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Promising B2B SAAS Growth Hacking Strategies and techniques to explode your startup growth

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Saas growth hacking strategies

Saas growth hacking strategies quora

Do you have a SAAS startup and struggling to get signups?

Or Your SAAS startup is not growing like you were dreaming when you’re creating the product?

Not all the SAAS startup will grow like Slack, SalesForce, etc.

Not everyone gets million dollars of funding to market your SAAS startup.

In this article, I’m going to share you proven growth hacking strategies to growth hack your B2B SAAS startup.

Your main goal is to launch a growth hacking marketing campaign to increase the no. of users exponentially, In this post we will be focusing on Engagement (posting new content, returning to read the content), increasing viral

  • Engagement (posting new content, returning to read the content)
  • Increasing viral co-efficient
  • Increasing the retention rate
  • Stabilizing organic growth
  • Increasing conversion rate, etc.

Growth Hacking STRATEGY

Our big strategy is to execute the same pattern of growth hacking strategies implemented by successful SAAS startups. finding the channels which are not used by your SAAS competitors and we are executing those strategies at small scales to measure the results using A/B testing. From these measurements, we are executing the perfect growth hacking strategy which provides us more results and outcomes at less cost.

Our goal is find the growth channels which are not used by your SAAS competitors and we are executing those strategies at small scales to measure the results using A/B testing. From these measurements, we are executing the perfect growth hacking strategy which provides us more results and outcomes at less cost.

Here are the list of SAAS Growth Hacking Strategies

Growth Hack #1: Aggressive Blogging

Creating shareable content relevant to your niche. These types of contents will increase the no. of shares and traffic to your website. More the targeted traffic, more the users sign-up. Also, this will create a community of like-minded people in Social media, which will turn into huge referral business. Inviting other potential bloggers/audience to post their article at our site.

Example of Aggressive viral click bait article: If you have a SAAS product related to Health Niche
“10 Painless Ways to Lose Weight, especially 7th one will blow your mind”
These types of contents, tend to rank well in google, and also it will induce the users to share the article, the increase in Click through rate and much more.

Content Frequency should be higher to start ranking on the google quickly.


Growth Hack #2: Guest Blogging:

If your SAAS startup is related to health niche. Guest Blogging on authority websites related to healthy food, weight loss, etc. In short, guest blogging on the sites where the targeted people spend their time. This will drive tons of targeted visitors to our website.

Quick Note: Bufferapp achieved 100,000 SignUp only from guest posts in just 6months. Small Calculation, if their conversion rate of 1% to SignUp the funnel, then must generate 10Million visitors and millions of dollars from guest blogging alone.

Danny from Inboundo started driving traffic just after launches this guestblog on copyblogger.Guides:

Growth Hack #3 Ultimate Guides:

Creating 20-25pages guides for your targeted audience. If we place those guides in the blog sidebar, Landing Page Pop-Up and at the end of the post asking the visitor to subscribe us for downloading the guides (HUBSPOT did the same). This will ultimately convince the visitors to subscribe, and then it’s much easier to convert them to paid users.

Growth Hack #4: INVITE via Gmail or Yahoo or AOL

Creating an “Invite” option to invite the contacts of the user by importing the contacts from their respective emails. This technique, used by Facebook and other social networking giants for their initial level of growth – Viral Growth Tactics. This will increase the viral growth of users.

Growth Hack #5: Driving Cheap traffic to the blog section:

Using services like Taboola, nrelate, outbrain etc.. we can drive tons of US audience who would spend time on reading the stuff. This will give a quick ranking, traffic, viral co-efficients, etc.

Growth Hack #6: Referral Programs

We can offer a free product worth $XX or we can give them a premium plan who refer their 5friends to sign-up using social websites,email, etc. Using that referral link, if anyone joined, we can offer the product to the referring person. This will definitely create an Aha moment to the users.

DropBox growth hacking strategy: offers free XXXMB if we share Dropbox in our social network


Growth Hack #7:Media buying on Influencers site (Badge)

Buying the ad banner on the Influencers sites. Ad banner will have less CTR, but if we implement the strategy used by MINT, loyal followers of these influencers’ sites will become our paying users.
FYI, please have a look at those badges.

Growth Hack #8: Start collecting Email Subscribers

Collecting the email ids of visitors using the Pop-ups like Optinmonster and some other programs. Then we can send an invite email to sign-up your website.

Once you collect the email, email them periodically to drive back to your site.

Growth Hack #8 Founder getting Interview:

The Founder or the whole team is getting interviewed in a lot of websites, you-tube channels, webinars, podcasts, TV, Radio, etc. This will get us more free exposure to the huge no. of audience.

