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15 SAAS Marketing Ideas and Growth Hacking Strategies from GITHUB

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What is meant by SAAS?

SAAS is the abbreviation for Software as a Service. It is a type of model for licensing the software and delivering it. The software under SAAS is licensed on a subscription basis.

What are the exclusive features of the Growth Hackers?

The Growth Hackers is a SAAS growth hacking strategist, which renders its client business with the cross-functional and value-driven approach.

Their prime features include the following:

  • Ignite Growth
  • Manage Growth
  • Connect with the Thought Leaders
  • Learn growth Skills

Here are the 15 SAAS Marketing ideas and Growth Hacking Strategies from GITHUB?

GITHUB is a service extended by the Growth Hackers. The 15 SAAS Growth Hacking Strategies and Ideas from GITHUB are as follows:

  1. Problem-solving Approach:

It was in 2015, which marked the birth of the GIT as a new edition for the Linux Kernel Development.

A feature of the GIT- Linux Kernel Development includes the following:

  • Precise and robust as compared to its counterparts
  • Better-upgraded version in comparison to the other version-controlled software is flooding the market.


  1. Collaborator Problem Solving Approach from GITHUB:

As the new version of Linux Kernel Development-GIT was released, it was criticized to be problematic in collaboration. It was later upgraded, and this is how the GITHUB was brought to life.

Features of the GITHUB are as follows:

  • Forking: Allows the customer to copy and paste the repository into his or her account and modify if needed.
  • Pull Request: Modified repositories can then b shared with the repository owners.
  • Merging: If the changes are appealing to the repository owners, he can merge the modified version with the original

The upgraded version is now efficient in solving the collaboration problem of the GIT.


  1. Network Effect along with the Marketplace:

GITHUB is enhanced by the functionalities of both the network effect and the dynamics of the marketplace. The benefit of this dual combo to the company is as follows:

Network effect drags the quantity of the quality customers to be a part of the GITHUB family.

Market dynamics utilizes the code and ever-growing code repositories of the customers and presents them for dire the attention of the code seekers for their ongoing projects.


How are the new users dragged in?

  • The new users are dragged in when someone searches for his or her
  • In case, the existing GITHUB users sent them an invitation.
  • They may also be dragged into a conglomerate to be a part of an open source project.


  1. Aids the people to work with the developers

GITHUB is the place, which provides a perfect platform for many people to work with different developers.


How the technical marketers and the related professionals to make the best use of the GITHUB platform?

The technical marketers and the related professionals make the best use of the GITHUB platform to connect with the developers to work in coalition with them in the following ways:

  • Open Source Information
  • Books
  • Blogging


  1. Word of Mouth-Sharing your project with your colleagues:

GITHUB Word of Mouth feature works efficiently in parallel to the principle of carrying a big ship with a soft speaking.


What does the Word of Mouth render its users with?

It renders its users with the following:

  • Content
  • Thought Process
  • Problem Solving Approach
  • Ease of Use


  1. Freemium:

Freemium has made an enormous contribution to the GITHUB’s progress this service was initially free to the users for both the private and public repository. Currently, the private pool costs 7 dollars for the individuals and 25 dollars for the organizations. The paid repository helps their clients to maintain the business privacy.


  1. GITHUB’s Collaborative Open Source Structure:

GITHUB’s Collaborative Open Source Structure eases working on both the existing and new projects. It is now possible for the companies to get their private repositories rectified by community interference. It can be acknowledged once the company publicizes it private repository.

GITHUB takes care of:

  • Open Source Code
  • Overhead Managing Patches
  • Versioning and Hosting of the Software’s
  1. Optimize the Software’s for the creativity and the quality

Today creativity and quality matter the most. It is indeed an important factor to analyze the needs of the client businesses and upgrade the products or services. Similarly, it is the need of the hour to develop a robust team who understands the market demand and executes the product/services accordingly. It leads to the optimization of the products and exhibits them as great products. The optimized products drag in the pool of the quality customers.


  1. Built what your heart says:

It is the foremost thing to stop following others advice blindly. GITHUB supports the principle of building what your heart tells and find solutions to your problems. The self-built and optimized products will eventually find an audience of similar taste. The company prioritizes what suits their taste and that of their clients. They ignore the suggestion that has or has not gone in their way.


  1. MVP-Minimal Viable Product

The next strategy for the SAAS growth from the GITHUB is the Minimal Viable Product. It is abbreviated as MVP. The company believes that the product must first be shipped. It can later be explored for the hidden bugs and the potentials of the softwares. It will lead to conclude how their clients are managing their extended products/services and what are the features that matter to them.

  1. GITHUB as an exceptionally adhesive product:

GITHUB is a hub for the fork and the pull requests, bug tracking and overall project collaboration. It keeps the community vibrant full of potent energy. The various GITHUB products released in the market makes the site more sticky and engaging.

  1. GITHUB pages:

GITHUB page facilitates the users to power their company’s web pages with the repositories. The repositories are also managed using the GITHUB.

  1. GITHUB as a software development program:

GITHUB facilitates the business to perform the following functions:

  • Search, Scrutinize and Recruit the new faces.
  • Facilitate people with the innovative ideas to connect with the businesses and execute the plans
  1. GITHUB developers are now focused on the books and hardware projects. The team is also extending its services to the U.S. and U.K> governments. It will foster the people to work collaborate rather than working alone.
  2. It is also facilitating the schematics for the circuit board, documentation for the legal processes, which ended its journey in a digitized format.


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