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SAAS conversion rate optimization Strategies, Best Practices, Tools & Case studies

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If you are a SAAS start-up? And want to create substantial traffic for your business website to generate leads of a promising customer to attain profits. Here, we have come up with this ultimate guide on SAAS Conversion rate optimization(CRO) which identifies and fixes the issues related in between and also helps your saas conversion rate.

What is SAAS Conversion rate optimization?

SAAS Conversion rate optimization is one of the marketing optimization methods which is used to significantly enhance the percentage of the site visitors who will entirely absolutely complete the website goal of your company startup.

CRO will analyze the user’s behavior and also focus on the various points which will stimulate them to engage towards your site with some specific marketing elements. It concentrates mainly to persuade the website traffic in a manner which helps us to meet our desired outcomes on the business website.

The process can be translated to different types of goods or services which varies with the various kind of business models too especially in the way of their saas conversoin rate optimization approach.

It is also a process that can be translated to any product or service. However, some slight differences are depending on the type of your business model, in the way you approach optimization.

Why is SAAS Conversion rate optimization different from E-commerce CRO?

The model of SAAS CRO and E-commerce CRO is usually same in regards to these two aspects:

  • By their pricing models
  • By sales strategies

But, the difference between these two are as follows:

  • SAAS CRO is a recurring subscription. That comes with many growth possibilities from the product itself and whereas the other is not.
  • SAAS mostly comes down to the different organization cycle, purchasing decisions and other success metrics in comparison to other.
  • SAAS also mainly focus on increasing the leads and its quality wherein other it optimizes the onboarding experience

User behavior to improve your SAAS conversion rate

User or website visitor behaviors on the site are one of the essential tools which improves your SAAS conversation rate. So it is always imperative to understand or analyze the response in an efficient manner.

Whenever a visitor browses through your website, they mostly pay attention to factors like its design, navigation ease, content, visual appeal, and all other related details which they can see or experience during their time spent on the website.

So the user experience or behavior mainly depends upon their impression they receive or experience on the website which helps in enhancing the conversion rate effectively. Whereas if the website structure is visceral in terms than it will emerge the users to go through pages for grabbing more information.

In the same manner, if the website is not having any such said structure or look than the user will bounce back in no time before understanding the real base or theme of the site.

So the analyzes of the user behaviors provide benefits to the business such as:

–         It gives you the aspects which need to be improved in the website like confusing navigation, poor design, and more.

–          Improve the overall effectiveness of your site.

–          Builds the value of your brand and create trustworthiness among the users towards your company.

–          Helps you to listen or understand the needs or demands of the targeted customer or leads.

So we can conclude from the above points that it is necessary to analyze the user’s experience of the website which will automatically result in improving the SAAS conversion rate.

There are various tools which are used to analyze the behavior which is discussed in details below such as: –

–           Heat map

–           Scroll maps

Site administrators are the one who can visually examine the website data in a variety of different options as a heat map, scroll map, confetti, overlay, and more.

Few of the most useful ones are heat map, scroll map views which we will discuss with their pros and cons to you structure below.


Heat maps are views which shows where the users click mostly and it shows the same thing by the intensity of the color as:

–     Blue = Cold (fewer clicks)

–    Red = Hot (many clicks)


  • It is the view which is very easy to visualize and understand as is not complicated.
  • It is a view which helps in providing you the insights on what or which items will work and which don’t.
  • It also provides an idea for the new or redesign of the website layout and also helps you to redefine the order of menu headings or other items related to a website.

Some cons:

  • It is a view which will not be able to show any data for the sub-nav menus
  • It is also not able to indicate the number of different clicks as it only shows the clicked areas.


It is the type of views which will show how far the down users are scrolling on your page before moving towards a different page or exiting your website. It shows the same thing by the intensity of the color as:

–    White and yellow = Hot, The colors will represent that most visitors are scrolling through the content of that portion of your page.

–    Blue = Cold, this color represents that there are very fewer visitors which navigates to that portion of the page.


