upon the preferences and needs, business entities utilize them as per their needs.
  6. Don’t Rely on Big Content: This particular step is intrinsic to all the business processes and it is a big mistake as well. We often rely on the major parts of our businesses and tend to underestimate the capabilities and importance of minor processes. Similarly, while running a website, we focus only on big content to generate traffic while we don’t pay even of that attention to small content. In fact, it is this small content which is present in large amount on websites that results in a goodish amount of traffic and raising your organic ranking.
  7. A Smart Responsive System: We often come across smart, responsive, and assisting systems on various websites that make a window pop up across any lower corner and asks us about our queries and needs. Posting your questions there results in instant answers. Such a system is of great help to provide your visitors all the necessary information without any delay. Moreover, you can interact with your visitors aptly by conversing with them in a real-time manner.
  1. Reward Your Regular Visitors with Physical Gifts: Every website must be having some loyal visitors that visit any particular website for their needs. If you also have such loyal visitors then they must be rewarded for their faith and trust in your website. On reaching a certain milestone on your website, you can reward these visitors with your business goodies or gift vouchers. Such gestures are highly commended and your visitors will know that you value them and their presence on your website. Many websites undertake such practices to attract people and improve their SaaS organic ranking.
  2. Host Interesting Activities on Your Website: This step can also be of great benefit, People are always looking for fun activities with their service providers because it improves and betters their relations as well. Working on these lines, you can conduct quizzes, word games or any other relevant activity that concerns your business and make people more aware about your services. Based upon your resources, you can give away prizes as well. Any such measure will definitely bring lots of traffic to your website and gradually increase the ranking of your SaaS platform.
  3. Use Images and Graphics in the Content: Just like publishers use images and graphics in the literary work they publish so that readers can grab the information within books adequately, website content providers must also use such means to make their readers understand their content better. Images and info graphics have always been of great help in making people understand complicated and complex writings.
  4. Always Ready to Listen to Your Visitors: Just like you are willing to get in touch with your customers to promote your services and business, the same way your visitors are also sometimes curious to talk with you and get to know more about your services and future business prospects. Hence, it is imperative that you provide your emailing address and other necessary contact details to your customers on your website. Moreover, customers might also help you with their valuable reviews to help you in transforming the nature of your services.
  5. Break down the Staff into Teams: Every company that has at least 20 employees has dedicated staff for their various functions. It can be pretty impressive if you provide your staff members space on your website under their departments such as operations, sales and marketing, management, etc. It not only reflects the professional that your company has but also gives your visitors a happy feeling that they are dealing with some professional company.
  6. Role of Press request Alerts: Journalists and other media aspects are always looking for new products and services being launched so that they can cover stories on these. Make available press request alerts so that you can get in touch with journalists and grab a top spot in publications. Such a step will automatically bring your business to limelight and your website will have tremendous influx of visitors.
  7. Be a Good Listener: It has been often seen that websites provide their content with remarks or comment options so that the users of that website can leave their reviews in that section, but the website owners do not respond to the pertinent queries posted in the comment section. Such a gesture is not welcomed. Hence, it is important that you keep a dedicated team for replying to such remarks and queries. Moreover, do not trim down these comments unless they contain obscene language.
  8. Get Yourself Published on an industry Publication: Apart from having an occasional column on industrial publication, you should focus on having more often services articles on your business so that you stay in the spot light. It will also help you on forging more and better relations with the industry which will surely benefit your SaaS ranking as well when your followers will follow you on your website as well.
  9. Must add the “Thank You” Page: It is pretty evident from “Thank you” that you need to thank your users or leads for the faith and time they have invested in you. This gesture will also keep them excited for your future services. A “Thank You” page will help you a lot to gain the trust of your users. There are some basic steps to keep your “Thank You” page simple and impressive. To keep an apt “Thank You” page, must mention in the page how your services will benefit the users, and do not forget to add social media sharing links and buttons. Moreover, you can also invite your visitors to follow you on various social media websites by providing sharing links for these platforms.

We have taken utmost efforts to be certain that we provide you with all the necessary strategies so that you can intensify your SaaS organic ranking to a great degree.  Since, we are living in that era of technology where things change with a blink of an eye. You ever know what the next development in the realm of technology will bring about. Similarly, these advancements will have effect on SEO services and ranking strategies as well. There are good chances that we will get to witness some awe-inspiring techniques in future to improve SaaS organic ranking. We are determined to provide you with all the required methods to improve the ranking so that you keep serving your users with your services and making them more productive.

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