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Evernote’s Marketing ideas and SAAS Growth Hacking Strategies

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Software as a Service is abbreviated as the SAAS. Today, the business focuses on doubling its revenue within a short span of time. SAAS growth hackers do the same for their business to maximize the revenue. Earlier Rule 72 was used for hacking SAAS. If you have the annual rate of return handy with you, you can estimate the minimum period required to double your business revenue. The search engine is today flooded with the numerous SAAS growth hacking strategies and ideas. However, to choose the right one is still a whammy situation for most of the intellects.


The best 15 SAAS Growth Hacking Strategies and Ideas from Evernote are as follows:

  1. Million User Milestone:

Evernote was successful in dragging its first million users in about 446 days. For each new inclusion of a million users, the time span was reduced to half. It was due to the accuracy of the Evernote SAAS in winning the heart of millions. This early traction then felicitated the Evernote entrepreneurs with the perfect timing for the launch of their services. Today, approximately 19,000 individuals sign up and join the family of Evernote every day.


  1. Excellent Timing:

As mentioned earlier, the early traction paved the way for the exact launch period for Evernote services to be out in the market. To add-on to their bright fate, was the existence of the right app store. The app store facilitated many startups like the Evernote to reach millions of users instantly. The users were desirous to customize their smartphones with new value-added apps.

  1. The tagline of the Great Product:

Evernote is honored to be the greatest of all the products available in the market. The product itself was self-sufficient to drag a pool of millions of quality customers. There was no such need for any marketing strategy or affiliation program to market the product on behalf of the company.


  1. Evernote can remember anything and everything. Whatever information you want the Evernote to reproduce for you, it will do so. The Evernote are deprived of file constraint errors, size limitations, and the complicated rules. This enhances it to function efficiently.


  1. The Evernote user experience

This has been impressive since its birth. In spite of dumping everything into a single app, the Evernote facilitates for native apps. The native apps are platform specific. You do not have to crumble with a single app for diverse platforms.


  1. Evernote’s OCR technique:

OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition. Evernote’s OCR aids to search the imbibed text within the images. Evernote OCR feature facilitates business cards, business receipts, and the takeout menus of the business.

  1. Synchronizing Diverse Platform: Evernote proffers the user with syncing diverse platforms. Since 2010, users were able to access Evernote apps across multiple platforms especially a desktop in addition to a Smartphone.
  2. Applaud the Satisfied Customers:

To receive a token of appreciation from the existing customer’s functions as the source of gratification to the Evernote SAAS owners. As your client appreciates your product, naturally it gives out positive vibes to other app seekers in the market to invest in your products. Unless and until your product/service is of the quality perfect, your client will not be satisfied.


  1. Closed Beta on TechCrunch:

The Evernote launched its Closed Beta on TechCrunch and was highly appreciated by the TechCrunch for its service quality. Closed Beta proved to be a marketing strategy for the Evernote to capture the market. The company targeted to receive a buzz from about 10,000 beta users. However, they were surprised when the no. crossed 1,25,000 within a span of about four months. The Evernote was fortunate enough to run their services without any crash and in 2008, they made an exit from the Closed Beta with a user range of about 1,25,000.

  1. Freemium Model:

Freemium model enables the users to sign up for free service of Evernote. After satisfactory results, the clients upgrade to the paid version. The paid version allows unlocking the additional features of the Evernote owners. The conversion rate of the Evernote users is proportionate with the age of users. The revenue stat of the Evernote in 2010 was nine percent pr active user, and the company incurred revenue of twenty-five percent per user per month.

  1. Evernote’s Growth Engine:

Evernote’s Growth Engine revolves around the following four zones:

  • The tagline of being the Great Product
  • Applaud from the Satisfied Customers
  • Freemium Model
  • Increase in Value proportionate to its use.


  1. Adorable Core and Simplified Features:@

The Evernote’s simplicity has increased the quantity of the use cases. The Evernote app resembles a blank document for the users to work on their creativity and innovation to customize it the way they want.


  1. Evernote has upgraded its new service version to accelerate its sharing and performance.

  2. Evernote Ambassadors:

Evernote Ambassadors are the key strategist for the SAAS growth. Their role is to build a robust and engaging clientele for their business to prosper. The ambassadors are the ones who engage in meetings and quantify the service information of Evernote SAAS. They are the Evernote SAAS promoters. They do extend stickers and premium trial coupons which generate a pool of customers for the Evernote services.

  1. Evernote Reward Initiative:

Evernote Reward Initiative is known as the Evernote Referral Program. Under this, the company extends the rewards to their loyal customer to maximize their client circle. New users, which activate the Evernote membership through a referral, receive a free subscription for a specified period; while the referrers earn points to be redeemed for the benefits.

The referrer benefits include the following:

  • Annual Evernote Premium Subscription
  • Monthly Upload Limit boosted by one gigabyte.
  • A VIP ticket to the Evernote Conference scheduled in San Francisco.
  • A lavish lunch with the Evernote team at their headquarters.


  1. Acquisition and the Product Extensions:

As an addendum to the original Evernote app, the company proffers additional product extensions to its users, which includes the following:

  • Skitch
  • Penultimate
  • Evernote Hello
  • Evernote Food
  • Evernote Clearly
  • Evernote Perk
  • Evernote Moleskin Smart Notebook
  • Two high-end backpacks
  • Adonit Jot Script
  • Livescript Pen Integration

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