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50 growth hacking tools to scale up your SaaS start up

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Most of the SaaS start-up bite the dust within four years from inception as they are unable to get a traction. We will discuss how to growth hack your way to get a traction, and gather momentum when you are involved with a SaaS startup. Traction is defined as the quantitative proof of what the customers demand. Give them what they desire and smile all the way to the bank. Use low cost experiments in the rapidly changing markets; quantify them to achieve exploding growth. The cost effective tools implemented to quantify customers demand and achieve a higher growth rate is popularly known as growth hacking tools. Sean Ellis, the father of growth hacking believes the greatest mistake a SaaS start-up makes is to assign the task of extrapolating the sales figure solely to the sales team. Let’s get started!

Hack#1 Research for the user feedback and study market insight tools

  • Seek market insight tools to receive a proper feedback on your product, engagement of your customer with your activities like surveys, reviews so on so forth.
  • Study the target customers’ response to the market of your product.
  • Mopinion and Qualaroo and many others are user feedback tool that are easily accessible. They collect and analyze real time data to help you keep a track of the visitors to conversion ratio.

Hack#2 Twiiter marketing

  • Promote your product through simple tweets. Now that twitter has raised its word limit, you might as well use this opportunity to market your product.
  • Increase your fan following by distributing a coupon to each of your follower in lieu of promoting your product.

Hack#3 Use traffic growth tools

  • Engage with your followers through growth hacking tools like Colibri, Mixranks, and Twilighter through online conversation.
  • You will receive a valuable insight as to which part of your SaaS products need to undergo an upgrade or an improvement.
  • Your engaged customers will update you about the traffic generated with the competitor and in what way they are better than you. You get a real time feedback to work on.

Hack#4 Search for the most shared articles on your product

  • Install BuzSumo which is a pretty amazing app. All you need to do is enter any term on it. The app will find for you the most shared articles on the social media.
  • Accordingly you can start writing your blog around pretty much similar topic to compete with your nearest rivals in business.

Hack#5 Create a descriptive landing page

  • Combine your landing page creation along with A/B testing to achieve optimal use of the landing page.
  • We must remember, in this context Unbounce, a SaaS company based in USA. They formed various templates to reach the landing page carrying tons of educative information for the potential customers.

Hack#6 Proper introductions

  • You have invested money in your business, make yourself easily accessible to your visitors.
  • A warm welcome to your potential customers help you get them down the funnel more easily. Go out of your way to help them.

Hack#7 Easy navigation and call to action on landing pages

  • Awebar and Mailchimp are best in the market to create an amazing landing page with all templates that your SaaS start up might require.
  • A call to action at the end of the landing page boosts the conversion of lazy visitors.

Hack# 8 Use customer experience tools

  • You get immense benefit by using a user experience (UX) tools. They track customers interaction with your website like click behavior and exit intent. The captured data is sent to you to work on them.
  • Hotjar is one such growth hacking tool

Hack #9 Blog about your product and reblog the same topic after a few days

  • “One cannot find a person if he’s hiding in Google’s second page” has become almost an adage.
  • Unless you have a killer team who produces amazing blogs every day, make sure to push the same blog again after few days to retain visibility.

Hack#10 Quid Pro-quo programs

  • Promote your products through free e-books, webinar, coupons, and gift certificates.
  • Get a celebrity guest to promote your product and reach out to a targeted list of e-mail subscribers with his/her message.

Hack #11 go for a video marketing

  • Vooza and Famebit have so far made unique content with You-tube videos.
  • Although not quite growth-hacking tools, however, its quite engaging and promotes your product to a great extent.

Hack#12 Customer acquisition tools

  • When it comes to upgrade content optimization, conversion rate optimization, and lead generation, you got to depend on customer acquisition tools.
  • Mozbar and LeadCrunch is two such tools that help you analyze the data when you are working with Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

Hack #13 make a headway in marketing automation

  • GetDrip is one marketing automation tool that doesn’t cost a bomb and is easy to set up.
  • They add widgets as pop-up, collect e-mails, have a call-to-action template and runs fast.

