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Growth hacking your SAAS startup growth by Podcasting and Youtube Video Marketing

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SaaS teams are prone to make a common mistake – they might forget the importance of marketing while working on coding, engineering, as well as, on user experience. It is true that the developed product should be top-notch and high-valued, however, you will achieve success only when people start becoming interested in your product and start purchasing it.

To reach this goal, proper marketing is essential. Marketing is a big concept, so instead of running here and there, you need to structure your marketing strategy first, as achieving a good amount of subscribers is not that much easy. You can’t expect audiences to purchase your software when they have not heard anything about it earlier.

To gain a positive response from audiences, you need to give them a valid reason. First, during the product development phase, you should think about its usefulness. The particular product needs to solve a particular problem for your customers.

Standing out from a crowd is not an easy game and don’t think that the development is the last phase. You need to make people aware of your product and its importance in their life. People always are in search of a good product that will provide proper value to their investment. The logic is very simple but the implementation should be proper.

Podcasting and Video Marketing are two greatest ways to market your business. Both of them have their own benefits. If you have not implemented these two approaches in your marketing strategy, then first know about them.

Importance of Podcasting

You might be in SaaS or another business but you can’t stay from the competition. Maybe you have developed a superior product for your customers but you should mandatorily concentrate on ensuring that the specific market is getting acquainted with your product and having a positive impression of it.

In a nutshell, you must build a trust for your brand in your audiences’ mind. People may never purchase your product until they acquire a strong belief regarding your product.

How can you stand out from various other alternatives? Remember, your competitors are also planning their marketing strategy. To stay ahead of others, you can start publishing online content. People always search for top-quality content and you should focus on this objective properly. The produced content needs to help your customers to solve a specific problem. If it’s good, then it is more likely to build goodwill, acquire trust, and a strong position in the particular industry.

Potential customers are in the requirement of the specific result and for that, they are ready to invest. Living in the digital era, more and more people are now inclined towards online information and a well-written content can help them in finding out a proper solution.

From this perspective, the requirement of a proper content marketing strategy has come into existence. A good and thoughtful plan might be helpful in making a positive impression on the particular focused market. If you have posted a great range of contents, then you can hope for the best.

If you have not started attracting your target audiences with podcasts, then you should get prepared to pitch your first audio content. The benefits you will get through this strategy are as follows:


Users can easily access audio content, as compared to video and text content. They don’t need to set a schedule to focus your content because they can listen to audio while performing another task. Your podcast will help to enhance their knowledge. In simple words, audio content offers a great convenience.

Help to Improve Your Reach:

Whenever you publish a high-valued podcast on well-known platforms, you are revealing your top-class contents to a large number of listeners (at free of cost). These prominent platforms are just as search engines and audiences use these platforms to find out podcasts. This kind of organic exposure is helpful for you in increasing your popularity and growing the audience base.

It is Budget-Friendly:

You can record your podcast episode easily and quickly, as compared to recording a particular video or writing a piece of content. For creating an outstanding podcast episode, you need to record your speech. You will require a good microphone, as well as, a program to record and edit the episodes and that’s it! Now, you are ready to produce an amazing audio content.

It Provides a Forum:

The well-known format of interview enables the audiences to gather knowledge from the expertise, masterstrokes, and failures of your guests while adding further popular connections to the network. You can expect a winning situation. In case your guests ready to promote such interviews, then you will obtain free exposure to several other audiences bases.

It helps to get Popularity:

Podcasting is full with several opportunities. Based on your topic or niche, you might take the advantage of facing comparatively little competition. If you are hosting a high-quality podcast, then it will help you in standing out from your competitors in the specific field that in turn, provides you with a strong position in your field.

It helps in Trust Building:

Audio content implies one’s personality and authenticity. Whenever audiences listen to your speech, then slowly they start believing in your words. They can easily assess the excitement in your tone and can also feel your urge to help them in times while you explore topics, relevant to both sides. It works as a catalyst in the procedure of trust building. Podcasts are very much helpful to make connections with your target audiences.

Video Marketing

Maybe you know that videos are a great way to build an emotional bridge with audiences. By taking help of videos, you can easily display the benefits involved with your SaaS and also introduce the individual or team behind the product.

According to a recent study, 60 percent of website visitors will go through a video in case it is available before reading any type of text.


You can grow the popularity of your product only when more and more people start knowing about your product and you as well. No one wants to lose his/her brand’s identity in the crowd of competitors, that’s why it is very important to prepare a solid marketing plan. With the help of videos, you can present the values of your products to your customers in a convenient, quick, and easy manner.

Video marketing is one of the greatest marketing approaches for SaaS business. With the help of video marketing, you can educate your audiences and thus they can easily realize the usefulness of your product.

Videos explain stories in such a manner that people are more comfortably and conveniently understand them. Emotional connection plays an important role while it comes to the question of purchasing decisions.

Videos play a significant role in the social media contents. You might know that people are more likely interested in sharing useful videos on different Social Media Platforms.

Nowadays, online presence is an important aspect of your marketing strategy. You need to make a big identity if you want to market your product. Why should people trust your product? Your personality, voice, expression and all should create a positive impression in the audiences’ mind. They should feel the importance of your product. Video marketing can be very helpful and useful strategy to make your brand a highly successful one.

YouTube Video Marketing

YouTube is a highly popular, the second largest, and heavily prominent search engine. It holds more than one billion of monthly user bases. According to studies, this particular video platform is featured with the best Return on investment or ROI in the comparison of other social media platforms.

You might know that YouTube sponsorships are among the high-ranked tools target for customer acquisition. With the passage of time, YouTube has become a powerful standard while it is a question of convincing messages and acquiring top-level conversion rates. If influencers combine it with proper messages and deliver those messages to the existing audiences, then it might become a strategy for a massive success.

For an instance, Marriott and other various travel brands are making integration with top-class YouTubers into the particular marketing strategies. Marriott’s “#itpaystobookdirect” campaigns were among these types of influencer marketing campaigns. With the help of this campaign, it was possible to educate and convince travelers about the advantages of direct booking on over third-party sites.

If you own a SaaS startup, then you might have a good idea about influencer marketing campaign and now you will be amazed to know that YouTube is the greatest platform for this marketing because it is able to follow face-to-face influence and improve storytelling for the sales’ of your product. This outstanding platform encourages viewers to take actions.

A proper marketing strategy is very important for any business. It provides an identity for you and your brand. Podcasting and YouTube Video Marketing both are great techniques to make people aware of your product. Now, just make a correct and workable marketing plan for your business and start executing it.

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