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How to Growth Hack your SAAS Startup using Influencer marketing with case studies

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Undoubtedly, influencer marketing is becoming a very popular buzzword in the field of marketing, however, the astonishing fact is that still many people are not aware of this strategy. It is another format of PR. It is a sophisticated approach, as compared to PR.

What is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing is one kind of marketing strategy that utilizes big leaders to make the message of a particular brand to the leading market more powerful. This particular marketing strategy is helpful in making a great exposure, as well as monetizing external public and Tapinfluence has given the same opinion about the strategy of influencer marketing.

Influencer marketing is sourced from a modern reference that is a fundamental strategy level related to outbound outreach.

Influencer Marketing – Reasons behind Popularity

The approach of influencer marketing is getting popular day by day. This strategy is a costly service but it requires a minimal level of effort. However, the mindset of minimal work can result in a wrong implementation. You might know that sometimes, markers do implement a new strategy in an erroneous way.

Inbound marketing is one of the popular marketing strategies but in 75% of the cases, it is executed poorly. For that reason, it does not provide powerful efficiency rate. Therefore, first, you need to learn the concept of influencer marketing properly. A correct strategy of influencer marketing has a requirement for actual work. You should learn to do hard work.

All of the influencers make use of their personal relationships, as well as, knowledge to retain the interest of audiences and encourage them to take action. It signifies that influencer marketing strategies hold the power to carry on with ROI generation.

SaaS Startup and Influencer Marketing

Whenever a SaaS startup makes use of influencers to attain their target audience, the genuine and deeply integrated campaigns take place. Thus, sharing of the objects and formation of relationships do happen. It is difficult for a brand to fulfill all these criteria without making a direct connection with the respective influencer.

A detailed process is discussed below that you should follow to make a progress of your SaaS by taking help of the influencers.

Analyze Your Requirement:

Before start searching the influencers, you need to think about your offerings. As you are an owner of a startup, you do not have massive popularity in a specific industry. In this situation, you need to think of some different and interesting ways, such as: 1 year free subscription to the particular SaaS product, guaranteed future association, and possible equity.

Sometimes, the influencer can be another company as well. If this is the scenario, then you can participate in co-marketing. As an example: two SaaS establishments can think of publishing a whitepaper or think of hosting a live webinar jointly. As the influencer’s brand is also getting exposure, they will be greatly motivated.

 Start Searching Influencers:

It is one of the most important and considerable parts of influencer marketing strategy. It is very important to find out correct influencers for the respective SaaS startup. You can make use of the following tips:

Social Media:

You need to use hashtags, such as #SaaS, as well as #xyzsoftware to find out the most popular posts and tweets.

Make Use of Reddit:

Sub-reddits of Reddit is a prominent destination, where discussions about SaaS along with others take place. You can use this particular platform to find out the personality, who is receiving more votes.

Use a Prominent Influencer Marketing Platform:

You can start your search in a reliable influencer market platform because it will make your work easier. These types of solutions provide help to the companies so that they can leverage their word of mouth. It also displays niche experts’ influence on various Social Platforms.

Sometimes, SaaS startups make various mistakes while they limit their choice of influencers. It might work sometimes, however, you need those people, who are really great at sales. Customers are always interested to know how your software is going to help them and solve their problem rather than knowing about its technical features. If you want to attract customers towards your product, then first you need to provide them a valid reason and a great value (s).

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Make Use of their Insights in a Proper Way:

You need to make a proper utilization of the insights given by the influencers. For that reason, you should work with them properly and attentively in order to make a promotion of the particular co-created content. You can collect insights from more than one influencers and post them as quotes within a unique and outstanding blog post.

You can also build use cases to display their insights. Various use cases might be constructed for several aspects regarding the specific SaaS software. You can feature different influencers depending on their expertise. It is essential to find out those influencers, who genuinely use SaaS software. Your goal is to get a positive reaction from your audience.

Development of Your Influencer Marketing Strategy

With the following simple-to-understand steps, you will get an idea of structuring your own influencer marketing approach. However, you need to remember your priorities, marketing goals, and resources prior to making your plan.

Find Out and Define Your Audience:

The concept of influencer marketing initiates with the process of identification of your target audience. After that, you need to find out how the searching procedure influences them and influence their assessment and decision of purchasing merchandise.

Find out the Correct Influencers:

You need to start searching for those people, who are able to generate and share influential content, good for your business growth and your customers’ decision-making strategy.

Start Monitoring Influencers to Get Opportunities:

You should follow your particular influencers with proper concentration and then start tracking their content. Don’t forget to prepare your questions about the topics of writing, the sharing strategy or the questions of their audiences.

Know about the Proper Actions:

You need to aware of the actions required in this regard. Start forming relationships by implementing simple actions, such as by following, as well as, sharing the specific links, start becoming familiar with them, building trust, and then you need to make proper strategies that will help both of you to work together.

In a nutshell, before expecting any help from others. You must give your own contribution. You need to give a proper value and a valid reason to stand out from the crowd.

Measure Your Results:

You should mandatorily monitor the relationship that you are forming, how your audiences are transforming into solid events, such as introductions, visits, mentions, and leads.

Since past few years, various agencies and brands have taken their influencer marketing within their own organization.

Several benefits are involved with this strategy. Forming an efficient internal team for operating your influencer marketing strategy signifies an increased count of relationships with influencers, proper pricing structure, and the structure of a company. All of these help to obtain better content and thus better returns. However, operating in-house campaigns can be a difficult matter.

You can follow the aforementioned strategies and make your own or customize it to structure a better plan. You might have realized that these steps are not very simple to implement but you should not lose your focus. Marketing is a crucial part of any business and you need to focus it carefully.

Some Other Points to Remember

A microsite might also be a decent alternative. You can receive one created, as well as present a giveaway (free), by taking the support of the specific influencer. In this way, you can easily monitor the engagement produced by their hard work. You should always preserve marketing data of the influencer in a separate place.

Above all, you must make sure that efforts of the influencers are providing help to the larger goals involved in your SaaS business. If your goal is to achieve 1,000 subscribers in the initial quarter, then particular campaign must include proper elements that will be able to provide support to that goal.

Another worth noting point in this regard is that the SaaS startup owners should always allow the influencers to make minute alterations to the particular campaigns (that they think as necessary to achieve the objective). It’s up to you whether you will allow them to perform the demonstration of the specific software or whether you will allow them to share a discount link. All of these things are very important to remember because they are able to improve the campaign of influencer campaign.

With the help of correct choices and proper planning, influencer marketing campaign can tremendously improve the manifestation of your SaaS business. You can also combine this technique with various other workable growth hacking approaches to fulfill your objective.

You have developed software by putting a lot of hard work, time, perspiration, and skill and now, you must implement correct steps to make it popular so that people can know about it. You need to need to plan each and every strategy very carefully and attentively.

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