  • It analyses the behavior in the different color-code scheme which provides the better understanding.
  • It also helps in identifying the content engagement as if it is engaging for the visitors or not. •    It will assist in accurately helping you out the potion where the visitor’s start leaving or exiting the page which results in improving the structure accordingly.


  • It is a view which is not helpful in showing or briefing about the duration spent by the visitor or user on the particular page.
  • Further, it won’t be able to show the insight from where the users go once and leave the page.

As we discussed above, these are two tools which help in explaining or analyzing the behavior of the users and helps your business to improve its conversion rate.

Hotjar, a form analysis tool which assists in examining the user engagement in your SAAS Signups form

Hotjar is one of the techniques which is used or knows as all-in-one Analysis and Feedback tool of a website. It offers you the guidelines on how to improve website performance and its user experience by improving the conversion rate. It also helps you to know about the thing that how your website visitor is using your site content.

Hotjar consists of:

  • Analytics tools: It is a tool which allows you to observe as well as measure the behavior of users while they visit your site.
  • Feedback tools:  it is also a tool which will enable you to know about your user through the signup forms and also helps in identifying their opinion on your product.

It is one the most efficient and economical tool for your SAAS startup business which helps in studying or improving the consumer or user engagement of your website.

Therefore, a sign-up page is a substantial barrier to conquer more leads or visitors to your website only if you get it right. Other tools or alternatives available to you are smart to look, Gestate control, Crazy egg, Mouse flow, Google analytical and many more.

Strategies to improve your SAAS conversion rate from free trial signups to paid signups

SaaS companies mainly focus on promoting the free subscriptions for their site as it helps in providing them the potential leads or conversion to achieve. The next where the free sign ups need to be converted into the monthly trials are not that easy for the companies. So to improve the conversion rate and overall growth and sales of your company follow the strategies which help you to convert your free trails ups into the paid ones as:

  1. Establish a Sense of urgency

Establish a sense of urgency by offering the limited period trial offers which help in attracting the customer toward the free trail ups. Then create the urge for your product or service to the users by making them fall in love with them by its exceptional quality design. It also forces to take the trails well as then convert them into the paid sign-ups. They feel attached towards your services and can’t resist losing their access on the same at any cost.

  1. Lucrative marketing campaigns

Design and launch your marketing campaigns so efficiently which attracts the customers to attach to your service or product even after the trails end. It will be a lucrative enough, which let them be a paid-up users if they feel satisfied with the services.

  1. Build a focus on the “True Evaluators.”

True evaluators are the users who are active and log in and use the services every day. Offer them a discount on subscription which helps them to convert into the paid-up users successfully.

  1. Engage with Content

Target the free trial up users with the content which they can only access by getting the paid or full subscription so get to engage or create the interest of the same. It helps in converting the free trial ups into the paid ones.

  1. Offer discounts and special packages

Offer the most lucrative and advantageous deals to your free sign up users by sending them a customized emails offering a special discount just for you. It results in engaging their interest in the service or product as they may feel attached to the business. It helps in conversion further.

  1. Showcase Value

Customers are always looking for benefits at an affordable price. So show them the advantages they can attain by being the part of paid-up members. As articulate your value proposition in such a manner which helps in engaging their interest.

How Mixpanel improved their SAAS conversion rate by offering Free Badges

Mix panel is the tool which is one of the most popular platforms used for both mobile and web applications.  It not only measures the page view alone but it is far better than this which helps in improving their saas conversion rate. It helps in taking into an account the actions which are alluring to the users like uploading images, watching videos, sharing the user relevant posts, and many more. It helps you to understand your user’s more efficient manner. It further establishes the brand awareness, generates leads and sales for the companies also.

Mix panel is an advanced version of Google Analytics tool which helps you easily track the broader aspects through the free badges of mix panels such as:

–    User engagement is the element which allows your users to take the action in which you want them to make.

–    Retention is the aspect which helps you to track the record of repeating customers and also helps in knowing the facts about the product which leads to user retention. –    Notifications are the aspect which allows you send and track the email or push notifications which helps in user retention.

–    Analyzing people is the elements which allow in knowing more about your leads. It provides an extra dimension which enables you to get an insight into your prospects.

