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50 Link Building Strategies to drive links for your SAAS Start-up

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  • What are link building and Need of link building strategy?

As a SaaS start up, the business mainly focuses to generate audience so to attract new customers for the business websites which helps in scaling the growth. There is the number of possible ways which also results in increasing the substantial customer traffic for the businesses. Therefore the SAAS business keeps on researching the new marketing strategies to attract customers. As it is also very important for a SAAS start up business to achieve the higher ranking in the search engines and for increasing the search engines ranking the link building strategies plays an essential role. Because the external links of the sites contribute to the strength of the business websites. The measure of how definitive the web search tools view the webpage as is generally dictated by the quantity of other important pages linking to the SAAS business website. Therefore the key to achieving success in your start up business is to adopt a modernized business approach are incorporated into the business overall advertising methodology.

  • Categories of link building strategies:

Link building strategies are mainly divided into three categories such as

–    Outreach is the category which involves the one on one communication which is personalized and aims of building relationships with individuals, organizations, associations and other relevant groups or corporations according to your business so that they can increase the value and visibility of your business brand. It could be sent as an email, a DM over online networking, a tweet, a telephone call, a remark on their blog entry, and so on.

–    The broadcast is the category which involves conveying a message to a mass gathering of people trusting that somebody will lift it up and cover it. Among these purported one-to-numerous strategies are mass email or an email membership or a bulletin. Different types of broadcasting incorporate official statements and blog entries.

–    Paid amplification is the category which involves social promotions, local advertisements, retargeting, display or shows, or a blend of all these types.

Therefore, to increase your search engine ranking for your start-up than you need to adopt the link building strategies websites linking which will helps you in established as a trusted source on the searched topic on the search engine. Hence we have compiled 50 result oriented and successful link building techniques for your SAAS start-up which are as follows:

  1. Build a badge or an award.

Choose the best and top websites or blog journals which are related to your business and then reward them according to the set criteria on your business websites. Rank the best and offer them honour or an award for being the best which they need to display on their particular site which automatically links backs to your business websites. Use different awards as if the same award will link back to your websites then it looks planned or unnatural therefore it is also advised to use the said strategy with the others for creating variety.

Few of the examples of the images of relevant badges, awards or honours are listed here for providing you a ready reference on the same as it results or helps in linking back to your business websites are shown below:


  1. Get audiences know and read your content

The audience will not attract to your link unless they read or knows about it. To provide the relevant link to a relevant customer as not every content is right for everyone. Therefore here you need social media marketing, content marketing, and brand awareness techniques to link building so, therefore, it is an important strategy to let the prospective audience knows and read about your content.

Make sure the content should be relevant to the audience and it should be short and precise with minimal grammar and spelling mistakes.

  1. Build an RSS feed platform

Another link building strategy is to create an RSS feed as if your content is already run over the renowned and popular content management system then RSS feed must be there.

As there are many websites who take your published content without the prior permission so if this happens to your content then make it link back to your website by:

  1. a) Adding links to another page of your business sites in your relevant post
  2. b) By installing the RSS footer plugin for the word press which will add a relevant link to your blog or content after each and every post.
  3. Building or publishing blogs on the consistent basis

As by building or creating blogs on the continuous basis will build links internally and also allows to attract more links to your website content naturally. Therefore it’s also an essential link building strategy for creating the blog.

  1. Take a help from your build relations for the link as ask other related people for a link

It is also a smart strategy where you just have to use your old contacts as  asking your relatives, natives, friends, company partners, employees, colleagues, customers or clients or anyone who you knows as ask them for a link , even you can also ask someone who already has their own website or bog then take benefit out of it also.

  1. User rating reviews

As while submitting the user ratings, it will build links at the same time is also a clever link building strategy. Take the help of link building sites such as rate it all, yahoo shopping, reseller ratings and many more.

  1. Create relationships and talk to people

It is one of the most used and traditional techniques of marketing so, therefore, start building your website’s links by building valuable and result from oriented relationships with people and relevant audience. Whereas internet made it quite easy to communicate or make relations over the use of a net. The number of ways which will help in creating the link with your perspective or target audiences by creating relationships is as:

–     Blog comments

–    Question and Answer forum

–    Through email outreach

–    Using social networks and more

  1. Joining the business or industry related online communities or platforms

Every business types have an online presence these days which allows the business to start building relations or links for your business by joining such platforms as it will help in creating awareness for your brand or value. It will help in making your brand or content more linkable.

