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10 SAAS Marketing ideas and growth hacking strategies from Intercom

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Marketing is nothing but management and study of exchange of relationship. Basically marketing is done so that you can create something for customer as also to keep and satisfy the customer by fulfilling all his requests. Nowadays basically people are aware of the basic marketing strategies like advertisements, TV ads, paper Ads, etc. but still all the people are not aware of E-methods for marketing and ideas. Every day there is a new problem or new challenge in the market and we have to face it using today’s trend. It becomes difficult to always implement a growth hacking strategy. But there are some tips or ideas that can help you get various growth hacking strategies.

When SAAS marketing comes into mind, there is only one thing that strikes in mind and that word is business growth. For many years now SAAS marketing has been used a method of marketing and growth hacking. When the company wants to grow in terms of finance as well as human power, SAAS growth hacking strategy can be used by start-up companies. Not only start-up companies but also the well-established organizations take help of such strategies to grow their business.

SAAS is very difficult and hard to implement but it is a sure method of growth hacking strategy. In SAAS strategy, the product of company gives away free product or service as a strategic marketing policy. It is said that this is a great approach towards marketing. In SAAS marketing they give away free stuff to use as a strategy. Because of that, the product is used as well as advertised. Also, SAAS marketing depends on information. Here Customer retention is very difficult more than any other industry. SAAS can be made by keeping in mind that SAAS sell itself. Whenever you are targeting towards a customer make sure to find high expectation customer as also make sure that you tell your customer everything, Keep true to the target audience and don’t try to sell your products t everyone unnecessarily.


The company intercom would be thankful to internet, because nowadays due to internet the way of messaging has change drastically. 10 or 8 years ago, the messaging application or the way we message each other was completely different. Messengers like Whatsapp, Snapchat have become famous and used commonly by youth. Messengers are not only used in personal life but also in business world or corporate sector. Intercom is one such company that makes or creates a suite of messaging-first products that can be used by all the modern internet business.

More than 25000 business organizations work with Intercom and connect with billions of people worldwide. With the help of this messaging set organization has grown rapidly and the business growth has accelerated. Intercom has grown from $0 to $50 million using various business principles. Not only that, Intercom has grown and is still continuing to grow without spending senseless amount of money on advertising and marketing.

Following listed are 10 SAAS growth hacking strategies and ideas from Intercom:

1) Marketing Hack: “Powered by” plus dynamic keyword insertion:

Google Ad words and other advertisement networks offer a feature known as dynamic keyword insertion that allows user to customize an ad according to the searcher’s query. With dynamic keyword insertion, when people search for a particular query using a keyword added in my ad, it will lead them to my websites or my customized landing pages directly. What Intercom does is, it inserts dynamic keywords of their product, like, their customer’s name and adds it with the keyword “powered by”. Let see an example. “Atlantic Global Asset Management” is a big company which is a customer of Intercom. When you open Atlantic’s web page, a small message box pops up where you can live chat with the Atlantic team. But, at the bottom of the chat box you can see- “powered by intercom”. So if the customer is curious, he will click on that line and then it lands on Intercom’s customized page. Such strategy has helped them increase their sales by 10% to 20%.

2) Steal competitor’s traffic by alternate landing pages

It is not necessary to learn or study Information Technology or Computers to know loopholes that exist in a website traffic which you can use for stealing your competitor’s customers as well as web traffic. There is always a loophole or a way in which you can get the traffic of your rivals redirected to your websites as the same can be done by your competitors. So it is necessary that you are aware of the method to do so. There are various ways in which you can redirect your competitor’s traffic to your website. Firstly, try to target their keywords that can be used in conjunction with your company’s ad. Secondly you can become more and more influential. Thirdly, you can take some high-quality links from your competitor for search engine rankings. Intercom has used one such method for stealing the traffic of competitor and has led the users to land on customized web pages. What intercom did is they did a research of their competitor company, found out the needs of the people and their search keywords and intercepted them so they can directly become Intercom’s customer.

3) Focus on Google Keywords that will bring highest number of qualified leads

Did you know? “409 of Intercom’s 29,230 keywords on Google rank as first page results” that is basically about 18% of total Intercom’s keywords. This is one of the best strategies used by Intercom as SAAS growth hacking strategy which has led them to increase their customers tremendously. Every keyword (out of the 409 keywords of Intercom), that is ranked on the first page of Google, has a particular theme. The content that is related to those keywords solve one important problem and that is building a trusted brand authority and focusing on Google key words that will bring highest number of qualified leads to Intercom. This clever strategy is known as “The core problem framework” where all the focus is given to the main problem and accordingly a strategy is designed. Of course, artificial intelligence and SEO strategy has helped Intercom reach this milestone.

