How I doubled the dubai diamonds growth

Ashraf Ahmed, Managing Director


Madhan has the foresight that many do not. Exemplary figure to work with, Has a lot of innovative ideas and follows them through, This is brilliant! Most impressed Madhan! Good to be working with you Madhan. Your energy and spirit is something I have been looking for 🙂

Want to improve your conversion rate at low cost?

The Problem

Dubai Diamonds was getting more than 30000 users per month organically. But it was not converting their visitors to buyers! I helped Dubai Diamonds to understand their user behaviour, their needs and eventually doubled their overall growth rate through optimising each and every strategy.

The Solution

In just 3 months, I was able to double their growth rate by executing CRO and growth strategies. I doubled their clickthrough rates, understand the user need by creating an outstanding survey, leveraged Pinterest to drive traffic through image shares, optimized the funnels, forms, and the dropoffs to avoid losing potential buyers these alone would cost them over a $100,000 worth of sales.

Analysing User Behaviour

Heatmap Analysis of Keypages

ScrollMap Analysis for KeyPages

Optimizing funnels increase the enquiries 4times, which helps Diamond consultants to close the inbound leads so easily.

Before Optimizing the Funnel

After Optimizing the Funnel

Surveyed Users to Understand their Needs

We added the pop-up and header bar, that takes the visitors to survey page. As you can see the survey pop-up and header bar at the left. Response from the survey is awesome, people showed huge interest in helping us. In addition to which, from the survey alone we got more than 85buyers!

HeaderBar for Survey

Pop-Up for the Survey

Survey Result

I have optimized more than 15,000,000, visitors to my clients’ websites, and I’d like to see if I can do the same for you.

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