–     Funnel Analysis helps in knowing you about your lost users and the reason for the further analyzes.

–    Mobile surveys are the element which allows in understand or know more about the customer preferences, interest or dislikes, etc. It also helps to allow you display survey question on the screen.

All these elements help the SAAS companies to make or create strategies which help in improving the conversion rate. So, therefore, Mix panel is an accurate and useful tool for the companies.

SAAS CRO Strategies to improve your free signups

A free trial is a key to success of the SAAS Company as it helps in providing you the potential leads which can further convert into the successful customers and make profit or income for your business.

  1. Friendly pop-ups

Using pop-up forms are the primary or essential factor which attracts the customer or users for free signup. It is one of the tried or tested strategy. Brands like Amazon, snap deal uses this features as the website get an instant email subscriber using credible, catchy, yet user-friendly pop-ups.

  1. Offer the customize deals and promotions

Make your customer feel special by providing them personalized deals or offers which make them feel attached towards your brand and its value. It is a source which builds a base for your business as it encourages the users for free sign-ups.

  1. Customer needs

Identify the needs of your user’s and offer them lucrative deals which fulfill their needs or demands as it helps in attracting them for free sign ups as they will feel that their needs are met.

  1. Make your CTA button easy to find

CTA button should always be brightly colored and easily or highly visible to your users which helps them in easy sign-ups.

  1. Build a connection with users

Try to build some human contact over the digital platform by using smileys or emoji’s as it acts in proving the human touch to grow the business relationships and encourages the users for free trail ups.

Improving onboarding experience to enhance SAAS conversion rate

Improve your customer on broad expertise through the below-listed factors as it will directly result in enhancing your SAAS conversion rate also:

  1. It is always good onboarding source which allows you to talk to create a relationship with your customers as it helps in making them feel attached to the business.
  2. Next, you need to identify the path which allows you in presenting your product features and benefits to the users which help in conversion rate. Build a hype of your product qualities in the user’s mind to improve the conversions.
  3. Send an e-mail and in-app on boarding tool which helps in converting your user’s experience to a magnificent level
  4. Create or provide a unique experience by asking some of the pre-qualifying onboarding questions from the user’s which results in giving some more personalized feel and results in conversions.
  5. Always keep your onboarding experience impressive and simple as it helps in attracting more user’s also maintains the customized think throughout the process.

Strategies to increase your SAAS retention rate

Retaining customer for a long time is one of the essential elements of the SAAS business, so therefore we have listed some of the strategies which need stop be used to maintain or increase the SAAS retention rate of your business such as.

–    Retain more customers by sending them the behavior-based emails. Setup with some software like auto send who will help in tracking the user experience and based upon that you can able to send the behavioral emails to your customers.

–    Offer the lucrative deals to your customers, as the more they share, the more they get. It helps in generating more leads and traffic as well as helps in customer retention.

–    Track your user’s milestones helps in engaging with them in a most grateful manner which assists in reinforcing the value of your business. It helps in proving that you care about their achievements.

–    Engage with your customer by offering them some gifts like t-shirts, etc. which helps in retaining them for a longer time as a customer will feel attached to your brand this way.

–    By tracking your existing customers need and demand on time helps you in retaining them for a longer time. It may increase the churn rates for your business to build a specific team of experts who will work on this perspective for your company.

–    Make efforts to reach out to your initial business customers. It helps in retaining them for a longer time. As they are those essential customers, who create value for your business and brand.

–    Always take a follow up with your customers after providing them a solution for their issues as it helps in delighting them towards your customer service.

–    Timely conduct the customer interaction with your customer as a part of taking regular follow up from the customer towards the product performance. It also helps the customer to feel attached to the customer service.

–    Always take the customer quires proactively instead of the type of the issues as it helps the customer to feel special instead of making them feel ignored at the time of issue persists.

–    After the purchase always motivates the customer to provide their feedback which results in more traffic and also retaining the existing customers as they feel motivated too.

–    Use the customer views as a source of developing your product or services for the better. It results in engaging the interest of the customers but also helps in building a customer-oriented product which automatically produces more sales.

