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Skyrocket your Non-Profit donations using these Conversion Rate Optimization tips and strategy

By September 18, 2017 2 Comments

CNBC Reported Americans alone donated more than $390 billion to charity in 2017 alone. When we calculate globally, these numbers exceed trillions of dollars.

I have the privilege of working with the nonprofit organisations that help people those who are affected by terrorist in Muslim countries,

Non profit organisations used to have higher conversion rate than any other websites.

If your non-profit organisation is not converting your traffic into donations, then this article is for you.

Today we can see how we can improve your non-profit conversion rate using following strategies

About this CRO Plan:

This plan is completely focused on Improving donation page conversion rate.

  1. Adding Security Badge

Eg: Let’s have a look at this donate page

non profit conversion rate optimization tips

I’m going to share a few things that, we may need to fix that to avoid losing potential visitors.

Users are not comfortable donating on the website that doesn’t protect by security tools. Even if we have it, we need to display them.

In the above example, we are not displaying security badges in the donation page. This will kill your conversion rate.

Check out the other nonprofit website, that uses security badges to improve user trusts.

non profit donate page

We need to display the security badges in the transaction pages and the footer of the website. Users will be more comfortable donating when we display them.

Optimizing CTA(Call to action) Button

calltoaction conversion optimization tips

We need to work on call to action buttons such as “continue” using A/B testing tools. A very small change in this call to action button will have a huge impact in improving in the conversion rate. Replacing the word “continue” with other text like “Donate Now”, “Help them”, etc. will induce the users to click the button without leaving the site in between

Optimize your Form using Form analysis tool

We need to do form analysis using the tools like hotjar to know more about user behavior.
Eg: How many visited the form page, and how many actually filled the whole form.

If we analyze the donate page form, form tracking Insight will look like this.

non profit form analysis

User’s Heatmap and scroll map Analysis:

Using Heatmap method, we will get the right data about where they are clicking and reading. This will help us improve the overall UX design of the website. If Avg. scroll map rate is only 50%, then we have to reduce the page length to make most of the visitors.

Our Page heatmap will look like below:

If you see this heatmap, average fold is just below the slider, which means most of the visitors leave the page at this point.

User Scroll Map Analysis

Scroll map helps us to find out avg scroll percentage of the visitors.!

Funnel Set-up and Optimization:

Right now, you are actively tracking your funnels such as donation, product checkout, etc. We will have to set-up funnel set-up either in google analytics or in hotjar and we can analyze where the users are leaving the funnel without making the payment.

Improving conversion rate by Capturing Exit Users:

We need to capture the exit users using exit pop-up plugins and send them a unique email to complete the checkout or donate process. We can ask personally what makes them cancel the process, which will help us know about the users. .

I helped another client with this strategy to capture the users, those who leave their webinar page: Look at the conversion rate of this strategy

Start A/B testing the donation page:

Using tools like VMO or optimizely,I will A/B test the CTA buttons, USP texts, etc. to find which converts better and which is not. By this way, we can avoid huge drop-offs in our funnel.

To get started, I will install and setup the tools like hotjar, googleanalytics, etc on your website and generating the data to find where we lack and where weneed to improve.

Collect Emails:

Non-Profit Email revenue increased by 25% last year, so start collecting the email of the visitors. Your email list will give you highest ROI than any other marketing channels.

Drip Email Campaign:

Set-up Drip Campaign to follow-up the subscribers to your donation page without annoying them.

Induce Viral factor:

Encourage them to share their donation on social networks, this will drive referral traffic and donations. Even if they don’t donate, we can ask the users to share our cause to their friends.

All you have to do is ASK.

Improve Conversion Rate by Retargeting

Start retargeting the visitors those who visited your donation page or any other related pages. Retargeting ads can be done by Facebook pixel code in your site or you can use anyother retargeting platforms.

Look at the illustration below, this is how retargeting ads work

If you want to improve your non profit organisation conversion rate please email me: . I’m happy to help you for free!


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