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100 SAAS Growth Hacking Traffic Channels to acquire users, convert them to leads

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SAAS Growth hacking is an innovative technique emerged for the growth of your SAAS startup business. It is a process which is very beneficial for the new SAAS startups to create their presence or brand value. The process of growth hacking involves experimentation across the different marketing channels and product development so that to find the most efficient and efficient methods of business development. It is also a technique which is usually related to the term of smart marketing and forward-thinking business. SaaS growth hacking allows to provides scope to the creative minds, developers and marketers so to achieve the incredible heights of growth through the experimentation strategies.

We have curated a comprehensive list of 100 SAAS Growth Hacking Traffic Channels or strategies which helps you to grow your SAAS business by acquiring more users and convert the users to customers. We have created a list by researching some different websites, articles, blogs, videos related to the concept so to provide you an exhaustive and result in oriented techniques.

Whereas to make the hacks more useful, informative result oriented for our user’s, we have diversified the types of different hacking channels into four categories or steps which are as follows:

  1. Growth Hacks to attract more and new visitors
  2. Growth Hacks to convert the visitors into potentials leads
  3. Growth Hacks to turn the leads into successful customers
  4. Growth Hacks to provide the fascinating user experience

Here is the category wise list for your reference:

Growth Hacks to attract more and new visitors


  1. Start from the FAQ or help forums

FAQ forum in the websites allows the businesses to get a gist of visitors view about the product and its uses. It may also help you to get the potential business leads which all are interested or express interest in the product. It offers you to have a glimpse of the people’s view and interest which helps you in creating or developing the same type of product and other related services which engages the interest of viewer’s.

  1. Generate interesting and fun surveys

Fun surveys are interesting for all. To create such exciting studies for the user’s which helps you to know your customer in a better way. It allows you to know about the interest, habits, styles, and approaches of the customers which further enables you to create a marketing program for your product.

  1. Viral signups

Every site takes the necessary information from its visitors which involves the details like name and email address. But the business should experiment more with such subscriptions. As by introducing the viral signup forms which include the process of sharing the sign in forms of new signees with their friends. It provides an ample opportunity for your business to find the potential leads.

  1. Offering discounts to share

Social proof can be hard to come by – unless you incentivize it. To grow your social media following, and attract new visitors to your website, try offering a 5% or 10% discount for users that share your landing page on Twitter, or like your Facebook page.

  1. Generate video marketing

Video marketing is more efficient than any other form of marketing. As per research, it has been concluded that video put more impact on the audience’s mind than any text and images. An appealing video on the landing page of your business website helps in increasing the website traffic.

  1. Create a brand name with PR

Build a name for your business brand with the help of the PR’s. Better you should start pitching the service or product to the publicists in your related field with 4000 followers and each time you get a publication, double the count of your followers. Gain recognition for your brand name through the same.

  1. Segmented press articles

By putting the story of your brand in the section of your segment will make a significant impact on your business growth. It involves writing a short press release, focusing more on your brand value, reaching out to the relevant journalists personally.

  1. Free membership for bloggers

Involve the great bloggers in your industry to write an effective and efficient review of your product or service with their audiences, and this will bring or attract a bunch of potential traffic. All you need to do is offer them a free membership of your account in return for a review.

  1. Comment marketing

Make use of comment marketing as a tool for generating more traffic as it is an excellent way of building relations with the new audiences. Read the comments of the users and provide them with the solution of your brand or product.

  1. Track the competitor

It is one of the most successful hacks to find the link prospects of new visitor’s. Monitor your competitors mentioning in various sources; it helps you to understand more about your brand in comparison to your competitor’s brand. Each mention of your competitor will provide an opportunity for you to build a relationship and link to the traffic.

  1. Consider YouTube channel

YouTube is the most accessible source which helps you to create traffic. Further, it is the 2nd largest search engine with the feature of a video. As we already explained the role and relevance of video marketing. Therefore considering or taking part in YouTube channels will guarantee in generating more traffic. So keep uploading till it gets recognition.