–    Sending a monthly, weekly or daily analytics email to the customer will help in getting them engaged towards your product.

–    Build a guild line for the customer which allows them to use the service or a product in a more accurate way. As every customer is different so work as per the different needs or demand of the consumers.

–    Regularly host the webinar to walk our customer through the features of a specification of your product or brand. Or just merely screen shares enough to improve the customer experience.

–    Improve the welcome email of your brand as it has to be one which makes the customer feel specials. So it has to be exciting and appealing to the customers which helps them to retain for a longer time.

–    Make engagement with your customer on the Twitter will rise the customer expectation and make them feel special. It further creates a bond with them for a long time.

–    Use some other channels than only emails referrals to get more traffic as motivating your customer to refer your experience with their friends by phone, Facebook, snap chat or more platforms.

–    Always make efforts to listen or resolve every query of your customer. No matter how irrelevant it is. It helps in making your customers feel motivated toward your services.

–    Always make use of thank you for the customer whenever they make a purchase or interact with your service or products as it helps in making them related towards your brand. Use the innovative thank you note for this hack.

–    Send the emails across to your customer and leads to your business achievements. Take them always on loop, let them know about your growth which helps in building the trust about your product or brand on them.

–    Make more efforts in making your customer feel unique and essential by making all types of initiatives like providing them instant solutions of their problems, interacting them regularly, by sending them birthday wishes, customizing the discounts rate for them and more.

 How to setup your SAAS conversion rate goals

SAAS conversion rate goals are essential to set as it guides your business to work in accordance to the field which helps in converting the leads to customers, so it is a broader concept and not limits only till the landing page optimization. The SAAS conversion rate optimization goals are:

  • To generate new business leads
  • To make sure the lead are appropriate for the business offer
  • To make sure that what is being offered is well communicated to every segment of the target audience.
  • To measure and optimize the in-product activity
  • To reduce customer churn rate
  • To increase the activation and product engagement
  • To design upsell and upgrades
  • To create the significant promoters and referrals.

All the goals as mentioned above established for increasing your SAAS conversion rate. But the final aim of any SAAS company is to maximize the business income or revenue through the better customer or user experience.

The List of Key performance metrics.

Consider these while setting up SAAS CRO Goals are as follows basis on which the company goals established:

–   Acquisition

SAAS company acquisition is the phase of signup; here the users are acquired for the business. Some growth hacks the industry uses strategies by which the company obtains new users.

Few of them are:

  • Generate interesting and fun surveys
  •  Viral signups
  • Offering discounts to share
  •  Generate video marketing and many more.

The main thing which needs to be considered at this stage is to about the cost or expense of customer acquisition. As you always want to acquire at the lowest possible rate which provides the highest potential value to the business.

–  Activation

The other metric about the usage of your product or service which called as activation. An excellent acquisition strategy will help to assist you further with your activation strategies as if you acquire an incompatible customer they will never be able to receive the value out of your product. The tools which help in activating the users are the emails and the products descriptions.

It is the stage where onboarding strategies will help you to activate the users. It’s an essential part of growth and optimization because here you can quickly acquire all the possible customers you want, but without backing up an effective activation strategy, all the efforts will go in vain as active users are the ultimate goals of your SAAS business.

–  Retention

Maintaining or increasing the user retention rate is the metric which is also an essential parameter. It indicates that the users are liking the product and them getting the best value out of the offering services or products. It also puts a significant impact on not only on the lifetime value of customer but also maintains customer acquisition cost.

–   Referral

Referrals are when the existing user, through some lucrative incentives or joy or appreciation, refers the product or service to other to use your product. The metric is used in this optimizing is called as K-factor.

–  Revenue

It is a metric which assures your return or income. Here you collect revenue from your users. Revenue is always an important metric and is a function of all the other metrics.

Best SAAS conversion rate optimization practices from Top SAAS startups (case studies)

CRO helps in boosting the lead generation and makes your conversion flow also more efficient. It will further support the SAAS startups to earn the higher ROI on their existing investment.