Example: Amir Baluch, Founder of Fundingnest got interviewed in EOF Podcast. No.1 Business Podcast in iTunes. and other podcasts like JoeFairless.

Growth Hack #9 Increasing More PR exposure:

Pitching more news websites, startup news websites, to get more free exposure to our brand. Our example: techcrunch, huffingtonpost, mashable, gizmodo,etc can be pitched to get more exposure to our brand. Reason is traffic from these websites is highly qualified one, as the people coming from these sites are early adopters. We can also contact News Papers, Magazine, local news sites, etc. to get more exposure in each and every county, state, etc..

GrooveHq Pitched 50+ technews sites and finally landed an article in TNW.

press growth hacks

Growth Hack #10 Free Giveaways and Contest:

Eg: Giveaways like Dropbox PRO, premium android apps like Evernote or something people love will attract everyone to SignUp as a free user, we can then encourage the contestant to share the link via Facebook, Twitter, etc. to get more chance to win the prize.

We can use Wishpond to run tons of contest and gain viral social media growth and user signup rate.

APPSUMO gained 500,000email id by offering free Giveaways.

Conversion Rate Optimization:

Using A/B Testing, increasing the user conversion rate by changing the button color, changing the forms, landing page, etc. Look at the following improvement suggestions.

Growth Hack #11 Stealing Competitors audience:

Through Facebook targeted audience ads campaigns and launching a google adwords campaign for competitors keywords will drive the audience who is looking for competitors site.

Start a creating a page with title: “Competitor Name” + “Niche” + Alternative

Eg: If the competitor name is Hubspot, and niche is email signature, then your title should be “Hubspot Email SIgnature Alternative”

If you search this in google, will show up in the first page. This is how you can steal your competitors audience.

Growth Hack #12 Product Design strategies:

Sign-Up Form should be optimized to higher conversion rate.

Increasing the conversion rate of the home page

1. Adding Features like Signup with Facebook, Twitter, Google+ will increase the Signup rate.
2. Reducing No. of field in the Signup page and removing the unnecessary sentences.

Excellent Signup example.

Growth Hack #13 After Signing-Up – Invite your friends with a reward Page:

After signing up. The site has to take the users to Invite your friends page. Adding this page will lead to viral sign-up and sudden explode in website traffic and signup rate. Reward can be either one of free premium plan or anything worth.

Growth Hack #14: Big Share and Upvote Buttons for Each blog posts,comments, etc.

Growth Hack #15: Utilizing Email Marketing Strategies

  • Encouraging the free members to use referral feature to get premium plan by emailing them periodically.
  • Convert free users to paid users

Hellobar Feature:

Adding Hellobar on top of the site to send the visitors to targeted page, deals, or anything noteworthy.

Growth Hack #16 Affiliates Marketing:

Joining the websites like Commission junction and other affiliate marketing websites to increase the No. of affiliates, also direct emailing the websites will produce good no. of affiliates.

SAAS GROWH HACKING Monthly Action Plan:

  • Founder getting interviewed on 5-10websites.
  • Buying Taboola,nrelate,outbrain, etc traffic to gain fast growth.
  • Contacting 100 websites for free PR exposure.
  • Launching our brand badges on 25+websites.
  • Launching 5articles/week on our website and 2-3articles/week off-site (Guest posts). In total, minimum of 20 articles on site and 10articles off-site before the end of month. Creating NewsFeed ads for all the articles for rapid traffic growth.
  • Launching at least one guides per week and publishing it. Spreading the guide in all the platforms like slideshare,, etc.
  • Creating Infographics, distributing them in all directories and websites.
  • Implementing the necessary features to increase SignUp rate and conversion rate using A/B testing.
  • Launch an email marketing campaign with a Survey to find out what kind of improvements do they needed on our product/website.
  • Work with Development team to increase conversion rate using A/B testing and other analytics tool like kissmetrics, google analytics, etc.
  • Stealing the competitors’ users: Launching Google Adwords, Facebook NewsFeed ads, campaigns for competitors keywords. The special landing page will be created for adwords visitors titled “5 features will expose you the truth about “competitors’ name”,at the end of the article will lead the user to our SignUp page.

This plan of action will be implemented, reviewed, depending upon the results received on each and every growth hacking strategies. Depending upon the results you achieve each month, you should be making the changes in strategies and eliminate the channels which is not provding much results than other channels. Implementing A/B testing will give us more study about the visitors, which traffic works and which is not.


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