  1. Create a personal touch with the influencers

Connect to your influencer through the personalized email whenever you have any new blog, infographic message boards, eBooks or any free trails to offer for promoting them. Catch the interest of these influencers through an exciting and influencing subject line which stands out in their crowded inbox. Further, it should explain your knowledge about them and also tells about the benefits of your products is connected with their audiences.

  1. Generate viral contents

Promote your brand or product by building a viral content which stands out among all other related materials. So make content by researching the needs or demand of the users. It should be the one which helps the users to feel connected with.

  1. Gamification

It is a hack which helps in attracting traffic through the game mode. Offers or present the use of your product interestingly through a way of gamification. If you need to draw in more individuals to your item, then make it enjoyable to utilize. Gamification is the consideration of happiness centered outline components into an item or administration. These are highlights that exist only for the enjoying them, and numerous SaaS organizations have utilized them.


  1. Build your own social networking

Build productive communities for your products which are engaged and passionate. Such communities help you in creating your social network under the brand name. It allows you to continuously engage with your user ’s, Boost your SEO with the content generated by your user’s, and also helps you to learn or make necessary changes on the valuable feedback received from the user’s.

  1. Brag the positive reviews of customers

Share the good reviews of your customers on your page which helps in engaging more traffic and also creates a brand value of your product.

  1. Create a daily challenge

Research finding that what will create a value of your brands for other. By the same design the landing pages, useful newsletters, infographics, etc. Whereas publish or create daily time frame and also understands the price mechanism of the same. Then offer the free trails of the same to the industry-specific influencers. Keep it up until it takes off and better not to give up in any condition.

  1. Create white papers on the product

This is a hack which helps you in detailing the benefits of your products as create a white paper which describes all the qualities and features of your product in details as they are known as the best sale decks. As you can easily share it on some sites and which creates traffic.

  1. Meet up

Meetups are inspiring to get involved with new contacts. As organize an interactive meet up for your product or brand which helps you to grab the information about the attendees as their emails, names, and other things. You can further engage them through the emails regarding your product or brand.

  1. Influencer marketing

Search for the influencer of your industry who can work wonders for you on the various social platforms like Instagram, create your profile which is attention seeker for them. As when an essential person of the industry speaks about your product, it will influence other.

  1. Pay influencers to refer your service to their followers

Use a hack of paying a lucrative amount to the industry influencers who can generate leads for your brand. As make them pretend that they love your product or service which will influence their followers to generate traffic.

  1. Sell on Pinterest

If your product has a visual component than you can use a Pinterest platform to create a lot of traffic for your product. As it is a platform which provides an option for the readers to buy or see the product.

  1. Engage with LinkedIn group

LinkedIn is a professional platform, so it is better to engage with those professionals toward your brand or product. As those are a hard-core professional, who love to share their view or interest to engage with them and let them write reviews on your product which creates traffic.

  1. WhatsApp’s marketing

Try advertising over WhatsApp regarding your product or brand. As there is active professional group on the WhatsApp with more than 1 billion active users. And I am sure you are not advertising there. So try it today to generate traffic.

  1. Create attentive headlines

Generate a headline which helps in seeking the attention of all the potential users to come and look into for their details.

  1. Integrate the product on social media apps

Try to integrate about your product or brand at the social media apps as such apps allow the API to the third party integration so use that for generating traffic for yourself.

  1. Create Presentation

It is a hack where the already advantageous published content is republished again in the form of presentation as by using Slide share etc. modes to engage more traffic through such presentations

  1. Republish to content platforms

Try the content platform like LinkedIn articles, Tumblr, etc. to republish your content again for creating more traffic.

  1. Submit the content as answer to questions

Answer the question raised on various platforms which are related to your product as it will help the people get an answer to their question and also create traffic regarding your brand too.

  1. Improve your On-Page SEO

Use SEO approach which starts with keyword research and then sprinkle those keywords at the right places to create traffic.

  1. Skyscraper technique

Identify all the similar article or content which are related to yours. As it helps you to write superior to other which helps in engaging more traffic. So research thoroughly before writing up yours.