So to optimize the A/B tests are the best tool which runs on your business site and which becomes a guiding for the others. As the strategies we have mentioned above are the part of these A/b tests which help in retaining the user’s, SAAS CRO strategies for generating traffic and more.

We have curate da list of best SAAS CRO practices from the top SAAS startups with their case details all around the world: offered a “Peace of mind” guarantee to their customers to improve SAAS conversion rate

It is a holiday site SAAS startup company which allows the users to book flights and hotel at economical rates. Through the use of CRO, they increased their revenue by 14 million pounds.

They did the user testing, to identify that how they could improve their site’s UX and copy, which includes the collecting different opinions from customers about their website experience. They also did continuously testing to identify the various ways or tools to improve the conversion rate.

Then they offered a “Peace of mind” guarantee to their customers which helps the customer to feel confident and attached to their products

 Crazy Egg added product demo video to boosting their conversion rates by 64%

Crazy Egg is a SaaS company that promotes the marketers to analyze the user behavior on its sites. The software used by them provide heat maps which show about where the users are clicking on a web page so that they can improve the UX and boost its conversion rates. They also continually runs CRO tests, and also adds an explainer video to its homepage which engages more users.

Videos help to communicate the brand message and value propositions in an engaging, visual way which is not possible with simple texts. Adding the simple video help boosting their saas conversion rate by 64% with a 21000 dollar addition in their monthly revenues.

 Truckers Report changed CTA text to increase conversion rate by 21.7%

Truckers Report is a site which offers the complete certification programs to the truck drivers. They also provide an online form and resume filing option to their members to get an excellent job opportunity from the trucking companies. They want to boost their customer’s base so for that they have introduced a mobile app for them and changed the landing page of their site with, the headline was revised to make it more catchy. The images were also changed to make it more relatable and CTA changed to say “start getting job offers” rather than “send me job offers.” Through this new landing page helps in generating around 21.7% more opt-ins than the original

Smart Wool a/b test with the images to improve their revenue by 17.1%

Smart Wool is an e-commerce store which offers wool clothing like socks, sweaters, and tights. Smart Wool was one of the challenging CRO case studies as they already have a very well designed and conversion optimized design website. But still, to take their site to a higher level, they have to come up with a design that was unique. They changed the size of their existing pictures and tested that against the other page design that displays the product images in a comfortable scan able row, and it works for them as they have received the growth in their revenue by 17.1%

Content Verve changed their call to action location, which increased the conversion rate by 304%

Content Verve is a content creating or marketing site which puts content on the topics of content marketing, copywriting and conversion optimization. They ran one small test in which they have changed their call to action from top of the landing page to the bottom of the page. The analysis goes against the conventional wisdom used for the CTA as it is said that CTA should be in its natural flow of the landing page. But this change worked for the company as their conversions enhanced by 304%.

Walmart Canada boosting their conversion rate by 20% after such redesign

The company boosts their conversions rate by almost 20% after implementing the responsive web design. Walmart starts by investing more time to research and have found that they were getting more traffic from the mobile users as knowing the fact that the site is not mobile friendly. So they have tracked the data on which browsers their users were using and their screen size. So they have decided to use a scaling grid in its new design so to ensures that it should better and right on all the platforms. It results in boosting their 20% conversion rate after such redesign.

Device Magic

Device Magic is the business which allows creating data collection forms for various phones and tablets.

They also want to boost their saas conversion rates from their homepage, so they have started testing displaying an explainer video above the page fold along with some key bullet points that summaries the video features. They have also tested by using a series of sliding images which will able to convey their company’s message to identify that which will work better than the others.

As the explainer videos work for many businesses, doesn’t assure that it will work for you, in the same manner, it doesn’t work for the device magic. The other test of sliding the images results in providing the significant signups for them as it increased their saas conversion rate by around 30%.

So, therefore, all the above case studies are the guiding tool which explains that none of the SAAS growth strategies can provide you the positive results as described as it may vary.  You have to optimize the approach by testing them on a timely basis as it is a practice which varies with the type, size or nature of businesses. Hence, track your website data then identify the best techniques by running the tests to determine the best SAAS conversion rate practices which help in improving the conversion rate for your business.


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