Hack# 14 Use Funnel Feed to analyze your data

  • You have a favorite button on twitter. If any of your customer presses the “favorite” button, his followers start following you.
  • This leads to a higher traffic generation, and you can tweet about your product keeping in mind the keywords that has hit favorite with your customers.

Hack#15 Email marketing tools

  • It is still relevant at the twitter age. They have stood the test of time and being less intrusive, work well in conversion rate.
  • MailChimp is one such tool who separates your target customer based on their taste and preference, behavior pattern and purchase pattern.
  • You can use the data to trigger off a series of emails.

Hack#16 Conversion pop ups

  • Bounce Exchange allows you to invite your customers to convert just before they plan to leave the site.
  • The algorithm works perfectly well to convert uninterested customer.

Hack#17 Reach out to relevant journalists

  • Pitch in to journalists and request them to write about your product. It might not be eeasy for a SaaS start-up, however you can try Quora and Reddit to increase your visibility.

Hack #18 Consumer Barometer

  • Consumer Barrometer shows how people across the Globe use the internet.
  • It is mostly used by e-commerce companies to research on their average app usage by customers, and purchase behavior. These tools even provide data and graphical pattern of the purchase by customer.

Hack#19 Kampyle

  • This growth hacking tool enables you to quickly create feedback forms.
  • Track the experience of your visitors on your website and set up proactive triggers to drive the data.

Hack#20 Build up a long term strategy: Build up external forums

  • The strategy should be cost effective in the first place.
  • Also make sure the time management takes less time to set up the strategy and let it sail through.
  • Gitomer’s sales forums are a sure way to make your product more visible.

Hack# 21 Build more platforms like LinkedIn

  • Explore professional portals like LinkedIn to understand the pulse of the industry.
  • Build up more communities with similar interests to generate more traffic.

Hack#22 Colibri

  • It’s a growth hacking tool to aggregate the data across social network and other online forums.
  • You can understand the pulse of the customer about your product.
  • These tools help you to get higher rank in Google search.

Hack#23 Promote ads on link sharing

  • This growth hacking tool allows you to share links of breaking news and puts an advertisement every time you share the link.
  • If your advertisement is related to the content, more people will follow the product and conversion ratio will get a boost.

Hack#24 MixRank

  • It enables the user to research about the competitors. They expose the traffic source of your competitor.
  • It is equipped with the ability to scan millions website and apps post which it can send across the contact detail of the potential customer. You sales team can then work on the lead to get it converted.

Hack#25 Clicky

  • Track engagement of your customers with this app. User can register on the site and check out the activities of their customer like page reviews and downloads.
  • With a user friendly dashboard it has proved to be very effective real time growth-hacking tools for the SaaS start ups.

Hack #26 E-mail collect pop up – SumoMe Scroll Box

  • This app pops up every time, visitors go through your blog, and get their e-mail id for future reference.
  • It can be customized as per your need.

Hack#27 SumoMeTwilighter – Tweet your text

  • It’s a brainchild of Noah Kagan. It makes for easy sharing so that visitors to your website can highlight a text and send it across twitter and the content can spread like bonfire.

Hack#28 SumoMe Image sharer

  • Sharing your content along with images get a 39% mer engagement in social networking sites. This app makes it accessible to share images. Install the app to be able to share images in Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.
  • An image with the content drives more people to visit your website thus increasing the traffic and conversion rate.

Hack#29 Crazy Egg

  • Crazy Egg throws light on the behavior of the visitor. Their clicks, their scrolling through the website are recorded.
  • They bring to your notice separate traffic segment and allows you to analyze the behavior of a particular segment.

Hack#30 Mouseflow

  • The app follows the navigation route a visitor the website indulges in.
  • It produces heatmaps to show how much the visitor is interacting with the product on your website.
  • You can work on the reports to improve your traffic generation.

Hack#31 Optimonk – Conversion pop ups

  • This is another tool quite like the BounceExchange that redirects a leaving visitor to the sign-up page and facilitates conversion.
  • The only problem a SaaS start-up faces with Optimonk is they are incompatible with “http”

Hack#31 Tribeboost

  • This app is a killer. Install the app and let your number of followers swell up. Make sure you share your preference for customers, i.e. their purchase habits and behavior with the app.
  • They have a unique feature where they filter out inactive twitter members, as well as members who do not match your description of potential customers.

