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These are the 10 Costly Mistakes you will do with Conversion Rate Optimization

By July 7, 2015 One Comment

10 Costly Mistakes made in Conversion Rate Optimization

While most of the people know about SEO, there are many who have no idea about CRO. CRO(Conversion Rate Optimization) is a subset of SEO and is applied mainly on the e-commerce store. This section of optimization techniques aims at finding the right blend that drives sales in an online store. These are referred to the changes that are made to improve the conversion rates and urge the customers to use a website again and again.
However, CRO(Conversion Rate Optimization) is not as easy as it sounds and may often make a person get confused. While almost all the online retailers try some or the other methods of Conversion Rate Optimization, they end up making some costly mistakes that does more harm to them than good. So, if you’re new to CRO and want to implement it on your own e-store, here are 10 costliest mistakes that you need to avoid while doing CRO:

1. Forgetting to Split Test:

Split testing is very important in Conversion Rate Optimization. You don’t know which change will work best so you need to experiment and compare the changes to understand which is performing better. Failure to do this will only create problems as you’ll never get the real idea about which of the changes are better than the others.

2. Changing too many things together:

Never make many changes at once. If you do that, you are bound to get confused while analyzing. Making a lot of changes will not give you a clear picture on which of the changes are having a positive effect and which are not. So, take it slow and make a few changes at a time to make sure that you can analyze them well.

3. Unplanned Changes:

Never make unplanned changes to your site. Conversion Rate Optimization is not about making changes to the e-store just because you hope it will work. You need a precise plan and have to do a lot of study and research before you come up with the required changes. Moreover, the target audience to the website plays a big role and you have to analyze their needs and preferences before you go ahead and change a few things on your website.

4. Making minute changes:

While minute changes might have an overall effect, but just going with these changes will not do you any good. Making changes that are easily hidden amidst your site will never come up with any good results. Changes to the button colors, font size, font color etc., need to be done after you’ve made some big changes. So, always remember to make the drastic changes before making the minute ones.

5. Not giving time:

Giving time to the changes that have been made is very important. Most of the people will see a drop in their visitor numbers and revert the changes that they made. However, for any drastic change that you make to the design of your store, you need to give a little time to your visitors to re-align themselves with the site again and learn to access it properly. So, give your changes time to show their effect and then decide whether to discard them or not.

6. Ignore minor achievements:

Most of the time people have high hopes from the Conversion Rate Optimization campaigns. Therefore, an improvement of say, 3% or 5% is seen as too insignificant and the changes are discarded. However, you must always remember that the smaller achievements make way for the larger ones and never underestimate these figures.

7. Keeping hopes too high:

Even though Conversion Rate Optimization can work wonders for your e-store, never keep your hopes entirely on this. The product you’re selling, the service you are providing, the audience you are targeting, everything plays a role and if your product is not worth it, even CRO can’t do anything magical for it. So, try to create a good product and get some customers before you optimize.

8. Doing wrong SEO:

This is another very common mistake that one might make. There are many firms that might get their keywords wrong, especially when targeting people of other countries whose language might be different. In such cases, Conversion Rate Optimization will not help as the visitors who come to the website are looking for something else and you’re offering something they don’t want.

9. The ‘cinema foyer’ effect:

Just as the posters on a cinema foyer don’t make a difference to which movie you watch, the same is true for pages on your site that don’t affect your sales. There are many pages on the website that do not drive sales and making changes on these pages will never give you any change in conversion. Thus, wasting your time with these pages is another big mistake thet people make and it is very important to identify these pages and just let them be.

10. Doing it yourself:

Since not every is an expert with Conversion Rate Optimization, the biggest mistake that you can make is making the changes yourself. If you actually want good results to show up quick, it is advisable to go for a CRO expert who can make the right amount of changes in your site to make sure that the conversion rates change for the good.
Thus, make sure that you avoid these common Conversion Rate Optimization mistakes and if you get the things right, then you’re sure to see an upsurge in your conversions within a short span of time.

What are the mistakes you have done before while optimizing for conversion rate?

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