  1. Publishing or putting your content on the popular websites

As earlier we have talked about the strategy of posting blogs on consistent basis here it is the same strategy but just we have to use the popular websites for posting or publishing the content as It will attract more links for your brand as popular websites will help in attracting relevant and prospective audiences to your content which will open high-value links for you too.

  1. Reformat your content

One of the other strategies is to reformat your content style and revise your content as it will also help in attracting more link backs to your brand or business.

Few of the reformats which can be used for the content is as follows:

-convert the content into the slide presentation and publish again

-convert the same into videos

– Republish the same in the form of e-books, info graphics and many more

  1. Creating press release submissions

By using this strategy of press release submission to the different distribution sites or the specific sites of syndication, here it will help you in building links backs in you add one or two in to the body of such releases, here some of the options are paid whereas others are totally free, select any of the options as per your brand and its value.

  1. Revise or update you’re old published popular and renowned content

Use the google SEO engine and check or analysis the already published content through the use of specific keywords, then update the earlier published content with the latest information and data if any applicable to that content. As the already popular content also helps in building more link backs to your brand or site.

  1. Give free substance.

Give away free substance. Compose a blog entry, give news or compose a report. For example, take unused pictures and outlines from office and post them to free for others so that they can use it in their blog entries.

  1. Make your application or substance embeddable.

Rack space is an excellent example for explaining this strategy as they influenced their web to mail login shape embeddable, much the same as a like a YouTube video. Clients can duplicate a bit of code and put it all alone organization site where staff can log in and check their mail.

  1. Never attempt to duplicate another person’s backlink profile.

Be cautious about duplicating what your rival is doing as you could wind up replicating all their crappy, spammy joins that can harm your positioning. As make a market diagram of every one of your rivals in a spreadsheet.

  1. Try not to sit around idly griping about contenders

Google dislikes seeing sites paying for joins it sees it as deceiving the framework and can and devalues your pursuit positioning. Be that as it may in the event that you see your rival purchasing joins it does not merit whining to Google about it. It is difficult to demonstrate and takes up excessively of your chance.

  1. Monitors the links of the contenders

If you find an error in the content of the competitor than simply on the off chance that endeavour to rework and enhance the substance and republish alone site. You would then be able to catch up with everybody linking to the old page and request that they link to your page.

  1. Return to link sites

After every two or three months, ask all destinations that connected to that post to change their links to the substance on your site. Even if you have to pay something on the same then pay around $10-$20 for solving the problem of changing the link.

  1. Complete on pages that link.

A connection isn’t much good if Google does not see the link. At the point when a site connects to you, ping Google for that site’s benefit to ensure the page it is grabbed and ordered.

  1. Try not to be reluctant to request that individuals change joins

Discover who is connecting to your online networking presence and ask them on the link to the source material all alone site.

  1. Social Profile pages

Profile pages are simple linking acquisitions, and there are the ton of spots on the web where you can assemble a profile with a link back to your website. Build the business social profile pages on various social networks such as  Facebook company page, Google profile, Slide share profile, Twitter profile, and  Reedit account, LinkedIn company page, Quora profile, Instagram account, YouTube account,,  and Github account, Pinterest profile, Tumblr, and Wikipedia profile and many more.

It is one of the efficient and effective strategies as nowadays people are very active on these social profiles so the links given on these profiles will guide them to the business site which helps in attracting the potential audiences to the site.

The image of the various social icons are represented below which provides you a list of available social networks on which the social profile of the business can be made so to attract the targeted business audiences to your business site and which results in creating its brand value:


  1. Assemble or build more readership for your content

This is the easiest and the simplest strategy to build link for the business as if you have a strong readership with your content than it will automatically create a more links backs to your business website. Few of the alternatives used to create more readership are as follows:

–    Put more evergreen content for the readers

–    Update or build bogs on a regular basis

–    Follow-ups with the comment sections

–    Publish content on more popular sites and more

  1. Instructive Content

For attracting the audiences of college and students you have to create an instructive content which will help in creating a link back to your brand and websites. You have to create some unique content for the appropriate and potential audience.

