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Love Growth Hacking? Here is a list of 20 Growth Hackers you should definitely follow

By May 23, 2015 No Comments

Be it an entrepreneur, a marketing specialist or a growth hacking aspirant, reading through the awesome growth hacking blogs on the internet is a must for you all in order to get the latest news regarding the world of growth hacking. However, with so many blogs and people to choose from, it is important to know who are the real contributors and the pioneers of growth hacking. So, we have compiled a list of 20 of the best growth hackers whom you should definitely follow in order to stay updated in the world of growth hacking.

1. Sean Ellis:

When it comes to growth hacking, he is considered to be the Yoda. He is the CEO of and Qualaroo and if you’re looking for the most useful insights on growth hacking, then following him is a must.

2. Josh Elman:

Josh has held the position of Product Lead for growth on Twitter and has held engineering roles at Facebook, LinkedIN, Zazzle and RealNetworks. His experience in the growth space is farfetched and if you’re looking to learn some tricks, then following him is certainly important.

3. Nir Eyal:

He is a growth hacker and writes for Forbes, TechCrunch and other popular publications. His own blog is filled with lots of innovative and intriguing ideas about creating a marketing strategy for start-ups and even established businesses.

4. Noah Kagan:

He is a celebrated marketing expert and if you’re looking for some business hacks, then his blog “OkDork” is the place for you. He is currently the Chief Sumo at AppSumo and has held managerial posts in Facebook and Mint.

5. Neil Patel:

He is a marketing guru and is helping big corporations like Amazon, NBC etc., in growing their revenue. He is the Co-Founder of Crazy Egg and KISSmetrics and if you want to grow your business, then it is vital that you follow this guy.

6. Seth Godin:

He is the founder of and is a leading thought leader. His blog has everything that a new entrepreneur or a marketer would need and if you’re looking for some straightforward advice, then following his blog is a must.

7. Dharmesh Shah:

Dharmesh is a celebrated writer and founder of, a blog for the start-up enthusiasts. His insights are quite well documented and he is also accredited with co-authoring books on the topic of inbound marketing and founding HubSpot.

8. Sangeet Paul Choudhary:

He is a guy each and every growth hacker must look up to for advice and tips. He is associated with MIT Media Labs, Entrepreneur-in-Residence at INSEAD Business School, advisor at 500Startups and a columnist for Forbes, WIRED and Harvard Business Review.

9. Mikael Cho:

He is the Co-Founder of Crew and has a history of founding many more companies over the span of just eight years. His writing style is quite personal and the tips he shares are simple and adaptive for the entrepreneurs to follow.

10. Brian Dean:

If you’re a lover of SEO and link building and want to learn a few tricks of the trade, then following Brian Dean is a great way for you to start. He is the Founder of Backlinko and on his blog, you will find the latest and tried and tested techniques of SEO and link building.

11. Ryan Hoover:

Founder of Product Hunt, Ryan Hoover is a natural when it comes to marketing. His articles contain insights from his own experience and if you’re looking to become a successful growth hacker, then following this guy is a must.

12. Sujan Patel:

Sujan is currently the VP Marketing at When I Work. His growth hacking work is well known and he has helped many firms like Mint and SalesForce to increase their business levels. He is also a regular contributor to some of the popular publications like Forbes and you must follow him for the fantastic work he does.

13. Nate Desmond:

Nate is an old school marketing guy with a deep insight. He currently works at Google and has held the position of Market Analyst for YouTube. His blog is filled with the real life situation handling and you must certainly follow him for some useful tips to market your own business.

14. Andrew Chen:

Andrew is an advisor and an investor. He has helped start-ups like Barkbox, AppSumo etc., to make their way into the market. His insights are filled with great marketing tips and growth hacking techniques as he has himself handled many a start-ups himself. So, if you’re looking for someone who has been there and done that, follow Andrew.

15. Sebastian Fung:

Sebastian is the Co-Founder of Lend Layer and has a deep knowledge about start-up finances. He has also led the growth for other tech companies like FunnelFeed and you must follow his blog for useful insights on startup growth.

16. David King:

Currently working at, King is a highly celebrated growth hacker for his stint at Facebook and Lil Green Patch. His insights are quite intriguing and you can find all sorts of marketing information by following him.

17. Michael Birch:

He is an ex-Bebo and currently associated with BirthdayAlarm. He has been a pioneer of growth hacking and has helped the nascent companies in growing their user base in millions. He is the guy to follow if you want some robust details about growth hacking.

18. Andy Johns:

Andy Johns has been there and done it all. He has been associated with Facebook, Quora and Twitter and helped with their growth plans and strategies. His expertise is of much worth to the entrepreneurs and you can follow his lead to get useful insights into the marketing world.

19. Robert Matei:

Robert is an active growth hacker with a lot of experience. His stint with Zynga was quite successful and now he has turned his focus on Quora. His works are well documented and you can refer to his blog for useful tips on growth hacking and effective marketing.

20. Nabeel Hyatt:

Hyatt is currently working with Spark. He has been associated with Zynga and is a celebrated marketer and strategist. His works are quite intriguing for the crowd and if you seriously want to become excellent in marketing, then surely follow this guy.

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