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Learn e-commerce conversion rate Optimization best practices from these case studies

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It is completely, a systematic approach used to improve the conversion rate. To increase the number of website visitors desired actions are taken by CRO. This is a concept from which you can get more sales without requiring more traffic. The reason behind is improving sales means that you can earn more money by implementing the same amount of effort as well as expenditure. This means that if you are currently investing to get the maximum traffic then it will move forward. This means that once you spend more money to increase traffic, then it is more valuable. Therefore the traffic will become extremely high. A conversion rate is simply defined as the percentage of visitors.

20 e-commerce conversion rate Optimization case studies and best practices

  1. Images are preferred to increase conversion rate:

Instead of downloading videos customers generally like to view images. Marketers also prefer to with pictures than to hear ‘Videos’. However, images have the ability to outperform videos. Videos are only preferred for some websites, and for others, it is a total distraction. An individual has to study the audience before adding videos to your website. The website marketers target every age citizens, to increase the conversion rate. An image works better than video in such websites.

For example:

When we compare the two websites one having images and other have videos. Then the result of image full website is greater than a video one. The conversion rate of image designing website is a perfect example for increasing visitors.

  1. Designing of a website:

An impressive website is responsible for attracting customers. An old website does not attract attention for a long time. People just think that it is not good to use anymore. Therefore in that case redesigning your website is the only solution to increase conversion rate. For this, the designers can use Inc. and RTC cutting tool. These hard steps are always responsible for success.

For example:

If your website is almost 15 years old then surely it is not a cup of tea for a young generation. Thus an innovative attractive designing is essential to increase your conversion rate.

  1. CTA matters a lot:

CTA should be placed in a clear manner on a landing page. It is essential so that visitor can easily view the actions implemented on the website. The color or features added to make your website more interesting is comes under CTA. Thus you can easily implement certain changes to make it prominent:

  • Color of CTA can change
  • Make use of edges or squares
  • Size and location of button

For example:

If your website has white background color so in that you can implement attractive buttons with different colors.

  1. A detailed description of product:

Instead of confusing customers try to provide a detailed description. Make use of images so that customers can easily choose the products used for them. Make the product detail precise and attractive one.

For example:

The important need for a product is price, warranty and other details in brief. 2-3 line content is almost sufficient for product description.

  1. Include live chats:

This concept is based on a real-time system.  Add the live chat option to some web pages to engage your visitors. Or if in any case, live chat is not possible, then try to connect with customers in a simple and quick way. Live chat increases the conversion rate in pages. Thus it will further decrease the frustration of customers.

For example, provide them with a helpline number or conduct occasional live Q & A sessions on Skype or Google+. The idea is to stay connected with your customers and offer help when required.

  1. Try to make website mobile friendly:

With the enormous increase in mobile usage, it is essential that your website should be mobile-friendly. This is necessary to get success among e-commerce marketers in this competitive world. It is an important need to reduce the number of pages on your site. It’s quite easy for visitors to search for mobile gadgets instead of making use of laptops.

For example:

An individual can easily view the description whenever needed.

  1. Make use of return policy:

Research shows that the majority of customers will check the return policy before committing to a purchase. This option is helpful for every individual to get rid of product error or any damage.

For example:

Return policy with a certain time limit is quite accessible for customer satisfaction.

  1. Make use of reviews and testimonials:

Customer testimonials and reviews are seen by other visitors also. So, it is important to increase the conversion rate of e-commerce websites. It contains some specific description of the product, which is further easy to understand for others also.

For example:

It includes customer experience about a product.

  1. Add blogs to your e-commerce websites:

Make use of blogs so that visitors can easily understand the use and services. This should be innovative so that everyone feels curious to purchase those items.

For example:

Services like free delivery or manufacturing details come under it.

  1. Discount codes or offers:

In this, we can talk about exclusive offers or incentives. Since your discount and the special offer will increase the conversion rate. Make sure to add some innovative ideas for attracting attention from customers in right away.

For example:

You can use lucky draws or coupons.

  1. Offer guarantee:

When people spend their money on fashionable and other expensive items such as branded accessories or gadgets then adding a guarantee can increase your sales.

For example:

A deal with return back policy comes under it.

  1. Free shipping:

Free shipping is a best option to attract customers. Thus it also makes your website somewhat cheaper than the competitors. Never try to underestimate the modest reduction in cost.

For example:

Free shipping with location tracker can help you to get full information about your product.

  1. Advertise through social media:

Take help of social media channels to advertise your product in worldwide areas. A small short video or image display occurrence after a certain interval of time counted as promotion activities.

For example:

You can use Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn and other social sites.

  1. Use contact details:

Information details and contact option can make your shopping process easy. This also built trust and provides satisfaction to customers.

For example:

You can add toll-free numbers and email id to make your website friendly.

  1. Target your audience:

Your website is nothing without your customer or visitor. So, try to target your audience by providing them exclusive offers or some giveaways.

For example:

You can add the experience of other customers for satisfaction and increase conversion rate.

  1. Payment options:

This is usually checked by customers while purchasing anything from stores. Thus, try to make it accessible through credit card or debit card payment methods. The other option is cash on delivery which is suitable for those who do not want to share their account details with anyone.

For example:

You can use authorized bank cards to purchase the selected items.

  1. Make use of newsletter:

Instead of just asking visitors, show some previews so that they can easily understand about a product. In this, you can also include the options such as what they can see for the audience to win the FD, especially when their personal information such as mobile numbers, credit card numbers, addresses and focus them in a similar way.

For example:

The increase rate of sign-up can easily display the increase rate of conversion from so far.

  1. Do not try to distract audience so make it clutter-free:

Marketers believe that providing a lot of information is helpful for customers. Through this customers can make better purchase decisions. But too much information can also distract or give the wrong impression about a product. Rather than focusing on long-established concepts and designs, it’s better to provide them what they want. Try to verify your product and establish levels of the marketing among competitors.

For example:

If your website is all about books then instead of targeting outer stores just try to make it precise.

  1. Make landing page attractive:

Thus, to do so you can add some extra features to your landing page. Select the proper layout designing and match the color contrast according to your page. You can also add high-resolution images of your product to engage customers.

For example:

Product with discount charges on the landing page will attract visitors.

  1. Customer reviews:

Must check the reviews of customer continuously and update the changes if needed. This will build a strong relationship between you and your customers.

For example:

If the customers are commenting on price or contact details then work on it in a precise manner.

An e-commerce conversion rate identifies the percentage rate of website visitors. CRO can be easily conducted on category pages, landing pages or at any other location where customer visit. A marketer is completely dependent upon CRO they use some tactics to increase visitor.

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