  1. Participate in the online contests and giveaways

Everybody is fond of the online contest as they bring a lot of prizes for all, therefore, it is also an interesting strategy which will help in building links back to your website. As it will provide you get high-quality links and also helps in attracting more targeted audiences to the business.

  1. Add to Crowdsourced Posts

In the event that somebody links with you to take an interest in a crowd-sourced post, ensure you contribute. The inquiries, as a rule, don’t take more than 5-10 minutes of your chance, and you’ll get a decent link or two from it.

  1. White Papers

White papers are not the research papers as both are different. Creating white papers has a clear understanding of the objectives and the final results from the beginning of creating a white paper. So create a whitepaper for the targeted audiences highlighting your product or brand which helps in building links back to your websites.

  1. Webinars

Webinars are also a great strategy of link building as by spending a couple hours each month on webinars is a great thought for attracting targeted audiences by building links over a long haul. By setting up a page on your website which is directly dedicated to webinars, and as you make new ones, the links will come in each time.

  1. Web Tools

Online tools are also one of the main strategies which help in attracting links to your business websites. So, therefore, create online web tool which helps in adding more to the links of your website.

  1. Opportune or Seasonal Content

Making the correct substance at the opportune time can get you a huge amount of consideration. For example: by distributing a fun representation of any company following up to the occasion could score you a considerable measure of business links the same applies for the seasonal content. For example by building content which is festive or seasonal based like content on new year’s, valentines, Christmas etc. will help you in getting a huge amount of targeted attractions over a period of set time.

  1. Stories

As everybody likes the personalized content so, therefore, it is the strategy which helps in targeting the emotions or senses of the potential audiences. So create stories which can be funny, crazy or even embarrassing, it will help in building more links to your business websites.

  1. Get Interviewed

Interviews are always a great idea of knowing anyone, therefore, it is also a strategy which needs to be used for building more links for the business as always take interviews form the audiences as it will help in knowing them better which results in attracting them for a long time period. As it will only take your 15-20 minutes and results in contextual links.

  1. Help a reporter out

HARO (Help a reporter out) is an emailing list in which are based on for looking out for the specialists on various topics. So when you adopt this strategy and receive daily requests. If you choose out the request which matches you’re industry-specific and then you can send a reply by asking them “how can we help”. This can bring about notices and links from an extensive variety of distributions on the online and offline mode.

  1. Control the link text

Controlling the link text and URL via a central server, then this will change the backlinks in the future across all the relevant sites so therefore with one such change on a server can move all the sites linking.

  1. Outsource the link building to the third party

There is the number of responsibilities and duties which can be performed by the third party or you can outsource these duties as it helps in reducing the efforts and also results in providing you with maximum links to your site. The strategies are as follows:

  1. a) Finding the relevant URLs, targets and then filtering the results.
  2. b) Creating content for the site
  3. c) Monitoring or measuring the results
  4. Build a unique and amazing website design

It is one of the easiest and important strategies where you have to put some extra efforts into making your business site more presentable and extravagant to the audiences. As every business spends a lot in making the site unique so make a little more extra efforts on the same and create the more alluring site which will automatically result in creating more and more links to the site.

Here, for your reference we have shown a design in the image below to give or provide you an idea about the most extravagant, unique and beautiful design for your business as we have just discussed the importance of having such creative and beautiful design for your business growth and success:

  1. Register the business or the company everywhere on the web

It is the strategy which consists of registering your business and its address on almost everywhere on the internet so that it is easily reachable to everyone whereas it is also very essential to keep the format and other details of the business consistent across all the sites where the business will get registered.

  1. Build relations with the popular bloggers with lots of followers or fans

Include the immense bloggers in your industry to compose a successful and proficient survey of your brand and its value with their fans or followers, and this will bring or pull in a group of potential traffic to your site as you will add a backlink of your site with the gest post or review provided by the blogger.

  1. Pay influencers to refer your website link to their followers

Use the strategy of paying a lucrative amount to the industry influencers who can generate leads for you. As make them pretend that they love your product or service which will influence their followers to generate traffic and also the followers will click on the given link which will take them to the business site.

  1. Send testimonials to the potential targets

It is link building strategy where you can send the testimonials to the potential audiences with your business icon or image and with a link back to the business site. As it is also one of the most effective link building strategies which will provide maximum traffic to the business growth.

Here we represent an image below which will provide you a clear picture of sending testimonials to the targets audiences and how it will result in creating more link backs to the websites.

