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10 ways to get more EMAIL SUBSCRIBERS for your SAAS start-up

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 Nowadays you will see many people do Email marketing. This is because you can get automated service to send the emails and it takes less energy and also time. But before all this, you need a strategy, planning, and most important intelligent execution. Here are few ways through which you can get more email subscribers for your SAAS start-up.


1) Add opt link to your Email:


If you want to send many emails in a day then there is one thing that you can do. You can add the hyperlinked CTA (call to action) in your Email signature. This has an ability to turn every recipient into an Email Subscriber. For this, you need to follow few steps and this can be done by using Gmail account or any other email provider too. You can follow these steps: Go to Settings then General after scrolling you will find the Signature section. And just follow the further process.

2) Link the Landing page on Twitter Bio:

             Social media is one of the best media to make yourself and your business popular. There are many sites through which we can advertise our business in no time. Much social media gives space to write the bio. In that space, you can write anything you want. You can write about yourself or you can write about your business. If you have an account on Twitter then in the bio you can write about your SAAS start-up and you can provide the link through which visitors can click on it and you can get more Email Subscribers.



3) Add Sign up button on the Facebook page:


In December 2014, Facebook added a new feature for which will be helpful for the business and this businesses will meet their goals. It calls to action button with the help of this button we can we can point towards the business. This button is a highly visible link pointing to the Facebook on or off. This has a limited number of options and they are: Book Now, Contact Us, Use App, Play Game, and Shop Now, Sign up, Watch Video. And for this, you will need only one button and it is Sign up. This is perfect for the adding your Saas start-up and through it, you can add more and more Email Subscribers. But how we can do this, just follow these simple steps and you are done. Go to the Facebook Page then click on the Call to Action button and click on next. Now select the button whichever you want. Once you have selected the button then enter the URL into it and then click on save changes and you are done. Now, Facebook page will display your CTA button and it will be very helpful for you.



4) Add pop up:

Nearly 70% of people once visit your website then they never return to your website. But you can convert this user to Email Subscribers with a small trick. It is called as the Exit-Intent Technology. It detects the behavior and then prompts the opt-in form when the user is leaving the web page or website. Seriously, this can increase your Email Subscribers in no time. Many Saas providers or bloggers or web developers increase their subscribers by using this trick.

Now how can we do that: If you have the pro plan of the OptinMonster then you can create the Exit-Intent popup in few minutes. If you don’t have the pro plan for the OptinMonster then you can sign up and upgrade your account to the pro plan.

5) Do not ask much information:

In many opt-in forms, we ask the name and the email address. But we need that information is the question. If you think that this information is not necessary then you should not ask. Many people don’t like to share private information like Birthdates, Age, Eye Colour and all that. This makes distraction and customers avoid visiting. If you keep limited information then it becomes easier to fill the information and there is no need to share private information.

6) Approach them:

Once you get there mobile numbers or email id then approaches them towards your work. By this, they will get in contact with your work and they will understand what your aim. By this they will visit to regularly after then you can ask them for the subscription. Before going for the email subscription you can take few interviews and through the interviews, you can achieve a lot. Your main goals in the interview can be:

  1. a) If any customer has a problem then finds a solution.
  2. b) If you offer product then keep multiple versions of it so its easy for all of
  3. c) Price of the product show is Ask customers will they purchase at this price. Sometimes it is necessary to take of the customer.

So by keeping this type of interviews and keeping the proper approach towards the customer, you can get more and more email subscribers. This one will require investment and when you invest in something positive you will get something good in return. Without approaching no one will get attention towards you or towards your product. If you take more care of your clients then you may have many ways to see your road. So take care that customers are happy with your solution and also you will get there the whole co-operation.


7) Evaluate and then scale up:

Once you get permanent subscribers then you can scale up yourself or you can try next step. Go and try to reach to your customers and ask them whether they are satisfied or not. Ask them whether they are comfortable or not. You can also ask them what they want our references to problems or you will get your own references for your problem. Also, you can make use of the cold emails. By this technique, you can easily get the attention of your customer and they will get engaged with your service or product. Cold emailing is good by this you can target anyone and you can go on with this.


8) Start with the existing network:

You can talk to the people you and they can talk to that person with whom they are friendly. Just everything about your plan and services so that they will not create any doubts in mind. Also, ask them about the pains and all the others things and don’t forget to find a solution on it, so that they will be in contact with you and your product or service. Then you can ask them to subscribe and tell them to share this with others. This is the step towards customer development and you are not selling anything to them you are just learning new things.


9) Start blogging immediately:


There can be many reasons to start a blog. You will find tons blogs on the internet. While starting blog keeps in mind people hate ads. Take care of ads while creating or developing blogs. Ads are really annoying for the visitors and they always hate them. By this, you may lose your regular visitors. At the top of your website, you can put the link in the email subscribe. By this, every visitor will know about your email subscription and also you can put the share button so that every visitor will share. Always publish awesome content so that people will wait for it and then your website will be boost by the traffic. Also, you can do it by using the process of guest blogging. Through this process, you can increase lots of Email Subscribers and your Saas start-up may get into the new way of success. By doing all this you will be successful in the network and huge power. And also, helpful to the people to whom you are already established.


10) Keep the proper hold on the traffic:

The advertisement has a lot of power. It can take you Saas business at a huge point. You can make use of social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and many others. You can put the link to your website or blog and through that, you can ask people to subscribe, so that you will get every information on upcoming products and seminars and many other things. If you have a good traffic then put the landing page on it. In that landing page, you can write about the advantages of Email subscribing us. Tell them that how you will provide them all the information through your email service. By doing all this you can gain the trust of the customer.

So here are few methods or ways through which we can get more Email subscribers. And your Saas startup will be at top level. Gathering people and being friendly will increase your confidence level. And this will help you to focus on customers problems. This is only a few ways to get the Email Subscribers but you can try more. You will get more new ideas when you get inside it.

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