Hack#32 Hello Bar – Notification bar

  • Get your website more clicks with Hello Bar notification bar.
  • It’s a pretty humble bar placed cleverly on the top of the site, and has a call-to-action.
  • The professional version allows you to carry on A/B testing.

Hack#33 Clicktale

  • This is a website analytics software that detects the number of click per page view and how far the customer scrolls down.
  • The data can be linked to visual website optimizer.

Hack#34 Virtual website optimizer

  • It’s a popular tool that enables you to perform A/B testing.
  • They produce heatmaps, behavioral testing, and usability testing.

Hack#35  Optimizerly – A/B testing

  • Optimizerly is the pioneer, who created user-friendly platform for A/B testing from your website.
  • With a rockstar support staff, install their app if you are going ahead with A/B testing.

Hack#36 Usability Hub

  • This hub is a app that facilitates the designers and developers to perform click test, navigation test and preference test.
  • The registered user has to be above 18 in order to carry out the tests.

Hack#37 Listbuilder

  • It helps you prepare your e-mailing lists. Customize the app according to the design of your website. The visitors are requested to drop in their e-mail ids to help you track them later.

Hack#38 Sendgrid

  • It is an app that works on cloud based e-mail platform. It contains the best-in-class infrastructure for e-mails.
  • As a SaaS start-up you can send quick e-mail, track visitors. They offer you to view real time analytics as well.

Hack#39 Visistat

  • The app allows you to translate the IP address of the visitor into their company name. This is a case only when the visitor approaches your website from their office IP address.
  • Follow the company and approach it with your products to increase conversion rate.

Hack#40 Yesware

  • This growth hacking tool enables you to check if a recipient has opened your promotional e-mail.
  • It provides you with sufficient information to track a prospective customer.

Hack#41 SellHack and Toofr – find e-mail

  • These two app has easy access to people’s e-mail address.
  • It helps you reach out to a greater number of customers.

Hack#42 Customer.IO

  • This is a specific marketing tool. You can allow your marketing team to use it.
  • They can send across targeted email to specific segment of customer. It includes A/B testing.

Hack#43 Full Contact

  • This growth hacking tools enables you to receive the e-mail addresses of all persons who are active on social networking sites.
  • You can integrate it with your website or any other apps you use.

Hack#44 Vero

  • Track customer data on real-time basis. Form various market segments of customers based on their preferences and purchase behavior.
  • Target the user who filled the shopping cart and left immediately without purchase. Send across e-mails to track them and put them down the funnel.

Hack#45 Intercom.IO

  • This app is pretty much similar to Zendesk that allows you to interact with your customers. For example, the app brings e-mail marketing, CRM,marketing automation under one umbrella.
  • The friction between the app is reduced to nil and allows free flow of information and action.

Hack#46 Campaign Monitor

  • It enables you to formulate various segment of customer. Customize e-mails to suit your brand and accordingly design your campaign to promote your SaaS start-up.

Hack#47 Hubspot

  • This is yet another growth-hacking tool that is part of the inbound marketing tools. It increase visibility of your product, convert the visitors to prospective customers and help in tracking campaign.
  • It is capable of tracking blogging, and social media activities.

Hack#48 Buffer

  • It facilitates organizing and managing your social media networking.
  • It collates data that needs to be sent out at a particular time, and posts it simultaneously to all social media sites.

Hack#49 Kissmetrics

  • This is a rockstar growth hacking tool that lets you know the behavior of the traffic that visits your site.
  • It fine-tunes the analytics and gives a mind blowing boost to conversion rate.

Hack#50 Outbrain

  • Increase your traffic to your blogs, and online content by installing this app.
  • The downside with this app is you cannot share any advertisements. All you have to do is set up a budget. Pay for each visit of the customer till you reach the said budget.
  • This app is equipped with advanced testing capabilities and conversion tools that enables you to understand optimization outcome.

Use various apps simultaneously to extrapolate your growth rate. Steer clear of limiting your area of growth. With so many options, do not get spoilt for choices. As a SaaS start-up, take customer feedback seriously and act upon them.

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