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10 SAAS growth hacking strategies and ideas from  Stripe

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The Software as a service or as we may call it the SAAS is presently the talk of the town. It really helps you out to enhance your business growth possibilities. It really can do wonders for your business. It is known that the Software as a Service can really help you out to reduce the overhead business costs. It will make it easier for you to maintain the servers that too without having to particularly download any of the software. The Software as a service is also known as the Software on demand. It really has shown great evolution in the business world. This surely offers the business quick deployment as well as is surely able to perform properly in any of the business types.

What actually is SAAS?

The SAAS technology makes sure that the software is supplied by the software vendor to the buyer as the service. The software vendor is responsible to maintain all the data and also takes care of the servers as well. The SAAS allows you to run the business from any possible location. All you need to do is get a device with a valid internet connection. Using the SAAS will also anyhow save the company a lot of extra money as well as time. There is no requirement of any additional set up or operational costs because all the work is simply done on the internet. Also, it helps to reduce the in-house IT necessity or the workstations along with cutting down the need and cost of additional servers as well as the hardware. It surely is able to offer the well-served services for your customer and help you out in excelling in the business. The SAAs is the one great solution that you get for your business.

10 SAAS growth hacking strategies and ideas from  Stripe

SAAS is extremely famous in the present world and so are the people obsessed with the growth. Everyone wants to easily achieve the success and grow with their SAAS products. There is no shortcut for sure but some techniques that can guide you through it. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the similar growth hack techniques that can easily take you towards the success and make your product a major hit.

Organizing free contests and giveaways

The best deal to attract customers and make them interested in your product is to show them the benefit. It is the deal that you can easily use for the growth of your SAAS business. These giveaways will be simply loved by people and attract them towards your product. They can also recommend the usage of your product to other family and friends. Organizing contests on regular basis is also one of the best-known growth hack techniques. It will surely make people want to participate in your SAAS platform and indulge in the activities taking place. Organizing contests is a well known as well as tested technique and have surely benefitted a lot of SAAS products. There are various types of contests that you can think off and combine prizes with this is also a great idea to think of.

Start to get the Email subscribers

Email is one of the trendiest of the way that you can think off in order to interact with people. You can really think of using this method by getting massive Email Subscribers. Contacting people with the help of Email will surely show them the reputation of your SAAS business and will keep them thoroughly interested in you as well. All you need to do is create a huge Email Subscription list and indulge with people on a regular basis. Many of the great companies have tried this method in their starting days and are still going with it even if they have succeeded. You can easily collect the Email Addresses of the visitor with the help of several programs or simply designing the home page of your website as the Email form. Then you will be able to send invites to people and make them interested in your SAAS product. This method will surely be helpful enough to increase the traffic on your website.

Posting high quality of content

No doubt the content that is posted on your website plays an extremely important role in attracting the people towards it. You need to be very particular about all the data that is posted up there. All of it should be high in quality as well as relevant to the product that you have. It will surely help you out to get connect with the likeminded people and increase the traffic on your website. You can also hire professionals to do that for you and manage all the data that is posted on the website. You can also send invites to the other famous bloggers and attract all their audiences as well as make them interested in your SAAS product. This technique is surely one of the best one and should be tried in order to increase your business. Also, make sure that the content posted in an eye-catching manner. That will make the content to the top rankings.

Taking it from the competitors

It is normally believed that you need to stay prepared for all the competition that you are going to face and it is true as well. But why not make a profit out of this whole deal. You need to focus on taking down the audience from your competitors. You can think about diverting the traffic from any competition websites onto yours. This will surely be a great move for your business and will help you get the relevant audience and users for your SAAS product. There are a huge number of platforms available where you can easily promote your product and run the campaign for your business. Also, concentrate towards offering some unique and better services than your competitors as this is what will attract your customers the most. Do not forget to learn from the mistakes and weaknesses of your competitors as this is what will keep you sustained in the new business world and also that will take you towards the heights of success.

Design your product

It is well known that the design is what attracts users the most. It is the first thing that they see and makes them decide if they want to proceed to view the product the most. The design of your product should be basically influenced according to the audience that you are going to target. If you are thinking of focusing on the teenage and youth the design should be more popping; while it should be kept subtle if the product is completely focussed on the old aged people. This will surely help you out in widening your business approach and attract more customers for your SAAS business. You can also consider taking help from the experts regarding the designs and layout of the website. Also, make sure that along with the design you are also working on the optimization of the website as that is what decided the proper functioning of your website.

Choose a piggyback for your business promotion

If you cannot bring the audience directly to view your product it is better than to reach out to them. This method will surely help you out to get great growth for your business and also to excel. All that is required for you to do is find a piggyback that is another website. This website may or may not be of the same field as yours but make sure that it has a huge reach. This will make you interact with all the users that the piggyback already has. You can easily attract them towards you by showing the various services that you offer and the advantages that they will get while working with you. Also, keep a status about the number of interests that are shown towards your product. Do not forget to also pay attention towards the uninterested crowd. Try to indulge them in your plan as well. Keep reaching out to various piggyback and this will surely help you out with the growth of your business.

Stand out

Rather than creating a SAAS product for all instead built it for some specific audience, this method will help you stand out from the crowd and get recognition easily. We all know that nobody loves the ordinary and wants to try something different. That is what you can do with your product and present it in front of the people. Instead of copying and trying to present a similar product like some that already exists in the market you should be giving the audiences something different. Try creating the SAAS product for a particular section of the society rather than giving in it for all. After you get some success with the first one you can try doing the same and connect with some different group. This method is one of the topmost growth hack techniques and as we all know being exclusive always works.

Offer money to the users

Instead of just wasting money on the advertisements that do not guarantee you a fair deal with the users, you can try offering money to the users. As some of the SAAS products have already tried out this method and it has proven to be of great help. All that is to be done is to spend some money on your users for using your product or if they recommend the product to anyone. This method will encourage them to use your product and also they will happily refer it, people, they know. One key to getting more business is simply making your customers happy and this is one such way to do that. This method will not only keep your present customers interested but will attract the new ones as well once they come to know about the profit that they might get.  Giving them money for the referrals they make or for using the product will make the users feel like a part of the website and not just any other user.

Work efficiently on the updates

Nobody wants to use the old versions no matter what product they are using. That is why you very well need to keep working on the updates on a regular basis. This will surely help you out to keep your users interested in your product and not to find out a new one instead. Also, focus on all the voids and lacks the previous versions had and try to fix it all while you are updating your product. Also, make sure to take the perspective of the users as well while you are doing this. As taking their perspective will make them feel more like a part of the product and also it will give you the exact idea about what the users want and how can you create the product for the good.

Work efficiently on the homepage

The homepage is what the viewers or your users see when they first visit the website. That is why it is extremely important that the homepage is made extremely impressive for keeping the users interested in your product. You can try different designs and finalize the one that attracts the most traffic. Also, make sure that the homepage you design is according to your product as well as the content on it. The homepage should be giving a brief idea about the material that is present on your website. You can easily take various examples from all over the internet as there is surely a lot of websites present that can give you a brief idea of how the things are done. If you are a starter at this make sure that you consider some help from the professionals as they will be able to guide you better and also take you straight towards your goal.

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