  1. Facebook ad

Generate the Facebook ad which must be unique and innovative to engage the perfect users. So work accordingly on such ads. It must be very appealing to the users.

  1. Create Ads on Google

Use google, the number one search engine to market for yourself, create a google ad for your products which should be very attentive for your user’s to engage their interest.


Growth Hacks to convert the visitors into potentials leads

  1. Pop-up messages

If your pages are suffering from an early exists than use the offer technique as create pop up message to the users who click the back button. Hit them with a message promoting a free guide or resource which may help you get their details.

  1. Guide people through your funnel

Try working on the customer engagement tools which guides you to do according to the user’s demand.

  1. Use scarcity hacks

Use the scarcity hack which operates in a manner that creates a limited period offer for the potential user’s which helps them to grab the item before it’s too late. So, therefore, increase the conversion rate through such hurry up, limited period offers type hacks.

  1. Homepage sign up

Use the homepage as a landing page which explains about the unique value proposition of your product, with a testimonial, and channels the anonymous visitor toward a short but sweet signup form.

  1. Popup content upgrade

Give the users or people a compelling reason to part with their details or email address. Instead of promoting your daily blog content, use the blog subscription pop-up to develop an exclusive content. Buy generating guides and resources that help the blog subscribers to access too.

  1. Customized social sharing icons

Social shares make it easy for the visitors to share the content, promote it further to their networks which attract new visitors.

  1. Pre-targeting Emails

Pre-targeting is the step which uses ad retarget so to introduce your brand to the mailing list. Use all your contacts email addresses so to find on social media to raise the awareness about your business.

  1. Social Email pre-targeting

Seek out your mailing list members on the most favored social media sites, where spend time following and engaging them with your brand account. So start liking or sharing their posts will start building relations with them. So when you target them through the emails, they consider those emails and don’t make them spam.

  1. Bribe Email Subscribers

To turn visitors into leads, then a blog subscription is a way which helps. Exchange email details for the weekly content update and then offer them an added advantage with a gift. As more desirable or valuable you offers them, then more grateful are your new contacts be.

  1. Checkbox

Use or Add a checkbox on a landing page, or on a homepage signup to generate traffic. It helps your visitors to make a small commitment toward your brand.

  1. Older posts optimization

Re-evaluate the older posts and use them to optimize maximum conversions. Further, create a new whitepaper or content and link it to the older relevant posts which helps in creating more traffic through the old posts.

  1. Illusion of truth

Use this hack it allows your businesses to retain its value by merely repeating a core message again and again. It is known as illusion of reality where the users will most likely trust and believe the content through its virtue of familiarity.

  1. Create a Layer Content

Trigger the most exciting part of the fascinating article or video which is quite impressive for the audiences. As it helps in growing your email lists.

  1. Create re-targeting ads on YouTube

Target the people who visited your websites on YouTube. As the ads of YouTube is watched by many people.

  1. Improve your website’s speed

Better to improve the speed of your website as it helps in engaging more visitors as it has been researched that people leave because of the reasons of website crashed and because of the time is taken by a page to load.

  1. Improve your UI/UX

Use the UI/UX hacks by searching the competitor blogs, articles first as it helps you to provide you a better picture to use or improve your UI/UX as it is also a source which engages users.

  1. Free shipping

Offer the free shipping hack for the users; it is one of the most fantastic marketing hacks for the e-commerce businesses. Set the minimum order amount for offering free shipping or else rise the price of your product so too find an equilibrium among the costs.

  1. Become trust-worthy

Most of the customers trust the online reviews more instead of the peer recommendation. So add more positive reviews about your brand as it creates sales for your business.

  1. Email Marketing Campaigns

Stand out with the most innovative and inventive marketing campaigns designed for email marketing. It should be the one who can seek the user’s attention and interests.

  1. Contact form fields

It plays a vital role in identifying the users, and also allows you to customize your marketing activity according to the individual needs. So lower is the contact form fields more will be the submissions rates.


Growth Hacks to convert the leads into successful customers



Social proof is elements which foster the trust of consumers and also allows them to known about the product reviews. So include the testimonials, reviews, and quotes on the landing pages which encourage the potential customers to trust the brand and make a sales decision.