4) Write original, thought provoking branded content for getting ‘shares’

This strategy is basically known as “The proven topic framework”. Any piece of writing cannot be shared or read by the customer or readers unless and until it is attractive or eye-catching. Plus copying content from some other website or from your competitors may land you in trouble. By reading the previous fact you may feel that Intercom’s all the traffic is generated because of the keywords they use and their rank on Google homepage. But the ranking is just a part of strategy that will land the customers on Intercom’s customized pages. The SEO optimized articles are just a part of Intercom’s brand building content strategy. Intercom also uses their thought provoking branded content for getting more and more shares for their SAAS website. These branded content writings and the original content pieces are the important part of Intercom’s branding strategy which you may not even find ranking on Google’s first page. This branded content has led the company rapidly increase its wroth.

5) The next step CTA method

What is CTA? CTA is nothing but Call to Action marketing strategy. CTA is extensively used in advertising and selling. It is basically a strategy used in SAAS business where a formal instruction is given to the reader to provoke an immediate response. This has been a proven as one of the best growth hacking strategy used by organizations to gain more and more followers and customers. What intercom does is, in every blog post they put an author caricature at the top of every post. Because of this caricature we get connected closely to human i.e. representative of the company of organization. Another thing they do is they put a statement in their blog posts at the top of page in bold letters which attracts customer more and let them sign up or call or perform a responsive action against the content. Another best thing about Intercom’s CTA strategy is that their final calls-to-action are very unique. It is not like other websites where there is a bold, dark brightly coloured sign up messages that may ask you for email.

6) Simple offsite content strategy

Offsite content management is another SAAS growth hacking strategy used by Intercom to grow their business. This is mainly done to increase traffic of website and reach out to more and more people. Basically offsite content management is nothing but putting website content or keywords away from the actual website or webpage and then link these pages using keywords.  Intercom has designed a medium publication called Inside Intercom so that the traffic and reach of their website is increased. What they do is they match the branding of their inside intercom to the branding of their blog. In this medium, they re-post the content they have posted on the blog or the articles they have posted on their blog. Now they do not directly re-post the content from their blog, what they do is, they re-post it on the inside intercom after waiting for 2 to 11 months. There are various benefits of using this strategy. You can check for other websites where your target audience visit and then change or edit your content according to the requirement.

7) Ultra-granular paid Search strategy

Another very common strategy used by the organization as SAAS growth hacking strategy is using high buy intent keywords for the website. If you take a look at Intercom Company, about 2000 pay-per-click keywords are biding. Because of such ads what happens is we can direct the visitors of our website according to our own wish. These ads will redirect the website visitors to customized landing pages and at the same time Intercom’s service is also highlighted. The way they break down the keywords is very unique. Firstly they insert only a simple keyword which is an auto responder keyword. Secondly, they an ad relevant keyword is added and thirdly there can be a page landing keyword. This is the way you can utilize the paid search strategy by inserting those keywords at random places for random outputs.


8) Advance landing page strategy

What basically a landing page is? Well landing page is nothing but a web page that serves as an entry point for any website or particular part of that website. When it comes to SAAS marketing, webpages and websites are very important. You can even customize your landing page. Landing page will basically serve as an entry to a new part of website or it can act as an entry point to your website through a particular keyword. Intercom uses an advance landing page strategy and by doing this they convert the traffic      of websites into their customers by matching the landing pages.

Basically Intercom has made unique landing pages and all of them are used for core solutions. Every single link leads to the web pages of their own service or product. So for applying such strategy you must first check the level of market awareness of your product and then match your landing page copy to it. This will help you to convert your web traffic into customers.

9) “The Starter Kit” offer strategy

”Starter Kit” is nothing but the attractive, unique way to let your visitors’ access your website and get started with using your product without any registration or sign up. Nowadays customers are always looking for online services that can be used for free and without any registration or sign-up trouble. Usually customers do not like if they have to sign up or register for every single thing. They don’t like it if they have to share their email id and other details merely for eBooks, PDFs, free video courses, etc. So You have to gather a lead contact information and with that you have to create something unique. Intercom, in its unique way has designed their website by creating 3 “starter kits” that attracted the customers to their SAAS and business.

10) Use of JTBD Framework for Growth go-to-market strategy

JTBD is nothing but a framework called as Jobs-to-be-done. Here, usually JTBD framework turns the jobs-to-be-done into an innovation practise.  Because of this framework the company is able to reconstruct that job done which the customer wants to get done in a specific manner and at a specific step. Because of this, a job map is made and it provides a proper structure of website which the first time users can also use. The job map is used to capture all the customer’s needs as also to identify various opportunity for growth.

All jobs have the following steps:


  1. Define: Firstly, to use this strategy you must be able to decide and determine goals and plan various resources.
  2. Locate: One has to gather information from various places and then do the job.
  3. Prepare: You need to set up a proper environment to do your job.
  4. Confirm: Before assigning task, make sure that they want to do the job or not
  5. Execute: When you are done with the first 3 steps you can cary out the job you are asked to execute.
  6. Monitor: Once the job has been started it has to be assessed to see if there is a change in the content or software.
  7. Modify: After execution it may happen that there are some changes in the software so alterations are made if necessary.
  8. Conclude: Now at the end you can finish your job or you can prepare yourself for reading it.

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