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I help SAAS and Ecommerce startups grow and convert their traffic using growth hacking and conversion rate optimization techniques!

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Madhan is great to work with, I have worked with many people for growth hacking and CRO and he understands them both very well. His growth hacking background gave me more insight on how to fulfill my CRO needs but have a competitive edge so in the end I was paying less per lead than what other companies promised me.

Amir BaluchFounder at Fundingest

Upwork’s Top Rated Growth Hacking and Conversion Rate optimization Specialist.


Ranked as Top Growth Hacking and Conversion Rate optimization Specialist by Upwork

Ecommerce Conversion Rate Optimization Case Study

How I Doubled Dubai Diamonds Growth using Conversion Rate optimization Strategies

In just 3 months, I was able to double their growth rate by executing CRO and growth strategies like understanding the user needs by creating an outstanding survey, leveraged Pinterest to drive traffic through image shares, optimized the funnels, forms, and the dropoffs to avoid losing potential buyers these alone would cost them over a $100,000 worth of sales.

How I doubled the dubai diamonds growth

Viral Media Growth Hacking Case Study

How I used BuzzFeed strategy to deliver 52K Social Shares and 12k Email Signups

I helped Bulletin Daily News as a consultant and grow their revenue, social traffic, email sign-ups with in one and half month. Check out the results

  • $100,000 in Profit
  • 52,250 Social Shares
  • 12000 Email SignUps
  • 20Million Monthly PageViews

SAAS Growth Hacking Case Study

0 to 1000 users for Email Signature Startup using SAAS Growth Hacking Strategies

I used several strategies like competition targeting, keystone article content marketing, skyscrapper techniques, blogger outreach, free giveaway, Quora marketing, etc.

B2B Conversion Rate Optimization Case Study

How I Increased Business Phone Provider conversion rate 43% in 2months

I optimized top ten pages that were driving the most conversions. We used heatmap, scroll map to understand what are the sections users were engaging the pages. We redesigned each and everypage improve to increase conversion rates.

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