  1. Pricing hacks

Create a pricing page with the most expensive option which helps in making all the other possibilities more economical to the visitor’s which encourages them to spend more time on the website too.

  1. Left digit anchoring pricing

Use the left-hand digit so that to set the reference for the rest number. As end the number by 9 than a 0 as it encourage more such as Rs. 99 instead of Rs.100 is most engaging for the consumers. So play with the customer’s mind.

  1. Decoy price

Frame the highest price points in your price structure in a most productive manner than just introducing useless price points into the price structure.

  1. Shortens the free trial length

Reduce the length of open trails as it helps in increasing the close rates for your business. With an exception that your service or product is quite beneficial for the individuals which lock them to take even after the free trails.

  1. Less product page THE LESS IS MORE PRODUCT PAGE

More products lead to more confusion. So avoid this situation and optimize the product page to increase your sales by offering the best and least possible choices which help in locking the deal.

  1. Automated Emails

After finding a lead try to convert the same into a sales through the computerized emails providing the information related to the benefits of the products which are based on their interest. An automated email will be sent within a stipulated time frame so to convert the leads.

  1. Abandon offers

Whenever a potential customer is going to quit, better hit them a popup message offering a special discount which may result in converting them to a successful sales.

  1. Increase the activation rates

Setup the retargeting campaign to the people who are already taking a free trial by promoting webinars, e-guides, special offers, and reminders. This result in encouraging your trial users to extract much value and also results in increasing the trial close rates also.

  1. Enclosed checkout

Remove the navigation element and unnecessary headers and footers helps in creating a focused or stripped-down checkout process which force the visitor to buy product.

  1. Comparison page

Create a direct comparison in between your product and your competitor’s one. It helps in highlighting your strengths and their weaknesses which results in strong leads as it inspires users to buy from you.

  1. Identify reference to promote your self

Use some famous tools like mention which allows you post the helpful blogs post or competitor comparison chart which enables them to take a wise decision. As cerate links of such comparisons through such tools.

  1. No Signups

Attract the right buyer before the signups through the means of online help chat with your sales rep.It helps in convincing the users to convert into the successful leads.

  1. Use discount pricing strategy

Incorporate discounting into your pricing structure which helps in converting the leads. So decide by researching the market of your competition and redefine your pricing strategy.

  1. Ditch time in your free trails

Limit your trials to some sale transaction, email contact, user or report. This type will encourage the user on to a paid subscription only when they are satisfied with the free trails.

  1. Get rid of unexpected costs

Don’t add any unexpected cost at the time of checkout as it will bounce back the potential users, so it’s better to add everything before fixing the price.


  1. Communicate your value proposition

Improve the structure of your published content which helps in easily communicating your value prepositions than making in too hard to understand. It will result in successful closures than the back outs.

  1. Give perks or discounts in exchange for an email

Offer lucrative perks to the leads for exchanging the emails further with their shares and contacts which helps in closing the deals of the leads.


Growth  Hacks to provide the fascinating user experience


  1. Send behavior emails

Retain more customers by sending them the behavior-based emails. Setup with some software like auto send who will help in tracking the user experience and based upon that you can able to send the behavioral emails to your customers.

  1. Incentive referrals

Offer the lucrative deals to your customers, as the more they share, the more they get. It helps in generating more leads and traffic as well as helps in customer retention.

  1. Track the user’s success milestones

Track your user’s milestones helps in engaging with them in a most grateful manner which assists in reinforcing the value of your business. It helps in proving that you care about their achievements.

  1. Physical gifts to users

Engage with your customer by offering them some gifts like t-shirts, etc. which helps in retaining them for a longer time as a customer will feel attached to your brand this way.

  1. Give attention to customers

By tracking your existing customers need and demand on time helps you in retaining them for a longer time. It may increase the churn rates for your business to build a specific team of experts who will work on this perspective for your company.

  1. Outreach to initial customers

Make efforts to reach out to your initial business customers. It helps in retaining them for a longer time. As they are those essential customers, who create value for your business and brand.