  1. Generate video and create links through it

The video is more productive than some other type of advertising. According to a research, it has been reasoned that video put more effect on the group of onlookers’ psyche than any content and pictures. An engaging video on the point of arrival of your business site helps in expanding the site movement. So create content through video and leave the link back to the website with the videos which will result in taking more traffic to the site.

  1. Dialect matters

The dialect or the language used on your business site and in your marketing contents will describe or shows how individuals portray your item/page when linking to it with anchor content.

For example: has changed the heading and connection on their exchange discussion website page from “Questions and Answers” to “Web optimization Q&A Forum” as they have used the keywords which are mostly searched by the people or target audience son the SEO so, therefore, it shows that the language also plays an essential role in creating links to the websites.

  1. Try not to be excessively forceful with link building.

A specific site got an excessive number of sites so to link them with the one keyword. To such an extent, that it started to look unnatural to Google. The customer had 29% of their inbound links for however their rivals just had 2.5% of inbound links with that same expression. So all things considered, spread connections all the more normally over, ‘Enormous Widgets’, ‘Red Widgets’, ‘How to utilize Widgets’ and so to get the regular looking statistics on the same.

  1. Produce viral content

Advance your image or item by building a viral substance which emerges among all other related materials. So make content by investigating the requirements or request of the clients. It ought to be the one which causes the clients to feel associated with. Use the below tips to make your content goes to the viral status within 24 hours of posting the same by the following measures:

– Encourage gathering talk

– Catch people group activity early

– Watch for natural inbound movement from gatherings that you can hatch

– Register on the gathering, however, posts in different talks previously moving to your own particular post.

– Regularly remark on the string to keep it alive and close to the highest point of the discussion.

  1. Engaging Meet-up or interactions

Meet-ups are required to get in touch with new contacts. As sort out an intelligent get together for your item or brand which encourages you to get the data about the participants as their email address, names, and different things. You can additionally draw them through the emails with the link back to our website with respect to your item or brand.

  1. Make Ads on Google

Utilize google, the main internet searcher to advertise for yourself, make a google promotion with the link back to the website for your items which ought to be exceptionally mindful for your clients to draw to their advantage.

  1. Facebook advertisement

Create the Facebook promotion with the link back to the website which must be special and imaginative to draw in the ideal clients. So work in like manner on such advertisements. It must be exceptionally speaking to the clients.

Therefore we have shown a Facebook ad below for your reference which results in giving you an idea of generating traffic to your website with a link back to the site:

  1. Email Marketing Campaigns

Emerge with the most creative and imaginative showcasing efforts intended for email advertising. It ought to be the person who can look for the client’s consideration and interests by sending a link back to the website on the email which will take the target audience to visit the site.

  1. Relinquished or Expiring Domains

It is also an effective strategy where finding and to take control over the relinquished domain. One of the efficient and result oriented strategies for this is to find relinquished domains that may have the number of valuable links then make use of the  so to repopulate the site content on some of the site pages so that to get links. Hence, incorporate a couple of links in the content back to the site.

  1. Adding content to the relevant Wikipedia Pages

It is ink building strategy where you can site your content on the relevant Wikipedia page which is in accordance with or relevant to your business. So it will provide you to get a link back to your business site as the link is available in the References tab on the Wikipedia page. As it will result in creating a high traffic to the company site. Few of the things to keep in mind is to ensure that you cite your content thought he business name or address unless you can be marked as spam by the people and all your efforts you made for the link building will go waste.

  1. Conduct a High-quality research and abstain from looking spammy

As it is advisable to conduct a high-quality research for building an effective and result oriented linking strategies as there should be well researched. Further, the Links up when created should be built in such a way that the link request should not look spammy by the following points mentioned below:

  • When gathering targets channel by what sort of links got.
  • Writing down and recording the notes about the sites to customize the email link request sent
  • Mail converge to customize the emails sent.
  • Have a backup plan in the case when you may be asked to link back or a guest post.

Therefore, all the above 50 exceptional and effective link strategies for your SAAS business growth will result in taking your business on the top with a rapid, consistent and the sustainable growth rate. So hence choose among all of the above-listed link building strategies accurately and also pick the best idea or strategy which is in accordance to the need of your SAAS business. It also helps in building the robust marketing strategy for your business overall success, growth, development and progress.



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