  1. Take a follow-up with the every customer interactions

Always take a follow up with your customers after providing them a solution for their issues as it helps in delighting them towards your customer service.

  1. Build an interaction schedule with the customer

Timely conduct the customer interaction with your customer as a part of taking regular follow up from the customer towards the product performance. It also helps the customer to feel attached to the customer service.

  1. Proactive with problems

Always take the customer quires proactively instead of the type of the issues as it helps the customer to feel special instead of making them feel ignored at the time of issue persists.

  1. Take the valuable feedback of user’s

After the purchase always motivates the customer to provide their feedback which results in more traffic and also retaining the existing customers as they feel motivated too.

  1. Product development by customers

Use the customer views as a source of developing your product or services for the better. It results in engaging the interest of the customers but also helps in building a customer-oriented product which automatically produces more sales.

  1. Analytical Emails

Sending a monthly, weekly or daily analytics email to the customer will helps in getting them engaged towards your product.

  1. Provide the guidelines to use your apps or products

Build a guild line for the customer which allows them to use the service or a product in a more accurate way. As every customer is different so work as per the different needs or demand of the consumers.

  1. Webinars

Regularly host the webinar to walk our customer through the features of a specification of your product or brand. Or just merely screen shares enough to improve the customer experience.

  1. Interface gamification

As we have discussed the gamification earlier, so, later on, use this process to interact more with the customers which helps in providing them a fun experience and knowledge about the product features.

  1. Activity Emails

Send the rewarding activity emails to the users which allows them to feel motivated. Like Grammarly sends a weekly progressive report to its user’s regarding their growth in writing.

  1. Offers for inactive users

Provide some lucrative offers to all the inactive users which helps in re-engaging them for the future business, as by providing the discount code, free add-on and more.

  1. Email campaign for inactive users

Send a series of emails to your inactive users by reintroducing about your brand and product. Also, make them remind of all the benefits of a product, and convince them to enjoy the service again.

  1. Educating your users

Providing your users with timely knowledge and expertise they must be requiring in their product use will benefit you in marinating their retention rate. As by recommending them blog posts, books or useful email tips, etc.

  1. Reduce your Churn rate

Find the reasons which increase the churn rate for your business and then find the alternative solutions to reduce them significantly.

  1. Find real occasions to contact your inactive users

Send an informative mail on the occasions offers from your side to all the inactive users which makes them re-engage with your product or service again. Choose the occasions like Christmas, New Year, and any other festivals.

  1. Learn from the cancelled customers

Make efforts to know the reasons behind the cancelled customer and make necessary solutions so to reduce the same in future.

  1. Improve your “Welcome email.”

Improve the welcome email of your brand as it has to be one which makes the customer feel specials. So it has to be exciting and appealing to the customers which helps them to retain for a longer time.

  1. Engage with your customers on Twitter

Make engagement with your customer on the Twitter will rise the customer expectation and make them feel special. It further creates a bond with them for a long time.

  1. Use multiple channels to get referrals

Use some other channels than only emails referrals to get more traffic as motivating your customer to refer your experience with their friends by phone, Facebook, snap chat or more platforms.

  1. Always listen to your customers

Always make efforts to listen or resolve every query of your customer. No matter how irrelevant it is. It helps in making your customers feel motivated toward your services.

  1. Customer thank-you cards

Always make use of thank you for the customer whenever they make a purchase or interact with your service or products as it helps in making them related towards your brand. Use the innovative thank you note for this hack.

  1. Emails of business achievements

Send the emails across to your customer and leads to your business achievements. Take them always on loop, let them know about your growth which helps in building the trust about your product or brand on them.

  1. Delight your customers

Make more efforts in making your customer feel unique and essential by making all types of initiatives like providing them instant solutions of their problems, interacting them regularly, by sending them birthday wishes, customizing the discounts rate for them and more.

Therefore, all the above 100 excellent SaaS growth hacking ideas will help your business a rapid and sustainable growth. So choose among them accurately and pick the best hacks according to the need of your business. It helps in building the robust marketing strategy for your business also.

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